This is the NON-BARFING edition

So, yesterday was a pretty good day. I guzzled water until my eyeballs were floating, and I felt pretty good aaaaaalllll the way up until I crawled into bed last night.

I even managed to make it into bed before 10:30pm. I could tell that my musles were a little bit sore, and so I did some stretching to try and work them out a little, but then my head hit the pillow and I was GONE.

I woke up at……are you ready for this…..4am – yup, Siah slept from 7:15pm until 4am, and at that point if he didn’t nurse, then there was no hope that he’d sleep for Jon after I left. So, I went and got him and brought him back to bed with me.

I just kinda dozed between 4 and 4:45am, and then I popped outta bed before my alarm clock went off and got ready to go.

I drank two HUGE glasses of water, and ate a banana to try and ward off the whole barfing thing…and ya know what….IT WORKED!

I made it through my second session – all the way through – and although I was tired and my body is not used to being asked to work a little bit harder – it went well.

I can feel that my muscles are feeling sore right now. I’m a little nervous about how I’ll feel tonight, and especially about how I’ll feel tomorrow.

I’m still planning on going tomorrow, even if I can’t do as well as I did today. I’m pretty excited about just getting some exercise, let alone 90 minutes two days in a row….

As I was driving home today musing about just jumping in feet first, I started thinking about exercise and what it was that I liked about the Bikram’s Yoga compared to other forms of exercise. I think that the dry breathing, panting so you can’t catch your breath, and feeling like your heart is going to explode out of your chest…..yah, that’s the feeling I dislike…and seeing as I’m terribly outta shape, if I try to do other forms or exercise that’s what I end up feeling like.

I like the idea that this class is for beginners and for those with experience and that you are always only competing with yourself.

Right now, I’m in the learning stages, and am flailing around trying to find position, and am not so fluid, and well….I’m definately just learning, but I talked with the instructor today after class, and she said that about 5-6 classes into it, I should have more of an idea as to what’s going on, and of the poses, and that about 10 classes into it, that I should start to find my rhythm and a nice sense of flow. I’m looking forward to that ’cause right now I’m feeling a little bit stiff and sore – but in a good kind of way.

In other news, We have been eating some unbelievably amazing food for the last little bit. I recently bought a couple of new books and from them, have made a Thick Potato, Cauliflower, and Dulse Soup….sorry no pictures, but it was AMAZING, and even Geli, my MOST picky eater, LOVED it and has asked for it every day since I made it.

Dulse is a dark red sea veggie that is full of highly absorbably iron, and in the soup it justs adds the right amount of flavor.

Last night we had Nori-Wrapped Wasabi Salmon which is salmon wrapped in a sheet of seaweed, and again. So, SO good! I didn’t make that for the kids, they just got plain marinated salmon, but Jon and I LOVED the seaweed wrapped salmon and will definately be making it again..

And – I have pictures for you –

Nut Burgers

on Tuesday night we had Nut Burgers, and again with the deliciousness. They would have been DIVINE on a bun, but we just ate them plain. The recipe I used calls for sunflower seeds and walnuts. I had walnuts, but I had no sunflower seeds, so I made two batches – one with pine nuts – in place of the sunflower seeds, and the other with pumpkin seeds. You grind up the nuts in a food precessor and then mix in a bunch of spices, add a finely ground carrot and them some brown rice with a tiny bit of tomatoe sauce to hold it all together. Make your patties, and then let them sit for an hour or so in the fridge. Heat up your skillet and use either butter or oil and brown the tops and bottoms, and serve.

Burger Close Up

These are seriously yummy, and with the edges all crunchy….mmmm…we saved a few overnight that we didn’t cook, and had them for lunch the next day, and they were just as good even after sitting in the fridge for a while.

Between the nuts and the brown rice, you end up with a complete protein, and so all you need to round out the meal is a salad or some veggies.

I’m still going through my books, and am sure to come up with more yummy food for us to try.

well, that about does it for today….Geli and I are going to make some chocolate coconut macaroons.

And then I BARFED…..Yes! I really did!

I’ve been wanting to get physical for a while now…..NO! Not that kind of physical, but I’ve been an absolute SLOB for FAR. TOO. LONG!

