Not “THE” list, but I’m making one nonetheless..

First of all, I’m thrilled that some of you are delurking and entering for the giveaway.

I just wanted to say that if I “know” you in real life, and you feel like you’ve stumbled across this little secret thing, and you’re feeling like you aren’t sure if it’s okay…..

I’m writing about my life in the internet. It really can’t get much more open than that. I’m really okay with “you” – whoever you are – reading about me and whatever I choose to blather on and on about, and the only reason that I’m not passing out cards saying “READ ME” is because I like to pretend that I’m even a little bit classy, eh?

So, go ahead…out yourself. Sign up for the chance to win a free piece of jewelry. I’d love to give it to you…yah, YOU! I’m talking to you. So head on over and leave a comment and then we’ll cross our fingers and toes and legs (ya know…….if we’re laughing too hard) and hope that it’s you that wins.

And, if you entered the last contest and didn’t win….please enter again….You might win too, and I’d be more than thrilled to give the prize to you.

And moving on, today is my list making day.

Yesterday was my “OH MY GOSH, I CAN BREATHE AGAIN BECAUSE I HAVE NO STRESS OR PRESSURE TO GET THINGS DONE” day. I’ve been a bit busy, recently, and had a few deadlines, and really…it was all sitting quite heavy on me. And when I woke up yesterday, I actually felt like I had NOTHING…NOT. ONE. SINGLE. WEIGHT. resting on my shoulders.

Which of course is crap because I got tons to do, and if I don’t got tons to do, then I should really be decluttering my house….cause it really needs a thorough scraping.

So today, I’m making a list of the things that I need to get done before I have my annual Ladies Christmas Party, next Thursday. I’m planning on spreading everything out so that I can accomplish everything that I want and need to do without SPAZZING out on Thursday day trying to round up every last little thing for the evening.

I’m good at leaving things late and then getting it all done, but the stress of doing that…..yah, it’s getting old.

I’m also thinking about something and for those of you who are local – lemme know what you think?

I’m thinking of having an open house for a couple of hours in either an evening or on a Saturday morning and having my jewelry laid out to look at, and we could chat and have a coffee and Eggnog or some Cider, and maybe you could do some Christmas Shopping, if you were interested……

So, let me know what you think?

But, Now….now I gotta go and actually MAKE my list instead of just thinking and talking about making the list.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

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