Ammendment to Day 4 and some WICKED FUN!

So yesterday, we did end up needing to pick some food up and that birthday present that I mentioned.

Jon and the kids went and picked out the B-day present while I put Siah to sleep for his afternoon nap. They spent a bit more than I would have, but it’s still okay. The Model Airplane and Cement Glue cost a total of $17.78 which brought our total to $51.95.

Then we needed to pick up some stuff that I hadn’t thought of in my bleary eyed stupor when I posted yesterday. I had made a list and stuck to it except for 2 things…..rice cakes & cereal….both things that the baby can eat.

I needed to pick up some non-dairy butter because Siah has a Dairy Allergy and while some of the family can use butter, it makes it difficult to always be on top of everyone to not share their popcorn or toast and I have to be extra dilligent about what goes into Siah’s mouth and what has dropped on the floor so, it’s just easier in our family to get the non-dairy spread. We use Earth Balance. It is DELICIOUS and it is actually cheaper than organic butter by $2 for the same amount of “spread”. Another bonus is that I can use it in my baking just like butter and the baking comes out just as good as if I’d used butter….no weird spreading or greasy texture.

So, we went to Pricesmart and I decided that if the prices weren’t GROSSELY inflated compared to Superstore that I’d just pick up what I needed there and save the gas money.

So, we got Almond Milk (for myself and Siah – he can’t handle large amounts of soy either…more on that in a moment), bananas, 5lb bag of apples, Earth Balance Spread, Puffed Kamut Cereal, Rice Cakes, 10lbs Potaotes, Espresso Coffee Beans…..all for $42.00.

So that brings our total up to $93.95.

While I was at the store I realized that there were a few more things that we need. I need some more veggies – celery, peppers, lettuce, zucchini…..that kinda thing, but I’ll get those next week at a local Farmer’s Market, and Brown Rice. On the list they go!

Saturday’s Meals:
Breakfast – Grand Slam Breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns, mini pancakes, farmer sausage)
Dinner – Coconut Curry with Tofu over Brown Rice

Sunday’s Meals:
Breakfast – Oatmeal with Soy Milk
Dinner – Veggie Chicken Soup with Brown Rice

So, I’m pretty certain that we are staying away from the stores today, and for more than one reason.

Onto the the “WICKED FUN” aspect of this post….

Siah had an allergic reaction to something last night and I spent the whole night cradling and cuddling him and then holding him over the top of a bucket while he retched his little guts out.

Yah, he spent the whole night either puking or dry heaving.

It was EXACTLY the same as the two times when he had some dairy tinged probiotic when he was 2 and 3 months old minus the watery diarrhea – so last night was only half the fun it could have been.

It was awful and finally around 5am his stomach was finally settled enough that he wanted to nurse and then he fell asleep until 6am and then nursed again, and so far everything has stayed down. Jon let me sleep until 11am, and then I nursed him again and he is sleeping right now.

I think that it was the tofu…..


I had to stop posting to take a “potty break” (either this is a SUPER LONG post or I’m just a really REALLY slow typer) and when I went into my ensuite to take care of business I realized that my bedroom door had been shut, the blinds drawn, and there was a lump under the covers. Xandra is dressed in a beautiful princess dress, and is under my covers..all the way under the covers watching a movie on her iPod. When I asked her what she was doing, her response was that it was warm and dark in my room, and especially under my covers and that she was just relaxin’….what a little sweetheart!


I think that it was the tofu and I knew that he couldn’t handle big amounts of soy, and in my excitment to “try” a meatless meal – I never put the two together…stupid me. Do you know the guilt that racks you knowing that you most likely caused your son to have a brutal night? It’s not fun! NOT! AT! ALL!

So, I’m tired, and hoping that I can snag one more nap today sometime. We skipped church today because I wasn’t getting up and I definately wasn’t taking Siah anywhere. So, the other two kids are bored and Jon has just settled down to have a “video game tournament” with them.