Tim – my brother – has been doing Bikram’s Yoga for a while now, and I told him that I wanted to join him, so I’ve signed up for the introductory week offer, and TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY!

I was a little nervous. So nervous, in fact, that when I tried to go to sleep last night at 10:30pm…..well, I couldn’t sleep.

I keot thinking ALL. THESE. THOUGHTS. – like….. How hot will it be? and Will I fall over? and Will everyone be perfect and beautiful? and Will I even be able to stick it out for the 90 minutes class? and What if I sleep through my 5am alarm clock? (the class started at 6am, but I needed to be there – in Langley – at 5:45am to register) and What if the baby was awake ALL. NIGHT. LONG? and how would he handle me not being there in the morning?

And then………..I started to wonder if the downstairs people were going to have their 4X a week party complete with loud, bass-filled music, alcohol, cigarettes and sometimes even pot….It makes for a good time at 4:30 – 5am.

Now imagine all of that, competing with a nagging voice chanting,

“Go to sleep, go to sleep, Rah, Rah, Rah”
“Go to sleep, go to sleep, Ha Ha Ha”

It was AWESOME! and then…….then one of my girls started talking in their sleep and they called out for me, but when I got up to see what they wanted…they were both sound asleep and I was WIDE AWAKE, and it was 11:30pm, and it was even AWESOMER!

So anyway, I did get up at 5am and aside from one little freak out because I couldn’t find my water bottle and I was stressing about being late – I did make it out the door and on the road all in good time.

The class got started and I was feeling all cocky and sure of myself. You know, aside from the wobbly jello legs and arms, and I was desperately trying to hold my body from shaking so wildly that the sweat that was gushing in rivers….no oceans….off my body wouldn’t fling around the room and shower the rest of the people with my “toxicity” and…it was all going good…..until about an hour into it all…then we did this one pose and the blood all rushed to my head and when we relaxed after it, I felt all light headed and like I was going to pass out…so I just layed around for a bit (in the relaxing laying on the floor “healing” pose – yah I’m going with that) until I felt not so woozy. I did make it the 90 minutes in the freaking hot-ness and then after it all I went and grabbed my stuff from the change room and then I started to feel funny. Like I was going to barf…but because I am an expert barf-er (see all previous pregnancies), I figured that I could tough it out.

So, Tim and I went outside on the deck, and I figured that if I had some fresh air and just stayed VERY STILL that I’d be able to fight it off…..NOPE!

I had to make the mad dash into the bathroom, and of course…I’m trying to be all cool about it, and not slam into the bathroom door and run into anyone and then it looked like I was going to be using the garbage can, because I thought that both stalls were in use, and all this time, I’m barfing and ……swallowing…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? All because I was trying to be SOOOOOOO cool.

Yah! I rock!

I guess I still need to work on the whole “pride” issue.

So, two retches and some water and stomach bile later….I’m ALL GOOD!

I go back outside, collect all my stuff and head on out to my van.

I’ll be back again tomorrow, only I think I should eat something as soon as I wake up….although I’m a little concerned about barfing anything other than water….I HATE BARFING.

But, I LOVE stretching, and although I know that I didn’t do the poses and stretches and exercises all correctly….it was still more work than I thought it was going to be – I can imagine that, done correctly and by someone who hasn’t done NOTHING for the past 10 years that it could be quite the work out.

So, I go again tomorrow for the 6am class…..that’s really early.

Oh, and just for accountability’s sake….I’m 180 lbs right now, and I want to get down to 170, at least….well see how that goes. I might be able to sweat that off by Friday at this rate.

ps….I just added a category for exercise….that seems SOOOO weird to me, but I’m hoping that this is the start of a good thing.

Thinking Out Loud Here….

I have an idea.

I’m sure it’s not a new idea, but still, I’m not currently a part of anything like this, and it’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart, and something that I’m invested/ing in…and well….I just enjoy it a ton.

I am still in the planning stages, but I think that this could be something that could be a lot of fun, and could help some, and it could possible grow and become something that could be helpful to me in the future.

See, here is my idea….

