What goes In, Must come Out

Alright, see that face….it’s cute, isn’t it?

Now imagine it choking on something that he scooped up off my floor.

Now imagine that he’s clenching his gums together because he really doens’t want me to remove whatever it is that he’s choking on….

How Cute is that?  (Rolls eyes)

We are officially in the “crawling around my floor and finding any stray piece of ANYTHING that escaped the twice or more daily vaccuming and sticking it in our mouth” stage. 

So far, we’ve had paper, paper, more paper, and the odd unidentified food particle….not good.

And do you have any idea how upset he gets when I “try to help him out” 

OH MY GOODNESS!  It’s insane.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Especially with 497,645,237, 892 pieces of Lego that Jeremy owns, this whle stage can be a bit worrisome, but so far the most creative or colorful or stupid thing that my kids have eaten (that I knew about) was when Jeremy ate 2 pieces of Lightbrite…..how did I know about this?

Well, I didn’t, but when I found the present that he left on the flip side of things…..lets just say that that was the most colorful diaper that he left for me…..even if it seemed like it hurt coming out.  How would you feel if a Lightbrite piece came out pointy end first?

Alright, enough about poo…I hope you are having a great April Fools Day….this was not an April Fools joke, just in case you’re wondering?

Wacky Wednesday

So, it’s late(r) on Friday night and Spring Break is almost over. 

I think that I’m ready to send my little darlings back to school.  My house is a DISASTER and Josiah needs some time without the kids IN. HIS. FACE…….and I need to have an hour where the kids are not hoovering me out of $60 in fruit and veggies a week.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but close, and so while I love to have the kids around – I’ll be thrilled to have some quiet time.

So, anyway…Wednesday morning we got up and had a leisurly morning and then headed into Walnut Grove for a visit with my Chiropracter.  My hips have been out and Siah needed an adjustment because he….he….fell out of his crib.  I don’t know how it happened, and yes, we should have had the railing up, but ‘Siah’s only been army crawling for a little while and can’t sit up on his own and hasn’t shown any interest in pulling himself up on anything and so I didn’t think it was even possible for him to fall or crawl out of his crib, but last Friday morning we woke up to a rather large BANG followed by an extremely large CRY and I ran in and pick him up off the floor.  I couldn’t (until today) figure out how  he could have possibly pulled himself up and managed to heavve his rather large body over the railing.  He seemedto be okay and I squished and pulled and prodded until I was sure that there was nothing broken and he quickly stopped crying and seemed to be his happy self.  He did have one funny scratch on his head, but I wasn’t sure if he had been gouging at the exczema on his head or if he had somehow hit his head when he fell.  It did look like his head was lumpy off to one side, but maybe I was seeing things…..ya know how you’re just not sure when you’re stressed out?

So, we get to my Chiropracter…I’ve mentioned him before  Dr. Alan Irving.   He’s AMAZING!  He fixed ‘Siah right up. 

Dr. Irving's Smooshology
Later in the day I was telling my brother, Chris, about our visit and told him about how the Dr. manipulated ‘Siah skull and how you could definately see how it was out before and how now it was a nice round melon… and Chris says, “He just shoved the skull back in place?“  So I explained how the bones in the baby’s head are not set in place and again Chris says, “So,….he just smooshed it back in place?“  And I started to explain how Dr Irving went to school to learn how to “smoosh” a baby’s head back in place, and Chris (very sarcastically says) says, “Yah, he took Smooshology!”Yah, that’s right Chris….he took smooshology…for sure…

After our appt, we hit the Starbucks and then took the kids to the park.  We got some good pictures and the weather totally co-operated so that was really nice.  Click on the picture to see the pics that we took at the park.