I’m going to go and have another coffee and try to wake up….fun times, people, FUN TIMES – I tell you!

Day 4 today and all is well!

Well, yesterday had its difficult moments.

I did go out to the store and spent some money on something business related, BUT….it was totally necesary.

What wasn’t necessary was the Subway sandwich combo that I needed because I had been very bad with my time and ended up with a major blood sugar low, BUT….I didn’t get it. I wanted to. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! How I wanted to! I managed to resist by asking Jon how much lunch for the two of us would cost, and when he said $14, and I knew that I could go home and make $2 worth of soup for the two of us (plus baby) – well, we just drove home. I’ll admit, though, if I could have justified the expense somehow, I would have – and I was trying to figure out a way to justify it. I was trying REALLY hard!

I made it past that temptation and carried on with my day.

Just for posterities sake (and to get it over with)

Thursday’s Meals
Breakfast – Eggs and Toast
Dinner – Vegetarian Chili & Brown Rice

Friday’s Meals
Breakfast – Eggs and Toast
Dinner – Veggie Stirfry with Chicken over Rice Noodles

Today we have to go and buy a birthday present for a 10 year old boy. I’ve already determined that we are going to Michaels with their 40% off coupon and getting a present for under $20 which means that it will be around $10 with the coupon.

Aside from that I don’t have anything on my Shopping List right now and so my total spent still stands at $34.17, and for us – that is pretty mch a miracle….even though it is only 4 days into the month….let’s see how well I’m doing at the end of the month.

***< STORE STUFF >***

I mailed out the first few orders yesterday – so a huge THANK YOU to all who bought. It feels amazing to have this working out. There are just 3 more days in the buy 2 get the 3rd (of equal or lesser value) for free sale – so if you were thinking of getting in on that deal…that was your reminder.

***< /STORE STUFF >***

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for Siah, he seems to be falling over quite a bit, and I’m not sure if he’s just getting more confident or if he’s fallen one too many times and I need to take him back to the chiropractor for an adjustment.

He really smacked himself up good yesterday. He was playing by the block box and bopped up and down and smacked his lip on the corner. Then he started screaming – A LOT! and the BLOOD….oh my goodness the blood. When I got close enough to check things out there was a split on both the inside of the lip and the outside of the lip and it looked like he had put his little razor sharp bottom tooth right through his bottom lip. NASTY!

So, it bled…he cried….I mopped up blood and tried to comfort him, but I imagine that it hurt brutally bad. You can see the bruise under or inside the lip all the way through from the inside to the outside. It looks awful, and if it feels as awful as it looks, is it any wonder that he was up as much as he was last night. Fun times, let me tell you, FUN TIMES!

He also managed to fall over and hurt himself about 4 other times yesterday, but just general bumps and hurts – nothing major like the lip. Poor little kid – or maybe I should say poor mother….he is seriously a crawling machine and it takes a ton of energy to just stay on top of him and to make sure that he hasn’t made it up on top of the fridge to get to the cereal boxes, eh Momma?

Well, I’m gonna go and started cutting up the potatoes to make our BIG SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST. We usually eat a big breakfast a bit late on Satuday mornings, and it is both breakfast and lunch. Today we are having hashbrowns, eggs and Farmer Sausage. YUMMY!

First of Many – but not too many, I hope!

Yesterday, being the first day of our 30 days of Nothing…or at least, Not Very Much, required that I go shopping.

Nice, eh?

I was supposed to go nd pick up a few things on Monday and I ran out of time, and then same thing on Tuesday. It was stuff that was necessary, but we just made do without it.

So, yesterday I picked up $36.10 worth of groceries. I had coupons for $1.93 and so my total spending for yesterday was $34.17.

I picked up a 2 L of Soy Milk, 5 lbs of Carrots, Broccoli, 3 Dozen Eggs, Yams, a 1 kg bag of popcorn, a 5 lb bag of apples, some bananas and some plain Ruffles Chips.