I am LOVING learning about eating healthy and cooking good food and living healthy and living simply and I run into people that ask for my recipes, and well….I wondered if anyone would be interested if I started to write up a newspaper or flyer or bulletin or somthing like that. It would have tips and ideas, recipes, and things to think about…all geared towards living healthy, living simply and all of what that entails…

I’m by no means an expert but I do have a fair amount of recipes that we currently eat that are healthy and DELICIOUS. I like to try and come up with “normal” food that takes your food choices or allergies or intolerances into consideration. I like to get a hold of recipes that someone I know has actually tried, and that they taste like actual food, and not YUCKY. Now, I know that taste is relative, but I’d like to think that I make delicious food….I’d really hope that was the case…regardless, the recipes would all be ones that we currently use and eat, either regularly or for special occasions…and then there could be product reviews, and tips on how to eat healthy for as cheap as possible….’cause I’m all about saving money….all this and more….

So, What do you think? Would you be interested in recieving something like this?

It’s the kind of thing that I might start a bit smaller and then grow over time….I might start out doing these newsletters for free for the first few, and then charging a subscription or something like that…

It’s not all worked out, but I wonder how much interest there would be in something like this?

If this is something that you’d be interested in – could you comment and let me know or if you know someone who is currently trying to eat healthy or healthier or has allergies or intolerances or something like that, then could you send them this way, and if we can figure out if there is some interest in something like this, then I could get working on putting something together sooner rather than later.

This is something that I’m TOTALLY excited about, and would love to share, but I don’t want me to be the only one that I’m doing this for….so….let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested.

Running Around..

Guess What?


I can hardly believe that it’s been a WHOLE year since he was born…although technically he wasn’t born yet. He didn’t decide to make an appearance until around 3pm….I think?

So Cute

To be certain, I’d have to go back and check, but We’re headed out because some of our longest standing and dearest friends have moved closer and we are going to help them unpack.

I’m so excited.

I have pictures to post and thoughts to expound upon and endless drivel to blah, blah blah about and it will all be good – BUT….right now, I am in my pyjamas and we have to go in 40 minutes and I gotta do something about myself.

We are going to have a first Birthday party next Saturday, but we’re just trying to nail down a time….so, if you are family or close friends, please consider yourself invited. It’s more a time to celebrate “LIFE” and to get together and just be happy than an actual birthday party, but whatever it takes to call a party, eh???

Gotta go and get ready!

Happy Birthday, my son!

This day, like every day with you, is another day to celebrate life and to be so thankful…, so thankful.

It’s All A Bit Messy

Yesterday seemed to be a messy day.

Siah was into EVERYTHING.

I had given the kids a green smoothie with Breakfast, and Jeremy downed his and gave me the cup Xani finished hers and put her cup in the sink. Geli is my fussy eater, and usually needs a little encouragement to finish her green smoothie.

Apparently I never paid that much attention, and she left her cup on the coffee table in the TV room.

I came around the corner to this……

Found a Green Smoothie

Awesome, isn’t it?

Siah is not a fussy eater at all. He LOVES green smoothies.

But, seeing the slimey, slippey mess that is on his fingers…is it any wonder that this happened….

Dropped it

Love the face, though!

Then in the afternoon, Geli had made some peanut butter and honey sandwiches for herself and Xandra and I’m not sure, but maybe the cupboard was left open a crack or something because when I came into the kitchen….this was what i stumbled across.

Found the Bucket 'O Honey

Look at the look on his face. Cute, eh?

Well, I was even less impressed by than the smoothie. I mean, I did have to get out the steam cleaner to clean up the carpet, but HONEY…..YUCK! At leas it was on the linoleum and not the carpet, eh?

He was not too impressed that I was taking him away from his fun.

Not Happy

This picture was taken just before he had a full on back arching, screaming, melt down…because seriously. How DARE we take him away from his bucket of honey? He found it, so that makes it his, right?

Needless to say, it was a long day and I was thrilled when they were all asleep and I could just sit in the peace and quiet.

And now we’re doing it all over again…hopefully not!

Back to those Core Values

So, I’ve been wanting to do something with our Family’s Core Values…something like a big piece of Art or a poster or in a Picture Frame….something.

