What A Deal!

So, I saw a sale at Michaels int he newspaper for one 7ft Christmas tree and the kicker….it was pre-lit.

See, I’m one of “those” anal people who wrap each individual branch of their Christmas tree starting at the top and working from the centre, winding up each individual branch, and winding back down the branch….all the way through the whole freakin’ tree.

I LOVE the way it looks, and ABOSLUTELY HATE the amount of time that it takes to accomplish this….BUT….there really is no other “correct” way to put the lights on a tree. At least as far as I’m concerned. If you just throw your lights on to your tree, NO JUDGEMENT from me – I just can’t do it. I think this is how my mom did it, and to me it just looks so nice.

Anyway, back to my story…..I saw this tree in the flyer – 7ft, pre-lit (really, once I saw that it was pre-lit nothing else really mattered except the 7 ft was a bonus) and $150.00 – YES! One Hundred and fifty dollars….that’s right. Everything else in the store was $200+.

Now, I figured that is must be one of the thinner trees, not a HUGE FAT FLUFFY one, but I actually prefer that. If you saw my tree that I’ve had for the past 8 years, you’d know why this new one is a deluxe model for me.

I bought the last one for $10 at Value Village, and you know those apartment trees that are all the rage right now…they are only half a tree so you can back them up against a wall…well, I’m sure that I had the ORIGINAL Half tree. Only mine wasn’t supposed to be like that…it was just so freaking sparse that I had to bend all the branches at the back around to the front and even then….my little beauty was the sweetest Charlie Brown Christmas tree you ever did see.

I love this tree, and am going to put it up outside our front door….or maybe in my Front Foyer.

So you see, I’m not used to the great big huge fluffy trees…there is no where to “hang” your ornaments…they all just drap sideways on the flat layer of the tree…..I don’t like that.

So, we go to Michaels to get this tree, and there are NONE. I’m very surprised that they have none because it’s still early in the day, so chicken that I am “bwak, bwak” I tell Jon to ask the sales person to go and check in the back. They do…..and they have one.

So, I got a brand new Christmas tree.

They best part was bringing it home….opening the box and attaching the three pieces, and plugging it in. I just saved myself HOURS of stupid light wrapping and it feels SOOOOOO good.

I think we are going to decorate it tonight.

It’s my “incentive” to get the kids homework done and the house tidy when the kids get home from school. YAH!

Well, I gotta get busy on my Christmas Baking, but…

If you’ve not signed up for the giveaway, go here and enter your name in the comments….there are only 2 days left before some lucky person wins the item of their choosing.

It might as well be you!

ps…how do you put the lights on the Christmas Tree?

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “What A Deal!”

  1. I was actually ‘all’ about the icicles.. there were so many hung so straight and close together you never knew how few lights there were…. but it made the tree come alive…. until someone knocked it over then it was another long fixit job with eggnog coffee and Christmas music… but usually only 2x. The third time it went over it was a “AS IS ” for the rest of the season. Now we don’t do icicles….Love Momma

  2. I always start at the bottom and wrap the tree to the top!!
    our fake tree broke last year…well the stand did and it couldn’t be fixed…J won’t let me buy another fake tree
    real or nothing baby, that’s what he said!

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