Not very much by my standards seeing as a shopping trip could easily be $100.

I made a list, and only bought what was on the list. I’m thinking that’s what I’m going to do this month. Just shop from the list….let the list be sacred. Nothing that isn’t on the list.

We’ll see how that works out for me.

I don’t have an actual amount that I’m aiming for. I think that I’m actually aiming for as little as possible. I’ll admit that I’m a bit nervous that without a number to focus on that I won’t “WIN!” but seeing as there are many varied reasons for me doing this….it is just going to have to work this way. I will MAKE it work, right?

I think it will be interesting to see “what” I buy, and so I’m gonna list it all down…I realize that it could get boring, but that way, you’ll know what kinds of food we buy in our house, and for some of them, I’ll even explain “why”.

Like the chips for example….why would I buy chips when I’m not supposed to be be spending any extra money.

Well, I dont buy snacks for my kids. I don’t buy cookies. I don’t buy “fruit by the foot” or granola bars or any other packaged kid lunch friendly snacks. AND….the Ruffles Plain chips are Potatoes, Safflower Oil and salt. Only 3 ingredients…. my kids take a small baggie of chips every other day, and it’s a treat for them….so – I buy them from time to time….this was one of those times.

My In-laws were over for dinner on Monday night, and bought some roast chicken for dinner. Thanks, Mum & Dad! I boiled the carcass and used the bit of leftover meat to make a BIG pot of soup. We had that for dinner last night, and I have another meals worth of soup in the freezer for whenever I need it.

We are going to be doing 2 meatless dinners a week, to help cut down on the costs, and I’m thinking and debating on whether or not you want to know what we ate for our meals…..maybe I’ll just put down breakfast and dinner seeing as the kids are at school and you really don’t need or probably care to know that I had a sandwich or salad for lunch.

So, yesterday’s meals…

Breakfast – Super Porridge (Oatmeal, Flax, Buckwheat, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, Millet, Teff & Brown Rice)
Dinner – Chicken, Rice & Veggie Soup with Garlic Toast.

On to other things…..I was laughing to myself and then Shash mentioned it…..I’ve started the 30 Days of Nothing, but at the same time, I’ve opened a new store encouraging you to buy my stuff. Ironic, no! Oh well, The bad thing about this is that I’m not doing my Christmas Shopping this month. AWWWWK! I guess that I can PLAN what things I want to buy and where from and then I can get it all done in November easily ad quickly….that’s the goal at least.

Well, off to plan out the rest of the weeks meals, and to tidy my house…..oh, yah – check back later today and I’ll try to update the latest few new items into the store….it’s not happenning right now…even though I promised.

One last thing….I recognize that things aren’t perfect around here, and so if you see things changing or links moving around or if there are things that aren’t working properly…just know that we’re working on it, and if you notice something, please feel free to mention it to us….we want to get things running as smoothly as possible.


Day Number One

Well, Here is it actually into Day 2 of the 30 Days of Nothing and of the Official Store Opening….I still get a kick about that..I’m chuckling to myself over here, and I’m not sure if it’s just that funny to me, or if I’m just overtired.

It’s 12:07am, and I’mm going to bed.

I was out at the grocery store today and I picked up a few things – of which I’ll talk about tomorrow; AND….I’ve been frantically adding some new product to the store, and I still have another dozen items to add, BUT….

I’m going to bed.

It’s been an awesome day.

I have more thoughts and musings – that may or may not be funny to anyone else but me, but seeing as I’m not sure if it’s really funny or just the sleep depravation talking…I’ll just hold onto it all until tomorrow.

As Close to Nothing as Possible

I’ve been watching the 30 Days of Nothing over at Owlhaven, and thinking of giving it a try.

So, as of tomorrow, we will be starting our own 30 days of Nothing. I’m not exactly certain how it all plays out for us…I’ll be talking to Jon tonight and then hopefully I’ll have a plan all set in place for tomorrow, but as of right now the plan is to do some form of the 30 Days of Nothing. One that works for us.

