Pregnancy Progression

24 weeksI’ve finally gotten around to posting the pregnancy progression pictures that we’ve taken of this pregnancy so far.  I’ll have a new one to add to the set tomorrow.  Now, that doens’t mean that I’ll post it tomorrow, but I will try. 

It seems amazing that we’re this far into it.  Only 15 more weeks until the due date…..YAH!

Just click on this photo of me from last week to see the whole set.

Edited to Add:

I’m frustrated ’cause I had typed a whole bunch more, and when I hit save and publish it wasn’t there so obviously I did something wrong, but I’m too upset to try and remember everything that I said.  Oh well!  Enjoy the pictures….if you’re into that kind of thing, and if not….be about your business.

ps…..can you tell that I’ve died my hair?  It’s a dark brown now.  I love it.  I had 2 inch roots, and couldn’t handle them any more.  So, voila!  They are gone!

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Progression”

  1. You are really looking great Patti–looked at all your pictures it is hard to believe the time is going so quickly(maybe not for you.) I am just so happy for you and I have probably said that before. Grandpa is getting his office floor done this week so thing are in a mess but will be so good to get it all finished, maybe by to-morrow. The verses I put on for Chris I did write once while he was in Kamloops but then I think I lost them If I have repeated myself just ignore them (erase) I like your dark hair,I meant to tell you that Mon. a.m. The Lord continue to give you strength and health Love Grandma.

  2. Thanks for the pictures showing your litte boy growing.
    ‘Bout the hair….if you just had a pair of dark glasses on you would look a little’nerdy’… ‘heh heh’
    Love Momma….
    Patti, you look beautiful!

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