A “No ‘Poo” Update

There are some out there who will understand my title and others who won’t, and that’s okay…it’ll all become clear very quickly.

I got an e-mail today from someone who came across my blog because she was looking into something that I was looking into over a year ago.

There are a few things that we started over a year ago and I’ve actually been thinking about the fact that we’ve made some pretty radical changes in our life style over the past few years and really…..it’s all been good. I’ll try and update on a few more things in some upcoming posts.

But, to talk about the whole no shampoo deal……

Just over a year ago, we ditched shampoo and really have never looked back.

The whole baking soda thing really actually does work.

I still don’t use the apple cider vinegar to rinse with, but from time to time Jon will. The difference between the two of us is that I have absolutely straight thin hair and Jon has thick and amazing curly hair. He figures that it helps him and I really don’t think it does anything for me.

In the past year, I did buy one bottle of some all natural non SLS shampoo, but other than that…it has been baking soda and water.

Even the kids have adapted and they would probably be my only gripe, and really – it’s not the baking soda as much as it is a “user error.” The 12 year old has hit puberty and has the nasty greasy hair to show for it. When she does a crap job of scrubbing then she walks outta the shower with hair that is just as greasy as when she waltzed in. The other gripe, is that the 10 year old has sometimes come out of the shower with a HUGE clump of the baking soda that was not scrubbed in properly and never got rinsed out well and so it’s just sitting in her hair and if left there, it can be quite irritating – not to mention terribly ugly.

For the 8 year old boy and the baby, mostly we just use water on their hair…and the 8 year old probably gets his hair scrubbed with the baking soda about once a month.

I believe that the scrubbing is the kicker. You’ve got to scrub the baking soda in and around very well in order for it to do a good job of cleaning.

We are still using this method a year later and I don’t see us quitting anytime soon.

But, how is my hair – you ask???

It’s fabulous. Really. Not that I’m bragging, but I feel like my hair is WAY healthier that it was before. I can go longer in between shampoos. I probably wash my hair twice a week. It just doesn’t get as greasy. It feels soft and is manageable, and I think that it has more body because there is less “gunk” weighing it down.

I am thrilled that I gave this method a shot. It has been SO worth it for us. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s healthy and it’s amazingly cost effective.

One thing that I haven’t totally figured out is how to store it and use it in the bathroom, in a pretty way. Right now the box sits on our counter or in our vanity and we bring out a small measuring cup and take some into the shower with us. I am looking for a nice container that I’d be able to leave sitting on the edge of the tub and just be able to either spoon out or shake out or………..I dunno something.

We actually left a box sitting just outside the shower, but it got some moisture in it and the baking soda got clumpy. So, I’m just gonna just throw it out there and ask if anyone has any ideas of what I could use to store the baking soda in the bathroom and preferably in the shower but that would still look nice.


Anyone out there tried this? What were/are your thoughts? Did it work for you? Lemme know.

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Author: Patricia Culley

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5 thoughts on “A “No ‘Poo” Update”

  1. nope NO ideas here!
    my hairdresser suggested I try some baking powder after I complained about how dry and frizzy my hair is being, she said it needs a GOOD clean….and something to get rid of the gunk on it, try baking powder, I was like “huh what, get out” so I will try it…when I actually remember to bring it TO the bathroom when I shower 🙂

  2. oops BAKING SODA S.O.D.A…not powder, wonder if thats why my baking doesn’t always come out right? can’t seem to keep them straight!

  3. So you actually put the baking soda straight on your hair? and how much? I’ve only heard of making a paste or dissolving some in water… what I did today was use a funnel to put ~1tbsp bs in an empty shampoo bottle and add 1 cup water and shake it up, then I squirted about half of it onto my hair… So I foresee lots of refilling of that bottle, but maybe if I get a bigger one…? No ideas for storing the powder itself :/

    Thanks so much for the update 🙂 it’s very helpful!

  4. Thanks for the site props!

    Okay, I bought a class canister at Walmart that has a rubber gasket seal thing. I use it for my Oxyclean in the laundry room since the huge container I got at Sam’s was all unwieldy and insane. I’m thinking something like that would work in the shower or sitting on the back of the toilet? Breakable though… but the seal is good?

  5. Hey, I don’t leave comments often, but this post caught me. We are trying out new, “frugal” (as opposed to cheap), and healthier things. I would love to know about how much baking soda you use. I think I have talked my family into trying it out! We started making our own laundry soap 2 weeks ago and they love it, so I am thinking I can make another big change with little complaints:-)

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