After these pictures the camera died and we had to run home to get the charger but the battery takes a while to recharge and so we got no pictures of us wandering around Fort Langley.  We let the kids just wander in and out of all of the cute and eclectic little shops and see and exploreand it was a lot of fun. After we were done at Fort Langley we headed over to my parents house for dinner, and after dinner was done – we spent some really special quality family time……

….around the laptop, ’cause nothing says family like dorking out around the computer.It was another great Wednesday, and the kids are already asking to go back to the Fort again.

Hearing Who???

Yesterday was an okay day. 

It was actually really nice to have Jon around.  We decided on going to the 1:30 matinee of Horton Hears A Who out here in Abbotsford, but when we showed up the theatre was closed and some nice soul informed us that during Spring Break the theatre wasn’t actually open until the 3pm showing…..Nice…like that info couldn’t have been on the website or something.

So then we didn’t know what to do.  So we went home to look online at the listings for the theatre right by my parents house.  They had a 2:30pm showing which was perfect time wise as far as us driving in and watching the movie and then still being able to go to my parents house for dinner>  So off we went.

The movie was cute, but not so fabulous that I was disappointed to have to leave in the middle to take a phone call from my mom.

Mom and Chris spent the day at the Langly Hospital ER, but I’ll talk about that on the other site.

So after the movie was finally finished and 3 bags of popcorn later, as we were leaving Xandra announces, “Man, I feel bloated.”  I didn’t even know she knew what that meant….maybe I say it….I dunno, but it was so cute to hear a 9 year old announce that they sure felt bloated.

We stopped at the local grocery store and they actually had some Brownies and some Carrot Raisin Muffins that I thought were delicious….and so I bought them.  It’s difficult to find things that don’t have wheat, dairy, egg yolk, sugar and yeast and these don’t have any of those……it’s acutally quite unelievable.

So we headed over to my parents house and hung out with Papa

We had a fabulous dinner

And then we played a little Speed Scrabble

‘Siah was crawing around on the floor and managed to stick his finger into the heating grate and cut his finger…he got his first “official” owie.

I know this photo is a little blurry, but the face he is making is so cute.

 And here he is “All Better”

Can I possibly slouch any more than that……not good.

And here is a cute video of Dad and Josiah playing on the floor.

So, all in all, it was a nice day and so nice to get to see Mom and Dad and Chris and especially to not have to cook dinner…..sweet.

Today we are just hanging around in our pyjamas….not sure what the deal was, but obth Jeremy and Angelica barfed this morning, but nothing since then, so hopefully it’s nothing……I really hope……  I hate dealing with vomit…..like seriously HATE it!  So, that’s all the news for today.

Hope you’re all having an awesome day.  It’s kinda boring over here….truth be told.

We’re still Springing along.

Ha Ha Ha Ha – Springing along…I’m such a “gork” (Kennedy word for Geek and Dork all mixed together) sometimes.  Forgive me….just blame it on sleep depravation….I’m gonna go on and on and on about the sleep depravation again so I know you’ll want to keep reading won’t you..

NOT!  Just joking!  Hey, did I lose some of you?  Did you think I was serious?  I guess I’ve complained about it so much and it’s kind of too fresh to be joked about, hey????….sorry about that.

Nope, not gonna talk about it at all.

Instead……don’t you wish you had a little boy that was a cute as this little guy is……..couldn’t you just “eat him up”? 

He is almost ALWAYS this happy.  It’s very rare that he’s not smiling and even rarer that he’s crying.  I just LOVE him so much.Topic Change…… 

I also dyed my hair using a natural hair dye.  It’s called Herbatint and it’s amazing.  It is more expensive than just buying a color from the store.  It was just under $30 for the box, but I was pleasantly amazed at how it didn’t smell like I was frying my hair or burning brain cells from the fumes.  We’ve been trying to rid our house of the Detergant SLS because it’s been linked to eczema and Josiah does typically have a flare up when he comes in contact with it…..and it’s in EVERYTHING, and it a known irritant……if that’s the case, then why put it in all the freakin’ baby soaps……it’s ridiculous.  Anyway, this dye doesn’t have SLS and it works so far.

