Have Some Christmas Cheer

Going along with how behind we’ve been this Christmas…….

We are headed out to the stores right now.  It is 9:30am on the Saturday befoe Christmas, and if that weren’t bad enough….it’s snowing.  We are going to have some seriously grumpy people in the malls today, people, and we have our 4 kids and a stroller with us.  Fortunately, I don’t think we actually have to hit the Mall, but we do have to make a dollar store run, and to go to Superstore and the Veggie Market. 

Somone “facebooked” me (is that a verb now) a suggestion about what to get for my dad, and I think it was a GREAT suggestion and I think we’ll be doing that today as well.

To kick it all off, I have a headache and we haven’t even gone anywhere today.  I’m not sure why I have a headache, but I’m wondering if it’s something I ate ’cause not only do I have a headache, but Josiah is a wicked rash on his head.  He hasn’t had one in a while, and so I’m wondering if I ate something that had dairy or dairy protiens in it……..if that’s the case then that’s brutal.

Or, they could be totally unrelated and I couyld have a headache ’cause Jon and I had our second fight within a week.  Nothing brutal, but when you’ve not had any fights at all, and then you have two…..well, have we just not been communicating and now we are doing a bit more and so there is more opportunity to disagree or clash or is it because we have some issues that we need to resolve.  Who knows….it’s not a HUGE life altering fight, but you know….we just need to work through a few things….doesn’t everyone have issues sooner or later.  We might need to talk through a few things in front of a counsellor or something.

It’s always a good idea to work on your marriage and realtionships, and therapy or counselling is great as a preventative measure…….Doens’t it make more sense to work on “things” before they become a MAJOR issue?  That makes perfect sense to me.  To put in an other way….it makes more sense to exercise and eat healthy so that you don’t have a heart attack ’cause it’s easier to get healthy before you have a problem and WAY harder to come back from a Heart Attack and get healthy…….Which would you rather choose?

Do you believe in preventative and/or ongoing counselling or therapy to work on yourself and/or your marriage?  Do you go for a “tune up” once in a while?

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