I picked up a canvas from Micheals on the weekend, and have spent the past few days working on it, and this is what Ive come up with.

It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but it will do.

I like that it’s BOLD and that it stands out. I might paint over top of it all and start again in a week or two, but for now…it stays.

I was wondering about adding something to it…something like this….

I wondered about adding an outline of a flower to it or something like that. What do you think? Would it add or detract or look okay or realy stupid? And if I were to add it, would I do it in black or in white or cream or brown or should I just scratch the whole idea all together?

Lemme know what you think?

ps. I just looked at the picture here on the blog, and it looks better in person than it does in this picture, so you’re ALL invited over to gawk at it. Wouldn’t that be fun? I guess it’s not going to happen. Oh well, you get the general idea.

A bit more still…..

Well, the title is completely unimaginative…is that even a word….but I thought and thought and thought and really couldn’t come up with anything terribly witty and I gave up because it was a waste of time to stall and I have very limited time at this point….you know with the baby and kids and all…

So, I made a mistake on Monday night and read my recipe wrong…or rather I didn’t read it, and thought that I needed a TON of starter, and doubled my starter and ended up with 2 swimming pools of starter and now I either throw it out – which seems like such a waste to me – or use it. I’ve opted to use it, but again with the limited time thing…that makes things interesting.

Now, the deal with the sourdough starter…it is really simple to make, but when you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a bit stressful, and I haven’t really found any place that shows you pictures of what your starter should look like along the way or when it’s ready to use. AND….I found nothing that talked about making a sourdough starter with Kamut or Spelt flour….which is what I wanted to use because those are our grain of choice around here.

Basically you mix water and flour and let it sit around, and it collects bacteria from the air, and ferments and becomes all bubbly and then rises. You have to “feed” it every 12 hours so that it stays alive…..that can get annoying. Then you have to store it somewhere. I keep mine in the oven with the pilot light on because it likes to be a bit warm. I read somewhere that it’s a bit like having a pet because you have to take care of it, and really, it’s true. I’m a bit sick of “taking care of it”, but I like the fact that I can make stuff that’s healthy for my family and that costs us considerably less than storebought stuff.

So far, I’ve made bread, twice; Pizza Shells, 3 times, and crackers, 3 or 4 times. There is definately a learning curve, and each time I make something – it gets better and better, so we are definately on an upward trend and that’s a good thing.

The first time I made the bread – I have no pictures – I made the fast bread. It required the most amount of starter and the least amount of time to rise. It made two little loaves that tasted pretty good. They had that nice sourdough taste, but they were SOOOOO dense. Read that to say thick and heavy…like a brick. They still tasted pretty good, and we are pretty used to thick heavy bread so it was okay.

Here are some of the loaves from the second time around (This was the medium time frame bread that took 7 hours to rise as opposed to 2 hoursfor the quick bread and 12 hours for the longest rising bread)….I know that it doesn’t look like it, but I promise you that these were ginormous compared to the first loaves.

Dense Bread

The recipe that I have says to slash the tops with a rasor blade, and I reluctantly did – I was worried about them falling, and..well…. they never did rise any more, so I might not try it the next time and I’ll just see if they rise any more than this current batch. I would like it to rise some more… be a little lighter and bigger.

See, here is a shot of those “slashes of death”….

The Stupid Slashes

So, here are the loaves, cut into slices. We cut the loaves up and then wrapped them and put them in the freezer. They have no preservatives, and so unless we plan to plow through all 6 loaves in the next few days, then I have to freeze some of them.

Bread Grain

Of course, I had a helper in all of this, and I must throw in a gratuitous shot of my baby, right???

My Little Helper

Look at those little lips… Isn’t he so darling? I could just eat HIM up, forget about the bread.

So, last night after all the little monsters darlings had been sent to bed, I decided that I would whip up some Pizza Shells because from start to finish it takes about 45 minutes, and I had that much time before I was headed off to bed, and for crying out loud, I gotta use up some of the “throw away” starter that I got sitting in a giant popcorn bowl in my oven.

Here is the stack of pizza shells after the first “pre-bake”.

