Big Day

Today we are headed into BC Children’s Hospital for Angelica’s monthly Chemo appointment.

This is both newsworthy and old news all at the same time.

Angelica will be receiving only one drug injection today. This is her “easy” month. She cycles in 3 month sets. The first two months, she receives an Lumbar Puncture with Chemo into her spinal fluid as well as another drug injected into her blood stream and a oral steroid. On the third month she gets the one drug injected into her blood stream and the steroid, but not the Lumbar Puncture or spinal injected chemo.

All of this is old news to her, and she knows exactly what to expect from today’s appointment.

On the other hand, I have no clue what I am doing.

Jon has done the gross majority of the chemo visits while I stayed home with the babies. Because Jon is working, I am the one who must take Geli in. My sister will be watching my boys and it should be a 3 hour trip – travel time included – from when we leave the house until we get home…..barring any problems or issues.

Angelica has been doing well. She is slowly getting stronger and stronger.

Physically, she has not gotten better as fast as she could, mostly because she has not put the extra effort in that it will require to strengthen her weakened and atrophied muscles.

There has been one weird side effect that we have been struggling with recently and that it intense skin itching… the point of pain. After she takes a shower or bath, her arms and legs start to itch and because we don’t know why it’s happening we don’t know how to prevent it. We are going to be talking with the Dr. today about this and hopefully they have some idea….

It’s emotionally brutal because she does not want to bathe or shower and obviously that is not an option…she knows that it’s going to itch to the point of pain and then when it starts to itch, she falls apart. It’s tough because we have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it.

I have read a little bit and and we have been trying a few things and it’s possible that they might be helping. We have noticed some improvement, but we will hopefully know more later.

Pray for us today….I’m feeling nervous. I’m sure that everything will be okay, but right now…..yah, I’m nervous.

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  1. I so hope that you got some answers at clinic about the itching!!!!! I hate that our kids have to deal with all of these random issues on top of everything else! Praying for your family as you adjust to the ‘new normal’. Merry Christmas too!

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