More Homemade Presents

In some lighter, non-cancer related news…..I haven’t yet shared about the presents that Jeremy gave to his brothers and some of the cousins…..

These building stacker’s are AWESOME. Again, you can find them all over the internet, but I wanted to make some of our own and they were super easy and totally fun to make.

We made a few in the traditional rainbow shape…..


And then, Jon made one that was a bit more free form and it is pretty cool.


We have all enjoyed playing with these. You can stack them in so many ways.

You can have them laying flat on the ground…


Ok, so that is a lame picture of them laying on the ground, but you can make cool designs with them laying flat….when I was taking pictures, I just didn’t think to make some to take pictures of. Silly me!

or standing up….


You can create tunnels with them…..


Our kids love to sit at the table and take turns seeing who can come up with the most creative idea. We have a few of them here at our house and it’s extra fun to use 2 or 3 sets to create these huge amazing towers and creations.


I’ll see if I can get a couple of good shots of the kids and what they create with these simple stacking blocks. Again, we cut them from a hardwood (Maple) and sanded them smooth and finished them with flaxseed oil.

We’ve had a LOT of fun playing with these from Jon all the way down to Judah, who loves to see them all fall over and BANG onto the ground only to have us set them up again.


They are 1.5 inches thick and at the tallest part, they stand 5.75 inches and they are 11.5 inches wide.

These are great sturdy toys and definitely spark creativity and the imagination.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

3 thoughts on “More Homemade Presents”

  1. Patti, you are an amazing woman.

    I hate fear as well and have battled it a various and assorted points in my life, it is diabilitating at times. When I knew you in the past I always saw you as smart and beautiful and talented. Now when I read your words I am struck by your honesty and faith and the grace in which you lead your life in the midst of such continuous adversity.

    You are a courageous woman. Defined as:

    Confronting the dragons
    Overcoming the obstacles
    Understanding the risks
    Really living
    Always believing
    Going the distance
    Expecting the best

    God be with you in your journey

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