You only WISH your Christmas morning was like mine!

Xan came into our room this morning FREAKED OUT.

The lovely people downstairs were having ANOTHER FREAKIN’ PARTY.  We have wonken up WAY TOO MANY times recently to the idiots down stairs talking and partying it up.  It’s woken Geli up a few times as her room is downstairs with only a thin wall seperating her room from their kitchen/living room.

I’m not exactly sure what the deal is….earlier this year a mom and dad and older teenage daughter moved in….over the summer the daughter and ALL her friends hung outside and smoked so much.  I spent most of the summerwith my back yard windows closed ’cause they smoke so often…..

Now that it’s winter time, I think they are smoking inside from time to time.  We’ve woken up a couple of times to the house reeking like smoke, and Jon’s even gone down and asked and they’ve sworn that they aren’t….but it smells nasty….not fun!

Liek I said, they’ve had a few parties recently, but this morning at 4am I’d had it…..they were so loud and ALL 3 of the older kids woke up and that really ticked me off.

My kids are amazing.  They don’t know yet that they are “supposed” to stay awake all night and wake up at 4am to open presents.  They have always gone to bed around 8pm on Christmas Eve and wake up around 6:30 – 7am and are not allowed to come out and get their stocking before 7am.  I’m so mean, but we typically have happy properly rested kids on Christmas Day, and I like it like that.

So, The last time they were super lound Jon had gone down, but there were some HUGE dudes and they were pissed out of their minds drunk.  They offered to share with Jon and one guy even passed Jon his cup (sweet guy), and then when Jon passed it up – he took it back and polished it off.  They did quiet down and left pretty quickly, but it was sounding pretty wild this morning, and who knew what Jon would be walking in to…….so……….

I thomped on the floor…..and thomped and thomped and thomped and thomped.  Yah!  I was mad…chicken, but mad….it got really quiet for about 2 minutes and then they all moved outside the back door and resumed.  The basement suite doorway is right under Jeremy’s room, and’s poorly insulated and sounded like they were in the room with us… I thomped some more…..after another 15 minutes of one and off thomping – Id had it. I threw on a housecoat went out on my back deck and started yelling.  The whole neighborhood could probably hear me, but I really didn’t care.  They tried to shush me, but I told them to take off or I’d be calling the cops.

Long story short – They didn’t leabe or shut up and so Jon lodged a complaint with the police dept and they said they’d send a cruiser by, but in the next 5 minutes they were out on the front lawn for the whole cul-de-sac to enjoy their drunken roudiness, and one old guy came out in his security jacket to check it all out ’cause they started fighting.

So, we called the cops back and they said they’d be over right away.

15 minutes later the cops showed up just as the guys were climbing into their SUV.  They pulled them out searched them, and then checked out the suite and we could hear them asking about pot and they said that they could smell it in the suite….so much fun……so finally a taxi minivan rolled up and carted the lot of them off and two of them who were obviously not too drunk to drive drove off in the SUV, and then the cops left and it was over…….

Except I was a awake and so were the kids.  I told them to get back in bed and to go to sleep until after 7am, AND THRY DID.

But I didn’t….I was so wired and I laid there in my bed and laid there and laid there…so ridiculous.  I finally went to sleep, and then REALLY didn’t want to get up at 7am when the kids woke up to get their stockings.  Jon got up take pics, and I slept until 7:30pm.

I’m tired, and will hopefully get to go to bed soon. 

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas Day.  Ours has been wonderful even if it started off a little “eventful”.  I’m really hoping that tonight is less eventful.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

2 thoughts on “You only WISH your Christmas morning was like mine!”

  1. Oh Patti!! What a Christmas morning!! Is there anythign your ‘landlord’ can do?? Have you spoken to him?? What are these tenants like in the morning, when they’re sober?? Any conscience at all?? I’ll take ’em on for you!

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