That’s How Strong My Love Is

This was an e-mail sent from my sister Debbie to Angelica. I’ve asked both of them for permission to share it with you.

So, I had an appointment to get a perm this weekend. I’ve always wanted some wave in my straw-like, straight hair, so I thought it might be a fun thing to do for the summer. I didn’t realize Geli’s hair loss was coming on this soon.


When Geli first was going thru this whole cancer process, I told my husband that I would want to shave my head when the time came for Geli to do it. In my mind, I can’t imagine having to go thru everything that she is going thru and not even having a choice about it. At least I could choose to loose my hair. But when the time came, I was a lot more nervous than I expected. Would those around me still think I was beautiful, would my husband still want to hold me, would my infant son still recognize me…I know how I look in a swim cap and SEXY definitely comes to mind. (NOT!) But, it is just hair. And…I have the choice.

My beautiful niece, you did not choose this path, but you are weathering it beautifully in your own unique way. Geli, you have always been a “walk to the beat of your own drum” kind of girl. You makes crazy cool fashion choices, and you aren’t swayed too much by the hype of most teens today.


As an adult, with all my grown up-ness,reasoning and “maturity”, I still have fears or concerns. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience this as a teen. But again, it’s just hair. And…I have the choice, you didn’t.

Geli, when you were a baby, I taught you to scream for joy when you saw someone you loved (much to the delight of your mom). Sweetheart, now you teach me to scream out for those I love. Whether it’s screaming out prayers of injustice or encouragement, or screaming out fears or shrieks of joy. I guess i want you to know that in the same moments we can scream out for joy, we can be screaming out for fear or pain as well. And that’s OK.


Geli, I want to walk this road with you as much as I can. But when it comes down to it, this is your journey. We stand along the way with you cheering you on. Sometimes we walk a bit with you, sometimes someone like your mom or dad carries you, and sometimes you are on your own. But in this crazy act, we join you.

I guess, Geli, by supporting you this way,I want to let you know that you are loved, beautiful, gorgeous, talented, and that you are brave and valiant. And in all your strength, it’s OK sometimes to feel nervous or some fear. Because we make the choice not to live in that fear. And we know that perfect love cast out all fear, and Geli you are surround by “perfect love”…and a whole lot of our love too!


Needless to say, I called the salon to cancel the perm. 🙂


Aunty Bubbie

DSC00536 copy

That’s How Strong My Love Is

If I was the sun way up there
I’d go with love most everywhere
I’ll be the moon when the sun goes down
Just to let you know that I’m still around

That’s how strong my love is, oh
That’s how strong my love is,
That’s how strong my love is, baby, baby,
That’s how strong my love is.

I’ll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
You can go swimming when you’re here
I’ll be the rainbow when the sun is gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm

That’s how strong my love is, darling,
That’s how strong my love is, baby,
That’s how strong my love is, oooh,
That’s how strong my love is.

I’ll be the ocean so deep and wide
I’ll get out the tears whenever you cry,
I’ll be the breeze after the storm is gone
To dry your eyes and love you warm

That’s how strong my love is, baby,
That’s how strong my love is,
That’s how strong my love is, darling,
That’s how strong my love is,

That’s how strong my love is, so deep in,
Well, that’s how strong my love is
So much love, yes so much love, oohh,
Yes so much love, yes so much love,
Anything that I can do, I’ll be good for you,
Any kind of love you want, I’ll be with you….

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

8 thoughts on “That’s How Strong My Love Is”

  1. Aw that black and white of you and Aunty Bubby is gorgeous. We love love love you, dear Geli….. you are so precious and so strong and when you don’t feel strong that is ok too because God’s love, your family’s love and the love of those who care and are praying will carry you through this.
    Love is strong, many waters cannot extinquish, quench or put out love, neiher can the floods drown it.SS 8:7
    and the verse God gave me the day before we found out,you would be going through this journey….
    When you go through the waters, I will be WITH you. Is.43;2

  2. Wow! You guys really know how to make the tears flow! Praying for you and lots of love sent your way!

  3. beautiful!! I don’t know if my bawld will be as beautiful as you lovely ladies but it is my honor and I can’t wait…well ok I have to admit I am nervous to!….to join you! Geli we are hoping when the time comes and the money is raised that you will be able to come out and shave my head at the store where the money was raised!!! I think Uncle Jay needs his a little shorter too…what do you think?! I love you so much! you are surrounded by an amazing family! 🙂

  4. WOW! The Kennedys family is the first family i know that REALLY love each other. WHen i say kennedys family i mean grandpa grandma aunt and uncles and cousins really support each other. even the Kennedys go out of their way to get their head shaved and be beautiful bald. Your family is the first family in my life that i see love. Kennedys are awesome bunch of people.

    To the KENNEDYS thank you for showing great love and support to Geli. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Hi Geli, still praying for you. happy you are surrounded with love from Kennedys family aunt and uncles cousins. Glad to hear you are getting better and are improving.

    love Debra

  5. Dear Geli and all No we have not forgotten you we have just not had access to e mail not in Sask.not at Judy’s . I did write an e mail to Jon and told him we would be gone but in no way would we forget you and have prayed for you every day. We will be on our way home to-morrow and will look forward to seeing you if that is possible. We are at Paul and Kims to-day . You all look beautiful. When Paul saw you Karen he said oh that looks like Verne. We missed seeing Verne by one day as we had to get Judy home for medical apptments.Love,Grandpa and Grandma Harv and Judy Paul and Kim Hugs and kisses

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