Anyway – I went Black…it seems that if I go really dark, that by the time the dye lightens and wears off slightly that it’s pretty close to my natural color…..which is a nasty sorta mousy brown color……enough about that…..here’s me.  Excuse the frizzies…I’d do a re-take, but I just don’t care that much – you can see the color and realize that I don’t have perfect hair, and that I really dont’ care……get a little chuckle outta the “halo”….yah, that’s it…..it’s my halo…I’m an angel…ha ha ha!

In other news….my kids are playing SOOOOOO Nicely most of the time and here’s a shot to prove it…..I’m not gonna tell you how we staged this shot just so you’d think that we were such a nice family who calmly and quietly plays games together….’cause we didn’t and even if we did….I wouldn’t tell you about it….I’d just go on about my business and be all cool about it….now that I’ve blathered on and on – you have no idea whether I’m telling the truth or not, so just enjoy this pic of the 3 older darlings playing nicely together….as this is a rare treat.

Nothing like a sweet game of pick-up sticks.

Now, for some really amazing news…..you should see Josiah crawling…okay…it’s a bit weird, and none of my other kids did this…….He Army Crawls.  It’s darling, but strange…just get up on your hands and knees already, son!

Isn’t he just DARLING?  See, flat on his stomach…..weird.And here he is coming to get you….

Regardless of how strange his little crawl is…..HE IS FREAKIN’ FAST.And so now…….

This is the view coming up our stairs.  Yup.  We are now officially gated, and it makes life WAY easier ’cause I can just put him down and let him go….mind you with 3 older kids…there is a whole lotta yelling and screaming gently reminding to “please remember to shut the gate EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ time you come in or out” ’cause I’m nice like that. I’m also into the “vaccumming the carpets 40 times a day” stage because apparently my older children are SLOBS and the baby is “exploring” everying by putting every little piece of anything and everything into his mouth.  It’s so much fun.

Today is Day 3 of Spring Break but it’s also Wacky Wednesday.  Named because……beacause……well, because both words start with a W…..We decided that it’s hard for Jon to be working from home and for the kids to not understand how come he’s around but not available….sooooooo…….he’s working Mon and Tues and Thur and Fri from 7am to 5pm and we are tkaing Weds off.  It’s nice that we can do this.  One of the perks of working for your self at home, but it’s also a Loooooooog day when you’re working for 10 hours straight.  So far so good and we’re headed off to see a movie with the kids today. 

I think we’re going to see “Horton hears a Who”.  It should be fun, and then we’re going to have dinner with my parents. So, a nice day that’s not too crazy busy, but fun none the less…..  How’s your Spring Break coming along?  if you have one? 

Spring Break

Well, it’s the first day of Spring Break.  Hold me…I’m outnumbered.

I’m also VERY tired.  The littlest boy child is warped when it comes to his sleeping habits and I’m so tired of him waking up in the middle of the night, because even though Jon’s the one who goes and settles him down.  I’m still awake, and then I am awake when I nurse him at 5am, and if left up to him…he’d just nurse forever.  I know it’s not really nursing, but more just soothering, but still.  Josiah seems to be a really light sleeper, and that is terrily frustrating for me and my sleep depreved self.

So anyway, back to Spring Break…..we have two full weeks off, and today is pyjama day.  We are all staying in our pyjamas all day today.  Thereare some nice things about Spring Break…I have the kids around all day and they can entertain ‘Siah and we don’t have to wake up early and get readyfor school, BUT  I have the kids around ALL day and they wake ‘Siah up when he’s sleeping and then they eat ALL day and whine about not knowing what to do and watch TV and play on the computer ALL day until I kick them outside which is ehn they start having glorious fun and really using their imaginations to play, until they come back inside and whine and want to eat and vegetate in front of an electronic box of some sort.  Oh it’s SO MUCH FUN! 

And, Jon is working from 7am until 5pm so that……..we can take the next two Wednesday’s off.

