Safety Matters

Yesterday (Saturday) was a pretty boring day.

After the chaos of the past month, this is not a bad thing, but it also leave you feeling a little lost, as you try to fill the time and space and “come down” from the stress and attempt to figure out some “new normals”.

That’s a lot of quotation marks, but that’s a little how life feels right now…..punctuated by pauses (………) and “quotation marks”.

Angelica had a bit of a better day emotionally, although she’s had a pretty brutal headache for the past 2 days. On Friday it was her back that was bothering her terribly and now she’s had a brutal, brutal headache. I’m wondering if her back is out and we are going to try to book an appointment with our chiropractor for Monday to see if that will help her. It’s so hard to watch her be in pain and to not know how to help her. Because Tylenol can mask a fever, and basically fever is how her body will manifest an infection, we are not supposed to give her Tylenol and so we called in to Children’s today and they are getting her some Codeine. We’re hoping this will help alleviate the pain, and also help her to enjoy herself a little. Because of the pain, she’s been basically laying down and sleeping. I’m not so upset that she’s catching up on some sleep, but it’s hard to see her so “down” or “low” and I’d love to see her cheerful and enjoying herself again. It’s so hard to watch your children hurt.

We did have one moment yesterday that managed to break the monotony of our day….

Josiah has been climbing the counters recently…well, he’s been doing it for a while, but just recently with Geli and the baby requiring a bit more supervision – he’s managed to actually scale the counters and one day Jon found him up on the very top of the cupboards. Not cool!

Jon found these very nifty locks at Children’s Hospital and bought one to “try” at home. He figured that if it worked, we’d just pick up a few more the next time we were there.

He and Jeremy installed it on Friday evening…..I hate it. It’s a magnet lock. There is a magnetic key and the locking mechanism. You install the locking mechanism into your cupboard and once it’s closed, unless you have the magnetic key, you cannot get inside. We decided to keep the key in the cupboard above the pantry (that has the lock installed in it.) That way it was close enough to get at, but Siah couldn’t get it.


You need to have both hands free to open the lock and then you have to remember to put the key back up in the cupboard where it gets stored.

We had one scare where I thought I had locked the key “inside” the pantry, but after a few moments of panic, we found it over on the counter.

Yesterday though, we really did lock it into the pantry and we did not have one magnet strong enough to open the lock. The key doesn’t feel like it’s a very strong magnet and yet….surprise, surprise IT IS!

We tried EVERY magnet we own and NOTHING worked. Some were almost strong enough and we could hear the lock clicking but nothing was actually strong enough to actually unlock the stupid thing.


Finally Jeremy googled and found out that there is a SUPER STRONG magnet inside a Hard Drive and Jon had an old one of those kicking around……amazingly enough, it worked….

Here you can see the little white key sitting on top of the spaghetti sauce jar!


The locks are currently flicked into the “unlocked” position while we try to figure out what we’re going to do going forward. At the very least, we had some entertainment on our boring Saturday!

Author: Patricia Culley

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6 thoughts on “Safety Matters”

  1. miss all of you at church. not the same there without you. i understand that Geli has to be in germ free environment. really missing you today.
    love Debra

  2. We have these locks all over our house. I learned early on to have a couple of extra magnets around just in case someone locks one inside a cupboard or drawer.

    Glad to hear that you are all together again at home. We’ll keep praying for all of you!

  3. Tie it to a string, and screw it onto the door. The idea being that you likely won’t shut the door with the string hanging out of it… so it’s a reminder to oh ya.. remove the key and put it back.

  4. I was going to say, the “hard drive” magnets are pretty strong (and then the next line said Jeremy googled it) They are all over our fridge ;0) We love them. They’ll hold up letters to mail (on the door), card board cut outs, etc.

    Happy Geli is home and praying her back pain goes away :0)

  5. I had those locks with Diego and have a few of the “keys’ lying around if ya want some extras for backup! They also sell then on the US Toy’s R Us website.
    I took one time of not being able to get into the cupboard where the coffee was kept, before I got some backups 😉

    Love to all..
    And again Thanks for all the blogging to keep everyone up to speed 🙂

  6. That is so funny as that is TOTALLY something I would do! Gotta love that safety store at Childrens! I bought a tonne of stuff when Josh was at the hospital. It gave me an “outing” haha! Sorry to hear gellis back is sore. I will be praying for her. Lots of love and hugs!

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