This should be interesting. I’m not a big shopper, but I do buy more than I should from time to time. So stick around and see how well, or poorly I do this month.

In other news, I slept for 11 hours last night. At 8pm,I laid down to read with Jeremy and then cuddled with him and fell asleep. Then we woke up this morning at 7:00am….Wow! Now, the baby was up at 2:30am and again at 4:30am, but still I got a 6 hour uninterrupted stretch, and I feel SO AMAZING! I’ve managed to get quite a bit done today. It’s one of those things that if I went to bed every night at that time, I’d be able to get up earlier and get things done. I think that the 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the trick. Even though Siah goes down around 7:30-8pm every night, if we go to bed around midnight, and then he’s up at 2or 3ish….well, that’s only 2 or 3 hours that we are getting before the first interruption….and that’s just not enough in my books. I know that I could let him cry it out, but I’m not there yet….not saying that we won’t get there, but not just yet.

Well, tomorrow is the official GRAND OPENING – I’m laughing at that because it sounds so official. – The OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING of the store.

For the first week, we will be having a buy 2 and get a 3rd of equal or less value for free.

Check it out…..there should be something that you’d like for yourself or even for a gift.

Only the Second Time

Man, We’ve been doing this parenting gig for over 12 years now and for only the second time in that 12 years we’ve had to call poison control.

I think that’s a pretty good track record. I mean, I’d love it if we hadn’t had to call them ever, but for how……….energetic, and inventive my children are….I think that’s a decent number. In fact, I’m surprised that we aren’t on a first name basis with the fine folks over at the Poison Control Call Center.

The last time we called was when Jeremy swallowed a penny….that was SO MUCH FUN…you know…..waiting for the penny to drop…..literally!

Fun time, people, FUN TIMES!

Well, last night was not nearly as exciting. Siah had tried to do the Houdini Maneuver out of his highchair….have I mentioned that he’s climbing or crawling up onto anything and everything – again with the FUN TIMES!….and so we put him down on the kitchen floor. He waddled over to the empty dishwasher and then 2 seconds later started gagging. A barfing baby is not fun, but when you realze that the soap from the dishwasher – which is a mixture of Borax and Washing Soda – didn’t disolve completely away and that there was a little bit left in the soap dispenser and then you realize that your kid ate some of it……

It’s one of those “eye rolling, go and call the poison control people and find out if we need to go and spend the entire night sitting in the disease filled ER and possibly picking up goodness knows what and how that in and of itself has to be WAY worse than the tiny bit of borax that the baby just injested” moments.

Fortunately, the nice Poison Control guy said that we were morons for feeding our child Borax and then asked if we would not bother them so that the really impotant calls could get through.

No, they didn’t say that, but they weren’t concerned and said that there was nothing that we needed to do – Siah would be all okay!

So, in my concern and because these people weren’t nearly concerned enough for my child’s heath and safety, I utlized my Google medical degree and found out that…..

NOTHING! It really was okay! I mean, i shouldn’t be feeding him Borax for a snack, but apparently the Poison Control Dude did know what he was talking about and I really don’t need to worry…..which I still did…..totally, right?

He’s up and happy this morning and I’m assuming all is well.

Moral of the story……well….I don’t know what the moral of the story is, but….we won’t be feeding the baby any Borax any time soon, eh?

Walking Together

Geli is in her first year of middle school.

Grade 6.

She seems so little to be moving up in the world.

I know that she’s 11 years old and that she’ll be 12 soon, but it still seems weird to have my baby, my firstborn moving beyond elementary school.

We’ve had tons of fights discussions about life and responsibility and trust and…well, just way too many things.

She “HATES” having to work. She “HATES” having to give into the house and family.

How do I get it through to her that this is a life long thing…..