Stack of Pizza Shells

There are only 7 in this stack although I made 8, Jon and I ate one last night, and boy was it yummy. These shells puffed up a bit bigger than the last batch I made. I rolled the last ones VERY thin, and it was more like making pizza on big round crackers.

Here you can see the size of them…they are a bit bigger than my hand, so the perfect size for a personal pizza.

Size of a Hand

And this is how thick, or thin – should I say, the suckers are.

Thin Crust

If you are interested in making your own bread from just flour and water, I am more than happy to just give you some of my starter, but I’d suggest that you google it, and read up on the effort required and what all is involved because it’s way different than just throwin some ingredients into a bowl and making bread and then putting it all away and enjoying. It’s easy, but a lot more effort. Oh, and I have a spelt flour starter…if that works for you…at least this one is.

Also, I want to THANK YOU for your comments, although I feel absolutely terrible, because as much as I LOVE to hear from the people reading, I totally didn’t mean that you who do read are not important or that I don’t appreciate you. I was commenting to myself – in a very poor way, but I did have the luxury of knowing what I was thinking inside my head – about how brutal and sporadic my posting has been. I’m trying to have grace with myself because I know that I am in a different phase of life than I was a year ago and 6 months before that and the years before that, but I “like” to write things out, and to keep a record, and to be able to “craft” a post so that it’s funny or makes you think or something, and yet recently – it’s basically just been throwing words on paper, and not in a good way, and not very often, and that bothers me, and I know that I’ve lost some readers over the past year, and I blame that on my crappy and sporadic posting.

THANK YOU, seriously THANKS for your comments, but if I made you feel bad, then I APOLOGIZE, sincerely. I really do. Are we good? I hope so. Hugs, Kisses, loves all around.

Alright now, I’ve typed those last two paragrapghs with one hand because the baby was screaming himself silly – which for any of you who know him, that means he fussed two times – and so I nursed him to put him out of his misery and now he is almost sleeping and I gotta go and get some stuff done. Gotta make the most of my hands free time.

How About Some More Food…

….I know that’s what all 4 of you were desperately hoping to hear about….was more food, right?

Well, I’m gonna share about it anyway.

I’ve been working on making a sourdough bread starter with only flour and water….the first one I made didn’t work out too well….or something, BUT….

The second one I tried is going along FABULOUSLY…if I do say so myself.

I should probably take a picture, and I will tonight…of the 6 loaves of bread that I made this afternoon from 3 ingredients. FLOUR, WATER, and a pinch of SALT.

That is it. I’m thrilled. Seeing as natural sourdough bread is about $4 per loaf from the store, I have the means now to have delicious spelt or spelt/kamut bread whenever I want for next to nothing. The mix will always be a bit of spelt because I made the starter from spelt and so that is the base of it.

I currently have a swimming pool of starter sitting on my counter because I goofed up and read the recipe wrong and thought that I’d need 8 cups of starter for this one recipe that I have, and that I’d get 4 one pound loaves from that recipe, but no….it was 1 cup of starter and 8 cups of flour for 4 one pound loaves, and I doubled it and wsa able to make 6 one and a half pound loaves, but I have a TON of starter that I’m going to make into pizza shells to freeze so that we can make pizzas whever we want.

Pizza was actually the focus of this post, can’t you tell?

I actually made some pizza shells yesterday and we had pizza for dinner last night. It was SOOOO much fun and tasted SOOOOOOO good.

The recipe for the pizza shells called for the throw away starter oil, and flour. You basically mix 1.5 cups of the starter that you are not feeding (the throw away stuff) 1 Tablespoon of Oil and 1.5 cups of flour. I increased the starter and the flour to 2 cups and use a overflowing Tbsl of Oil, and made 8 personal small pizzas. I partially baked the shells and set them aside until dinner time (but you could totally freeze them, which is what I will be doing).

We cut up and prepared all the toppings. I made some chicken pinchos morunos (a spicy tapas Moorish dish), some farmer’s sausage, and some ham. Cut up some Yellow, Orange and Green peppers. Split some Kalamata Olives, and grated some cheese. I used a small can of tomatoe paste and filled it with herbs, and then with our pizza shells we were good to go.


