Christmas Cheer

I’ve really been thinking about Christmas and all the crap.

How’s that for some excellent Christmas Cheer?

See, with all the changes in our lives that we’ve made and are making as far as simplifying and cutting down and cutting back – I just can’t fathom going out and wastefully buying a whole bunch of “FUN” but “USELESS” stuff all in the name of Christmas.

At the same time, I want Christmas to be fun for the kids and for us as a family. I’m not really certain of what to do.

I do want to get the kids some fun things for under the tree. But, I’ve also been wanting to get toys that will last. Things that I can hold onto for when my kids have kids….things that can be passed down and treasured, and not things that just break before New Years comes around.

It doesn’t help that the kids recognize that they don’t really “NEED” anything. Sure, there are wants and hopes and “things that would be fun”, but I asked Xandra to write me a “Christmas Wish List” and she looked at me and thought for a moment and then said, “But really Mom, I don’t really need anything.”

She wants books. Geli did write a list, and when I asked her what was really important to her on that list….well…..nothing really.

Jeremy is a whole ‘nuther story. That kid would live his life at TOYSRUS if it was okay. He loves, loves, LOVES to get “stuff”.

And Josiah, we bought him one truck thing and he’s already played with it, but I’m going to wrap it up anyway, and I might even wrap a few of his current toys and thorw them under the tree. What does he know….the wrapping paper is going to be the biggest part of his Christmas this year.

Now, all of this is indicating that NO….we’ve not done our Christmas shopping yet.


That is partly because we’ve been waiting for some invoices to get paid – that’s another gift to ourselves….no added CC debt which also adds to the no stress factor which is all a good thing….

But, I’ll admit that not getting it done yet is a bit stressful on me….BUT….Jon has cleared his day on Thursday and we are going to do the bulk of it all and I have picked up a few things so it’ll all work out and be good. Anything left, we’ll finish up on Saturday when my parents have offered to take the kids and whatever doens’t get done…..doesn’t get done.

I’m not too stressed about it.

So, I’m not really sure where I’m going with all this. Nice, eh? One of my famous rambles…..

I think my point is that I want this season to be about more than “How much crap can I get?” I want to be able to tach my kids to recognize that they get what they need and that it’s SO MUCH FUN TO GIVE… give to those who don’t have everything they need or even just to others that you love.

I wish I had been a little more organized and been able to get the kids to make their own gifts for loved ones this year. I guess there is still some time…isn’t there?

We’ll have to sit down tonight and really think it through……

One thing that I am doing that is so cool is that we have a “White Elephant Gift Exchange” with my family every year and we buy a present with a set dollar value. This year I’m buying a water filter from Impact Nations and I’m going to put that in as my contribution.

I think it’s a great gift. You get to impact so many lives with clean healthy water. You get to give knowing that you’ve made a difference. You also don’t have to add to the crap in your own house.

Check it out.

Alright, that’s enough blathering for one day. I apologize for my lack of focus…..Siah is cutting molars….YES IT’S THAT FUN OVER HERE. and we’ve been up for the past few nights with him and well…I don’t think I’m coming across as clear and consise and I’d like to and well….I entirely blame Siah….and his cruddy sleeping over the past 3 days.

And I figure that it’s better to just stop now than to keep on going….I’ll come back later when I have a better grasp on what “focus” means….

Author: Patricia Culley

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer”

  1. Patti, I hear ya! This year especially, I have wondered a few times, “why do we do all this? There mus be a reason”. Then I have some exciting times and I see why, but at the same time, I understand your rant. Just wanted you to know.

  2. We have always kept the kid’s gifts to a minimum, most of the time it is 1 big gift (in size not price) and their stocking. A couple of years ago, my daughter’s room needed to be finished so we bought her a chandelier for her bedroom. She loved it. Her own lighting fixture! It served a purpose in my mind (and wallet) and she loved that it was all hers, different from her brothers. To date, this is her very favourite present of all times.

    Last year the kids kept asking for the Wii, so we sat them down and told them it was over our budget and if they wanted it, they’d have to participate in purchasing it. Q got a paper route and with Em’s help, they paid for 1/2 of their own Christmas gift.

    This year their “wish list” included socks, an alarm clock, toothpaste and drawing (art) pencils. That’s from the older two… I can’t wait until the next 2 finally get it! 🙂

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