I’ve been feeling so very, very frustrated.  I love to write.  I love to use words to tell a story, to share emotion……and yet I’ve been feeling so………blocked, shattered, fragmented…….

I don’t even know what the right words are.  But, I want it to change.  I’ve been seeing an incredible counsellor who is such a blessing to me and my family.  And I’m hoping that I’m working through/on some things that are contributing to this…..to this……to this frustrating time.

But,  I’ve decided that I’m going to write…..I’m going to write something each day (that I can) {you like that little “out” I just gave myself?}  and hopefully, maybe this will help me to start unraveling some of this mess inside of myself.  So here goes….

My thoughts are jammed up, crammed up

Within the confines of my mind

Desperate to be sorted

Knotted like a ball of twine

The harder I pull

The tighter it gets 

Choking off breath

In its fierce grasp

Panic sits there

Mocking, taunting, hurling insults

That I can barely process and yet…

Each one lands with a jab

Piercing through the armour of exhaustion

More pain, more wounds, more healing needed

Drawing from an already depleted account


Shut it down!

Try again another day.