We painted on some Olive Oil so that the shells wouldn’t get soggy.

Oiling Technique

Next came the tomatoe sauce….mmmmmmmm it’s looking good.

Tomato Sauce

Then we put the toppings on. I used the chicken with the pinchos spices and the kalamata olives, and I couldn’t wait to find out if it would taste as good in real life as it did in my head.

My Toppings

Can you see the little pile of cheese under my hand? We don’t eat Cow’s Milk, and so this is Sheep Cheese and it is DELICIOUS! WAY milder than goat cheese….it doesn’t taste so…so….well, it doens’t taste like you’re eating a goats tail – which in my opinion is NASTY!

Here is the gratuitous Family Smile shot…..don’t you just LOVE it….don’t we look like such a happy little group?

Making pizza's

Once we got all the ingredients on, into the oven they went. Here is Jeremy’s Pizza before the oven….He only threw on the two veggie pieces because we mae him and he grumbled about it the whole time….I guess in his mind pizza is meant to be ALL meat.

J's Pizza

Here we have Xani, completely enjoying her bite of pizza…eyes closed in the sheer rapture of the moment……

Xani enjoying

Even ‘Siah got in on the pizza action, although without the toppings, its more like a cracker or piece of bread than pizza.

Siah's Pizza

Here is a shot of THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA IN THE WORLD. Yup, it’s the one I made, and it was even better in real life than it was in my head. So, So SO good!

The MOST Delicious Pizza

I’ll definately be making this again. I think that the nicest part of this was that we could all have pizza. It didn’t cost us a fortune. There was nothing in the ingredients…in any of the ingredients that we couldn’t eat (no dairy, no sugar, no wheat…etc) and we had as much fun making the dinner (as a family) as we had eating it.

And, seeing as I have an overload of the starter, I’m going to be making up a bunch of the pizza shells and freezing them so we can use them whenever. YAH for quick, cheap meals.

I might talk a bit more about the whole Sourdough Starter tomorrow and why I’m even doing it, and show you if my 6 loaves of bread worked (or not) and then I think I’ll talk about some other stuff…not food related. (but i won’t forget about the spicy peanut noodle salad…I promise)

Alrighty, well. Siah is screaming his head off and as fun as that is to listen to, I guess that means that my computer time is finished for now.

ps. you can click on the pictures to taje you through to see the whole pizza set…if you want?

How About Some Potato Salad?

So today i whipped up some potato salad for dinner.

I had boiled some potatoes last night and hucked them in the fridge to cool. So, making up the salad was super easy.

This is not your typical potato salad. I didn’t use any egg….I know….horror, how can you possibly have a potato salad without egg in it…well, I did, and it still tastes delicious, sans egg.

Here is the picture that I took of the fabulous salad.

The ingredients for this salad are:

6-8 Red Potatoes
6 inches of a Daikon
1 Zuchinni
4-6 Green Onions
Dairy Free Mayo (approx 1/2 cup or so)
2 Tbsp or so of Dijon Mustard (heavy on the or so)
TONS of DILL (maybe 2 Tbsp or more)
2 Tbsp Relish

I woulda used plain pickles instead of relish, but I didn’t have any and so I used crappy not-health-food green sweet relish.

I didn’t have any celery on hand, and figured that the daikon would add the right amount of crunch as well as some tangy flavor. The zuchinni was for filler and I figured that it was healthy and once covered with mayo and dill would be unrecognizable. The Green Onions were a familiar flavor, and well…it wouldn’t be potato sald with out the potatoes.

I dumped everything into a bowl and once it was all stirred together, I used my potatoe masher to smoosh it together (I just mashed it a few times, just to moosh some of the potatoes) so it was a tad bit creamy.

Even Geli, liked it…Jeremy was my one hold out….he licked his finger that he touched to one potato, but oh well. For an eggless, celery less potato salad it was really delicious. Actually, it was just really delicious….I think that the only thing I might do differently next time is to actully use pickles, and to use a touch less mayo, but still…another big hit at our house.

So, next time you are wanting to make something…think outside the “normal box” and see what substitutes that you can use and still retain the idea of it all.

