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Daily Photos

Today has been a really tough day for me. I can’t even tell you exactly why. Aside from the typical, special needs parent/business owner stress; I’ve done “okay” so far during the pandemic. But today I felt sad and discouraged and the tears fell easily. You know what…..that’s okay. It’s okay to feel, to process, to wallow, to acknowledge, to accept these feelings. They are feelings. They don’t make me good or bad. They don’t define me. They just are. They are MY FEELINGS. So……I didn’t do everything I had hoped or planned but I sat. I acknowledged the intensity of this year and the challenges. I was gentle with myself. And tonight I will go to bed and tomorrow will be a new day. #sadlight #allthefeelings #sadness #acceptance #understanding #compassion #covid19 #newdays
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Author: Patricia Culley

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