Still Singing….

Well, I cleared out the “new” section of the store to make way for the newest pieces. I do have a bunch of new jewelry that I’ve photographed, sorted through, cropped and have ready to add to the store… I just have to find the time to actually enter it all in and once that happens….we’ll have another give away.

I’m hoping to get it done ASAP.

Jon’s going away for the weekend with our Brother-In-Law. They’re headed up byond 100 Mile House to do some “hiking”. That would be the code word for hunting. See, if you don’t “get” anything, then you weren’t really hunting, you juts went for a big long 2 days hike (with a gun).

I’m not a fan of guns and I still struggle with the whole hunting thing, BUT if we get some deer, I will not be upset about eating wild fresh, steriod and hormone free meat, and so…..I just leave it at that.

I’ve cheated a bit on my diet recently, and I’m feeling it; and more unfortunately, I think, Siah’s feeling it. That has to stop right now.

I’ve got our Annual Ladies Christmas party in the planning stages and now I just have to get my butt in gear and actually get my house decorated.

I don’t know why, I’ve always been SO EXCITED to decorate for Christmas, and last year and this year….I just don’t have that drive to “make it happen”. We did have a tree up last year, but I totally didn’t put the effort in that I normally do and in some ways – it didn’t really feel as “Christmas-y”

I might start playing some Christmas music to help me get into the mood….Do ya think it’ll work?

I have my notes from the BOUNDARIES session, and I’ll try to type out something that makes sense.

Alright, Jon just got back from dropping the kids off at school and so I gotta go.

When do you set up for Christmas? Typically I set up the day after American Thanksgiving, we’ll see what this year brings.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

3 thoughts on “Still Singing….”

  1. When we lived in Canada I set up after US Thanksgiving too. Living here, I have never really set up much of anything as it’s not really the culture as much as it is over there. Every year it had become more so though. However last year and then this year we are coming home for Christmas so I probably won’t do anything Christmas-y except for music and maybe some baking. Although I’ve already done enough baking lately waiting for this baby to come…

  2. I decorate on Nov 11th. It has become a tradition. We are all home that day and have nowhere to rush off to. The Christmas music goes on (Third Day Christmas), the coffee pot is on & usually I bake a treat or something. It’s a great day and I hope that we continue that for years to come.

  3. normally I wait for dec 1st…but I can’t wait this year…so i started today! (it’s amazing how lighting an apple cinnamon candle can motivate a girl with holiday cheer! 🙂

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