I did make a TON of crackers today, and they are also delicious. I should go and take a picture so i can share them with you as well.

Not that this is a food blog or anything.

Jon and I are headed into Vancouver tomorrow to spend the weekend at my In-Laws, and I’m looking forward to the change of pace that staying there brings…

I’m not at all packed or ready to go and so that chould make tomorrow morning a bit stressfull, but I’m jst gonna try to “flooooooow” with it. The kids are already packed and so that makes it a teeny tiny bit easier, because I just have to do Siah and myself, and all the food.

On that note, I think I’m gonna go and talk about our food for the weekend with Jon.

Talk to you soon.

Oh, do you have a favorite Potato Salad recipe that you could share? Or one that I could adapt to being dairy free….lemme know…or heck, even just any fun salad recipe….I’ve got a spicy peanut with rice noodle one that is AMAZING and the kids are asking for it so I will be making it sometimes soon…are you interested in the recipe for that one?

I Hate Feeling Useless…..

I’m not really certain how I’m doing right now.

I’m feeling like I’m at the end of my rope. We’ve had a bunch of stuff that we’ve been dealing with for a long time, now, and I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for far too long.

I feel like I just really need a break, and I have absolutely no idea when we are going to get one, and that in itself is really crushing.

I don’t just mean a vacation, but I mean a period of time when the stresses of life actually seems to catch up with life and we are able to live in a semi-stress free zone…… from squashing financial issues, free from communication issues, free from ADD/ADHD issues, free from dairy intolerance issues, free from……

It’s not even that I want to be free from those things, but just that they wouldn’t seem to be sitting so heavy on us and feeling like they are crushing us under their weight.

I keep trying to think about what I could do to change how I’m feeling right now, and I can’t come up with anything. I know that this post may have a few people contact me all worried, and I don’t know what to do about that.

I am feeling overwhelmed, but I don’t know that there is anything that you can do for me. I’m not opposed to having help, I just dont know what that “help” would look like. I hate that my house feels cluttered. I hate that my brain feels cluttered. I hate that there are things that I would like to do and I have neither the time, nor the energy, nor the means to make any of it happen….that leaves me feeling pretty freakin’ useless.


I really hope that this is just a phase or a “moment” and that this moment will pass sooner as oppsed to later. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

How about a subject change….just for fun?

I made this “Summer ‘Slaw” yesterday, and it was DELICIOUS! If I do say so myself, which I do.

It was very easy to make; and good for you, too.

Here is the list of ingredients:

2 fresh beets
1/4 head of purple cabbage
2 carrots
1 chunk of Daikon
2 Tbsp of Newman’s Own Dressing (the original oil and vinegar)

I chopped up the beets, carrots and daikon into 2-3 inch strips, and chopped up the purple cabbage into shredded pieces. Threw it all into a bowl and added approx. 2 Tbsp of Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, but really any oil and vinegar dressing would do. I will be making some as soon as I use up this bottle, but for now it was quick and easy to just dollop some on. Tossed everything and set it on the table.

The sweet of the beets is complimented by the tang of the Daikon and it’s just the perfect amount of crunch.

I had pulled out a small bowl and set aside some before I poured the dressing on – to appease Angelica and Jeremy who both seem to have some weird sauce thing going on, but seeing as the “weird sauce issue” probably came from me….I try to work with them…SOMETIMES! Other times, I just make them try it and choke down a few bites. Usually by the 4th time that I serve something, which means that they have to try one bite everytime…they’ve managed to overcome whatever issues they had in the first place…either that or they just give up on whining about it.

But regardless of my kids weirdnesses…..give this salad a try. It’s delicious and we’ll be definately be having it again sometime soon.

I also want to talk about the flour and water sourdough bread starter that I’ve managed to make, and how I should be enjoying fresh bread sometime very soon. And…how I used the starter that you throw away at each feeding to make some crackers for the kids and how those crackers are a HUGE hit. It fact ALL the crackers that I made last night are already gone…..but I gotta get the pics off my camera first….and I haven’t done that yet.

Oh well, I’m off to make some more crackers for tomorrow.

So, how are you doing? Do you have any good healthy salad or summer recipes that you love to make?