Vacation 2014 – Part 1

So, we bought an RV………an OLD RV… a 1978 Vanguard RV.

We’ve named her Ethyl…..cause she’s an old lady and she runs on gas…..ha ha ha, we are so puny!

I’m not a tent person. I will camp in the wilderness without electricity or internet or plumbing for a month…… long as I have walls and a fridge. I “HATE” using coolers. My sister, Chelle, is the most amazing camper….in a tent, with multiple coolers….she’s incredible. Me, I need walls and a fridge….

We tried a tent trailer two years ago, but….it just wasn’t the same as a trailer or RV. Last year, we moved from a townhouse to a HOUSE…..and that was our big purchase for the year. We also went to Puerto Vallarta for our anniversary….so Jon had used up all his vacation time and I really wasn’t wanting to head away from our new home, so no camping last year.

This year, we didn’t manage to “get away” as a couple and I have to tell you……it just about did me in to not have a break from the crazy and chaos that we call our everyday lives. That once a year “get-a-way” is a life saver….in so many ways and I was feeling so tapped out that I couldn’t even contemplate packing up to go away.

Typically, I take about 3 weeks and PLAN THE HECK out of our camping vacation. It involves an insane amount of lists, and an equally insane amount of time and effort, but then everything runs smoothly and we know exactly what to buy and what to pack and what we are having for meals and snacks, and on what days, those meals and snacks will be consumed.

It’s extremely anal!!!!! and I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

It makes everything stress free (as much as is possible with a 7 person family who will be camping for 2+ weeks in a remote location, off the grid).

This year, I didn’t want to go. My garden is GLORIOUS!!!!! and ready to harvest DAILY!!!!!

The RV that we got for a smoking deal, had/has a few “issues” that need to be dealt with and I wasn’t even certain that we’d actually be able to go.


NO Lists
NO Planning
NO Packing

And then Jon got the RV working enough that we could go and we were supposed to leave in two days.


So without any lists or planning or anything….we bought way too much, threw everything we could into the RV and the Van and about 4 hours later than planned, we were off….

It was so stressful… panic attack stressful. Like….I never want to “throw it all together” ever again…..planning, no matter how anal it seems, makes things WAY LESS STRESSFUL for ALL OF US!!!!!

The road up to the lake was amazing. (it’s 60KM of dirt road and typically a brutal washboard) We got the “PERFECT” spot. (right on the water and right across from the outhouse) and best of all……WE WERE THERE.

We parked. Set up the tent for the girls, threw a few things out onto our camping space, and WENT TO SLEEP!!!!

(Prepare yourself for a bazillion photos in the next few posts.)

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