My Apologies and a Question….

I realize that I’ve not been around much.

I have a very good reason.  I’ve had a sick little baby. 

We’ve been having problems with poop, and I am so tired of “problems”, I really just wish that everything could be “normal” for a couple of weeks (at least) so I could rest and relax and stop holding my breath all the time.

We’ve seen some blood in Josiah’s diaper, and if that doesn’t just FREAK THE CRAP RIGHT OUTTA YOU, then I don’t know what would.

Something’s been going on for a wwile now.  His poos are not normal.  I know that breast fed baby’s poos are all over the place, but they shouldn’t be filled with mucus and streaked with bits of blood and so acidic that they burn his butt every time he poops.  That’s just not right!

We took him to our family Dr, who was so busy and running an hour behind and he basically brushed me off.  CAN WE SAY FRUSTRATION?  So, I then took him to the naturopath, who tested him and said that he’s got an yeast imbalance, and appears to be intolerant to dairy and eggs…

I wasn’t surprised about the eggs because a couple of weeks ago I made eggs and ended up scrambling them ’cause I wrecked them (I like my eggs a cretain way) then I made two more and ate them with my toast like normal, and a little bit later I was still hungry so I ate the other 2 eggs……Josiah threw up ALL DAY.  Not serious vomitting, but just little barfing….the ONLY thing different about that way was the 4 eggs…..Hmmmmm – so I had already wondered about eggs.

I’ve been “supposed” to be off dairy for a long time now, but occasionally cheat, but for a week and a half it’s been hard core.  No dairy, no eggs, and right now we’ve just started no soy…….I saw some more blood yesterday, and I had a fair amount of soy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

It’s so frustrating and so scarey when you’re laying beside your baby in the  middle of the night and you’re not certain if they’re squirming and whimpering because they have some gas or if it’s something more serious….let’s just say that I’ve not been having very much fun the past couple of weeks.  WAY TOO STRESSFUL!

But, I have a question for all of you, now that I’ve explained why I’ve not been around so much. 

What is your favorite Christmas CD?  I’m looking for good music, and I like pretty much anything, but I am looking for some more good ones.  I have memories of growing up and listening to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas Album.  Not that I think that they are the definition of “Good” music, but I have so many memories attached to that tape cassette.  I love Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong, and I think that Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album is a great Christmas staple to have……..

So, what are your favorites, and hopefully they’ll be on I-Tunes so I can buy a copy?

Author: Patricia Culley

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4 thoughts on “My Apologies and a Question….”

  1. Hey Patti, sorry to hear about Josiah’s “problems”. That sounds like absolutely no fun.

    As for Christmas CDs, my fav is definitely Mariah Carey but next to that it’s probably “Christmas With The Rat Pack”. It’s totally old school Christmas songs. Just gives me that “Christmas” feeling.

  2. The Carpenters Christmas Portrait…Karen Carpenters voice is like butter!
    And Boney M. Christmas!!!

  3. Hi Patti,
    I just came across your Blog from Dan & Jenn’s.

    As I was reading about your baby I was reminded of a recent conversation with my chiropractor. We were talking about fussy, puking babies and he said that he has a 90% success rate with helping babies who are having puke, poop or general fussiness. I had taken my very fussy babies to a chiropractor years ago and it did nothing for them. This is a new chiropractor and he talked to me about babies needing stimulation to their under developed central nervous system which affects digestion as a whole.
    Anyway, my first comment and it was long winded. I haven’t read much of your blog so maybe you have already talked about this further back?

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