trying somthing out…….

So, in an effort to, once again, simplify things…I’ve been reading…..about “no ‘poo” and I’ve decided that is the STUPIDEST name or title EVER!

But, I am going to try it out….

You can read for yourself here and here all about it – if you so choose.

I am not sure if I read it somewhere or if I just “brain-ed” it all by myself, but for a lot of things, I am trying to stick with 3 ingredients or less.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t make a dinner if it has 4 or 5 ingredients or that I’ll limit what goes into our food to 3 ingredients, but for things that come pre-made, I am trying to stick to items that have 3 ingredients or less….so Shampoo….we’ve already bought stuff that has no SLS and now I’ve been reading about going the No Shampoo route….basically you use baking soda and then you can rinse with apple cider vinegar or somthing else….

Today was the first time that I used the baking soda and while it was a little strange to be rubbing watery baking soda into my scalp and hair…I gamely continued on.  Hey, it won’t hurt anything and what’s the harm in trying it out….it would be a FREAKLOAD cheaper than buying our non-SLS shampoo.

I never did use the apple cider vinegar rinse, mostly because we don’t have any at home right now.

I was a little nervous to blowdry and do my hair, but I am quite surprised at how soft it feels AND it has volume and I’ve not put ANY product in it…yet.

I also found, in the bottom of that second link, a recipe for hairspray….and I need to go shopping this weekend, and I think I’ll be picking up some lemons, just to give it a try.

From what I’ve read,I might experience a bit of a nasty stage where my hair might be overly greasy and you can be sure that I’ll kep you posted on how all this goes, BUT if it does all work out gloriously, then I’ll be THRILLED because it means more “stuff” that we can cut down on buying and it’s cheaper…..LOTS CHEAPER….and I like lots cheaper.

Have any of you tried this, and if so did/does it work for you?

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

3 thoughts on “trying somthing out…….”

  1. when we were young my fostermother was into natural ways and we used Ivory soap..we rubbed it on our hands and then put it on our hair after we rinsed our hair just with vinigar and always got compliments on how shiny it looked. Also just wanted to tell you what a natural your son is with the camera… he has talent for sure.

  2. So hows that going, a year later? I’m doing all the research I can on this… tried it for the first time today and it’s not bad.

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