You make one persons worth of mess and you are responsible for at least one person’s worth of upkeep.

I’ve tried really hard to not ask a ton from her. In fact, this summer when we were camping with friends of ours – I was surprised at what they expected from their kids. I was even more surprised that for the most part, the kids did what they were asked with minimal fussing. Sure, they were kids and acted like kids do, but they knew that they were responsible for certain “house jobs” and they did them.

It made me really think about what I expect from my kids and made me think about how I can motivate them to do what is required of them.

We are struggling with Geli right now. I know that some of this is just foundational growing up stuff. I know that we will get through this, but right now….it’s not fun, nor is it easy.

Have any of you walked through this whole pre-teen, growing up, responsibility stuff; and have any good pointers or tips for me?

Thank You

I just want to say thank you to all who have commented or e-mailed your support in regards to my store.


I’ve bee neglecting my blog because…well….because I’ve got too many things on the go, and apparently this is one area that has been neglected.

I’m working on a really good balance, and I think that I shall be able to work everything out as long as I keep to that very important word – BALANCE!

I have a tendancy to get fixated on something and do it ot the exculsion of most all else, and when ever I do that….bad things happen. Not “bad things” literally, but I end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and I try to have it as my goal to walk life in balance, and to not be stressed. Sometimes I do better and some other times, not so much.

I have about 2 dozen new pieces to put up in the store, and Jon is working behind the scenes to get things all running smoothly, and so if you encounter any difficulties in the process, please just let us know and we’ll get it all sorted out. Things might change around or look slightly different or something, but should be all if not mostly sorted out by……” drum roll please” October 1st.

I will be having an “official” (how does that sound for important) launching of the store, on October 1st, and will be having a “BUY 2, GET A 3RD FOR FREE” sale. I hope that you will find something that you like for either yourself or for someone else in your life.

Now, I know that was a lot of “business news”, and again, I will be working on a balance between everything even here on the ol’ blog.

The family is doing well. I have pictures to show you, stories to laugh about with you, advice to get from you…the list goes on and on and on. Here is a quick picture from the weekend.

We went out for dinner with my Grandpa at 80’s Restaurant We’ve been going here since my youngest sister was born….a loooong time ago. It was so nice to see Grandpa, and to spend some time with him….we need to do that more often. I love that my kids are able to make memories with their Great-Grandparents. It’s not such a common thing that the Great-Grandparent generation is even alive any more. Any way…

Here is Grandpa and Jeremy….nice bunny ears, Papa!

Some News

Alright, so I’m feeling a bit better – Thanks to all who asked, commented or e-mailed. I haven’t had such a sore throat in a long time. But I think I’m on the mend. It was weird…no other symptoms except a wicked sore throat.

AND…..YES!!!! It was my birthday yesterday. I’m now officially 33 years old. I’m easy 10 years older than Xandra’s teacher this year….and THAT makes me feel like a geezer. Okay, maybe not 10, but he’s a guy and he looks younger than he actually is – which is a good thing because he looks really young…..really REALLY young. But he seems like a really nice guy so it’s all good – I guess, eh?

So, thanks for all the Facebook messages, and the e-mails and the phone calls and texts, and well – I felt totally loved and spolied.

Jon took me out for breafast in the morning (I love going out for breakfast – It’s my favorite!) and then two of my girlfriends took me out for all you can eat Sushi for lunch (that’s my next favorite) and then my brother was going to take me (and Jon) out for dinner, but at that point I was “yucking out in my pants” ……ha ha ha ha – that was something I said a very long time ago, and I can’t believe that it just popped into my head right then. Actually, I was feeling very full, but still excited about going out for dinner – Can you imagine a whole day without me having to prepare ONE SINGLE MEAL…yah, me either, so this was AWESOME.

BUT….and there’s always a but, eh? But, we remembered that it was “Meet the Teacher Night” at both the Middle and the Elementary School, and so we rescheduled for early next week…..was it Monday or Tuesday? I don’t remember? Hmmmmm Chris????? Help me out?

