“Me” time….

It’s is short order around here.

But, the baby is asleep and the house is a COMPLETE DISASTER.  I need to pick up toilet paper and I must ship out some orders.  (thanks for your support – you guys are amazing!)

I’m trying to figure out how to have or take some “ME” time.  I think that it’s so important to be able to have time to recharge and relax and de-compress and yet….it’s tough.

I remember these years when you have littles around far to well.  When it was just Josiah, it seemed SO MUCH EASIER, but somehow the two little ones keep me hopping ALL DAY!

I’m squashing back the “mommy guilt” as I’ve let Josiah play video games this morning.  He’s not been allowed to play on the WII for 2 weeks and he only gets about 1/2 an hour of a show or movie at lunch time and so I know that it’s not bad if he has one “off” day.  I think that the hardest part for me is that he asks so often for the games or movies and I just wish that he’d play more….

There really is not good point to this post…..that’s brutal!

Well, the point is that I’ve got to figure out a way to have some “me” time.  Not sure how, but I know that I must…..

Do you have any suggestions?  Ideas? 

I used to go and do yoga for an hour and half 3 times a week and right now that’s not in the budget, but I’ve got to figure something out.

What I really want and I’m totally dreaming here….I want 2 weeks on a beach in a hot place.  I want to be able to sleep for the first week and then really enjoy the second week. That sounds like an amazing way to recharge, but then again it doesn’t help me with a regular “down time” and I’ve got to figure that out too.

One day…it’ll happen one day, right Jon?

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