I gotta lot of planning to do before now and tomorrow.  I gotta figure out what we are going to to on Wednesday AND I gotta figure out a way to deal with the food issue.  These kids will eat me outta house and home if I don’t set down some guidlines.  I may go all Supernanny on them and give them a box of food that they get to snack from and when it’s gone…it’s gone….we’ll see.  I’ll figure something out.  i always do.

Baby just woke up from his nap and I gotta use the toilet and them go and get him before he wigs out.  Chow for now!

Trying – I’m really trying….

Okay, so I have a minute and I find that there is something cathartic about being able to get all my thoughts and ideas down onto paper and seeing as i don’t keep a “paper journal” it all goes here.

So, I have a choice, the baby is sleeping and the kids are outside playing and I could be doing laundry or……I could brain dump here.

Brain Dumping, it is!

Like I mentioned last post I am really trying to find a balance in my life.  I’ve spent a huge amount of time in front of the computer and I’m trying to be wise about my computer/Internet time.

I started last week by planning out our breakfasts and dinners.  I think that eventually we might plan out the kids lunches, but ofr right now they are just making them on their own on a day to day basis, and we’re supervising to make sure that they take a protein, a carb, a veggie and a fruit instead of 6 fruits and calling it a lunch.  It made a HUGE difference in so many ways.  I was able to plan out our meals using food that we aready had on hand and to make sure that our diet was varied and then I was also able to make a shopping list of what we actually needed and then stick to it…..WAAAAAAY better than just winging it.  AND…..the kids didn’t ask ONCE, “what’s for dinner?”  and i was getting that questions (no joke) about 20 times and it started first thing in the morning – before they’d even had breakfast.  It was unreal.  Now they can just look on the fridge and see what’s for dinner and there are no surprises and I don’t even have to think about it except for on Sunday nights when I’m planning the weekly meals. 

I also did breakfast because we don’t just eat cereal and so we rotate between porridge, eggs and toast, pancakes, eggs and hashbrown and usually have cereal once a week.  I planned that out and once again,the kids seem to be so much happier knowing what to expect and how to help out in the mornings (like either making the panckae batter from scratch or by cutting up the potatoes for hashbrowns).

Jon and I also sat down and worked out a weekly schedule so that he can get ahead a bit this month.  He has a ton of work, and if we can get a few extra hours in per day that would make a big difference in what’s coming in as far as the monthly earnings.  So, I know what to expect, and he knows what hours he’s working and what hours he’s “at home” with me and the kids and even the kids know when to leave dad alone and when he’s free, becuse we sat down and wrote it all out on the white board for them so there could be buy in from everyone.  the bonus in this comes in that we vaguely planned out the next 2 weeks as well (Spring Break) and if all goes according to plan, Jon will be able to take Wedesday’s off and we’ve told the kids that we’ll have Wacky Wednesday’s and Super Saturday’s where we’ll plan to do something fun with them….now I just have to come up with some options of “stuff” that we can do.  Stuff that they can choose from.  More planning….so much fun!  I say that with rolled eyes, but there is an element of fun in knowing a little bit of effort can alleviate a WHOLE ton of stress.

Moving on…….I did get ‘Siah immunized yesterdayand he’s got a fever now….I hate that.  i have more say on that topic, but i feel like I always have more to say and not enough mental and physical and emotional energy to actually get it out.  So, hopefully that will be my next post…maybe!

Long Time

I’ve been a bit busy and a bit stressed and trying to work through some things and trying to find some balance in my life between 3 school age kids, a baby, admin work, house work, crafting, planning, organizing and hmmmm…..maybe even some time with Jon….who woulda thunk it?

It’s not easy.  I’d so forgotten how busy this baby time is.  Not that I would trade it for the world, but I’ve been slacking in the blogging department and trying to pick up the pace in all the other departments in my life……..and I’m stuck at 176 pounds…..I go up on the scale and down on the scale between 176.2 and 176.8lbs and it’s frustrating me….I’d just LOVE to see a 175 pop up somewhere in there…even if only for a moment, but no – as of yet, no such luck.

