Few and Far Between

I had really good intentions of posting before now, but hey, based on my recent track record…..twice in one week ain’t all that bad now, is it?

Josiah is sorta doing better.  When I have a bit more emotionl energy to actually talk about what’s really been going on – I will.  I’m not really holding anything back, per se; but you’ve just heard the bare bones of it all and as I’m sure you’re aware – I can be a lot more long winded and verbose about it all.  There are probably details that might help you to understand things  a bit better but for now – He’s doing a bit better.

We are almost ready for Christmas.  I have a hard time believeing that I’m saying that.  I haven’t left things this close to Christmas in quite a while.  It’s hard to not be on top of things, but this Christmas I almost don’t even care.  It really doesn’t even feel like Christmas.  I’ve not done any decorating except the tree and that means that I’ll have nothing to tear down except the tree…….and that’s the way it stands this year.  I have no Christmas baking because no one here can eat it, and that’s kinda hard, ’cause I LOOOOOOVE baking.  I have pulled off a few recipes, and I made vegan Oatmeal Cookies, but substituted Kamut for Oatmeal ’cause Xan and me are not supposed to have oatmeal……and I made vegan Gingersnaps and they were pretty good also…actually they were delicious, but Xan took the majority of them to her class party and so we were left with only 8 to split between the 5 of us. 

I think that I’ll ramble for a bit about everything and nothing.  I have seen the left side of 180 pounds a few times……I’m hovering weight wise right around 180…..178 – 181 – 179 – 180 – 179……I’ve been watching my weight creep down over the last 2 months and it’s been pretty cool to see those 170’s in there.  I was almost 180 when I got married and so to be at that weight is pretty exciting…….(whispers outta the side of her mouth) although I’m in no where near the same same as I was back then…..Oh to have that body back, but that would require some gravity defying surgery as “things” have sagged and fallen to lower levels and I’m not just talking about my butt or my under arm skin…….

We are trying to get back into some semblance of order here in the Culley house.  Jon’s been doing an amazing job of getting up with the kids and getting them off to school,then usually ends up putting them to bed ’cause I’m nursing Josiah…

The kids know that he’s nicer than I am and have stretched out the evening schedule to an hour and a half.  RIDICULOUS!!!! Not only that, but they continue to get out of their beds even after that, and I can’t handle it ANYMORE.  So, I’ve laid the “SMACKDOWN” on them all, and we are on a freaking rigid schedule that will not be mucked with on pain of death…….we are eating dinner at 5pm, cleaning up as soon as we are finished, and tidying the house if necessary (and you know it’s always necessary) then if that’s all done by 6:30 we’ll play a family game (either a board game or card game or puzzle or something) and then at 7pm they have 5 minutes to get jammies on and brush teeth and if that happens then Jon is reading to them until 7:30pm and then it’s on bed and Lights out for Jeremy and the girls get to read until 8pm UNLESS they’ve been rude or cheeky or disobedient……then they go to bed at 7:30 as well.

I’m not even getting angry or upset with them…..we are talking a lot about choices over here right now…if they make bad choices, then they end up with negative consequences and good choices result in positive consequences…….they may not always know what the consequence may be, but they are constantly making choices and their choices ALWAYS have a consequence……It’s been a week, and already I’ve seen a positive change in behavior and attitude….although they are still balking a bit at HAVING to tidy up EVERY NIGHT……things are still more positive than negative and so we are headed in the right direction.

One thing that I still need help with, I want to get something for my Dad…….and I’m STUCK!  I have no clue as to what to get him.  What do you get someone who can buy anything he wants.  I got him a gift certificate to a outdoorsman store for his birthday, but that just seems so…..so…..thoughtless…..What would you get for someone like that?  Surely some of you have to buy stuff for someone who can get whatever they want………What you you suggest?

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One thought on “Few and Far Between”

  1. Get him something random that has a fish on it.
    A can of tuna perhaps?
    Or a disco ball to put in his love shack?
    Or just write him a nice gushy letter about what he means to you.
    He’s old now, so that kind of thing is important.

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