And, in the middle of all this, my house is an absolute disaster and looks and feels like a bomb exploded and a camel threw up. Fortunately, my natural deodorant is still working and so it doens’t stink and above all else…..THAT IS AWESOME. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to go to out, and to sweat, and to stay in those same clothes all day, and then to take them off at the end of the day and to do a pit sniff and other than the fact that you “know” you sweated in them – THERE IS NO STENCH! So much so that if you wanted to be gross and disgusting – which I don’t – you could totally get away wth wearing them again the next day…..which I wouldn’t, but I could….I totally could.

This is so unbelieveble to me. I am starting to grasp the fact that I am not a stinky hippie any longer. YAAAAAAHHHH!

Okay, so back to the bomb exploding, camel vomiting disaster of a house…….

A while back my favorite earrings broke.

It was hell!

My sister made these earrings for me back when she worked in a Rock and Gem Store in North Vancouver. They went with just about every piece of clothing that I owned and they were the perfect mix of not too dressy, but not too casual. They were perfect! PERFECT, I tell you!

Well, I wore them right out! One of them broke on me after YEARS of almost daily wear.

I was devestated, and so after an appropriate mourning period, I decided to move on and attempt to recreate a new pair that was as close to the originals as possible.

I headed to Michaels, and found some stuff and whipped up a new pair in no time at all.

While I was there, I got sucked into the black hole of the beading and jewelry section, and I will never again be able to climb my way out of there again. THE END!

Actually, I was overcome with ideas and possibilities, and well….in any spare time – like nap time or after bed time in the evenings – I started making some jewelry.

A friend of mine came over and saw some of the stuff and well….she picked up a few pieces, and then I had the opportunity to go and hang out for an evening with a bunch of ladies, and I sold a bunch more pieces…..and so….with a huge amount of panic little bit of stress…..I am now going to be selling some jewelery on-line.

I’ve not uploaded all the pieces into the store, and we still have bugs and glitches that we are working out, but if you’re interested – go and take a look and maybe…just maybe, there will be something that you like.

Keep checking back regularly as I still have pieces to add, and I’m making new pieces in my spare time…HA HA HA HA HA! Spare time, what is that?

Also, if you see something that you like, but you are wondering about different colors – let me know and we’ll try to work something out.

If you come across any glitches or *gasp* spelling mistakes (I would never make any of those) and you have the time….let me know so that I can make everything look as good as possible.

Hey, something in my life has to be neat and tidy and it sure ain’t my house, right now.

I’ll be adding some more product to the store today and then once again, we are off to Vancouver this weekend AND….AND…..I’m getting my hair done on Saturday! YAH! So I’ll post pictures, as soon as I can.

And hopefully, things will be getting back to normal and my regularly scheduled blatherings will resume and life will be grand, eh?

Am I nuts to think of hope for that?


I’m not feeling so great. I have the WORST sore throat, and IT SUCKS!

It’s the start of the weekend, and I’m tired. I think that Siah’s been feelig the same as me, and he’s been up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up… nights. It’s been a party.

Last night, just to try to get some sleep for myself….I just kept him in bed with me, and well – if it were possible to get even less sleep…yah it happened.

If he’s feeling at all like I am – well, that’s just nasty.

Okay, enough moaning.

I gave a few samples of the deodorant to a few people, and the response that I’ve had so far has been really good.

I just need to find some good containers to put the finished product into, and I think that I’m gonna sell it. It is truly THAT GOOD!

Jon even “tested it out” with out me knowing. He went 2 days between applications, and said that even at the end of the second day that he was only starting to smell and from only one pit.

Thanks for the info, Honey! Way to test it out for me.

But, now you all know that you should be able to go for two days in between applications -good info, eh?

I’m gonna go and make a HUGE pot of tea and sip and sip and sip and sip and sip until the tylenol that I took kicks in.