Josiah is scheduled for his 4 month immunization and I’m trying to remain calm even though I’m not entirely certain that I want to immunize.  I believe in immunization and my girls are up to date, and Jeremy has his minus the kindergarten booster, and while I have no concrete evidence that anything that Jeremy struggles with has anything to do with immunizations – I still do not know that it doesn’t has something to do with his struggles….I do know that he’s had a wicked reaction to the Hib shot, and so far ‘Siah didn’t, and I’m hoping it stas that way.

I hate that I have to fight with the nurse to convince her that I only want the Dtap/Hib and that I’m not taking the others right now…..maybe I’ll get them later or maybe I won’t….I know that this is a sesitive topic and I know that everyone believes different things, but this is my struggle.  I believe they do good, and yet I’m scared.  Scared of the unknown and Tired of dealing with Jeremy.  Not that I don’t love Jeremy, but sometimes, he requires more effort and energy than both the girls and Josiah all put together…..

Okay, enough whining.  I’m done.  I’ll be back later. 

‘Siah Makes The Rounds

I had to go into Langley last week and pick up some “stuff” from the Naturopath’s pharmacy.  I was a bit early and so I visited my dad at his office first….

Here is Josiah and Papa Mark, just hang out….

And here they are admiring each other”s baseball caps…..it must be in the genes or something like that…..
ps.  click on any of the pics to see the whole set

We LOOOOOOOVE hanging out with Papa.

After we visited Papa for a bit and even bought a few things at the Ladybug Organic Store, we headed over to see Nana Karen…she hadn’t gone into town to see Uncle Chris yet and so we had another little visit.Here is Nana looking so pretty.

Later that day, we got a picture with Geli….the kids ADORE Josiah and he absolutely LOVES them too…..He gets all excited and kicks his legs and waves his arms and screams at them when they get close.Doesn’t she look beautiful?

And then we got a picture with Great Grandma just before she headed off to Fiji…..How many kids get to know their GREAT grandparents….we are so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa still around and going strong.

Wacky Hair Day

The kids are having wacky hair day at school and we did their hair kinda wacky….sort of.

Jeremy just looks normal, but really what can you do with a kid who has a mohawk.  I supposed I could have slicked it down and made him all “normal” looking, but that’s not very exciting and while the kids really wanted colored hair – Yah, it ain’t happening right now……so a mohawk for Jeremy it is.

No picture as I forgot, and really just go to my photos and he looks pretty much the same as any other day- just imagine him!

Xandra has short hair ad I really wasn’t sure what to do with her hair either, but she threw out the idea of a lot of little pony tails and so that is what we did.  It kinda looks like her hair is fountain-ing out of her head, but she was happy and so that’s all that matters…..right?

 Then there is Gelica.  She had no clue what she wanted, but was totally talking about Kool-aid colors and that was a mess that I just wasnt ready to handle right now.  She has long hair and so I threw out the idea of back combing it.  Obviously the kid has no clue what back combing is – she’s only 10 (almost 11) years old, but I sold her on it and so back comb it, we did.

Here we are in process………

We had talked about either making a bird’s nest or a butterfly nest because I have aton of those little butterfly clips, but as we got going, she kept saying that she looked like one of those troll dolls with the big hair….and it was actually true.  I had back combed it so big and used so much hairspray and she totally looked like one of those little troll dolls.  My only concern was that her hair would fall into her face and drive her nuts during the school day if we just left it, so once it was huge and puffy, I did end up using the little clips to kinda hold it up a it…..Here she is from the side/back-ish view…..

 And here was the final finished product from the front…..

Seriously, her hair is about a foot off her head and she looks so cute – wacky, but cute….now I only wish I had done something similar for Xani but then again she has such a sensitive scalp that she could have never taken the abuse back combing as well as Geli did.