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dsc_0817HEY! How’re you doing?

Don’tcha hate it when life gets in the way of blogging?

Things are okay over here, but really freakin’ busy and I’ve just not had any “extra” time. I’ll be back soon….with pictures and stories and updates. Here’s a teaser until then…..

Talk to ya’ll soon.

One or the Other

So, we had Geli’s 12 Year Sleep Over Birthday Party last night. I was a bit apprehensive as she had initially invited 10 girls and last we had heard 6-8 were going to show up. I was expecting CHAOS and NOISE to rule in our house last night.

Instead, 3 little girls showed up and only one was “allowed” to sleep over as the other had to be at a family function early the next morning and the other little girl had been grounded. So, Geli and her friend were in bed and asleep by midnight and then woke up at 6:30am.

Jon and I have been geeking out and setting up our new 13 inch Macbook Pros. He’s geeking and I’m just along for the ride….right?

We went to bed shortly after midnight and it was then, that all the fun started.

Jeremy came crying and stumbling into our room, moaning that he was barfing. He vomited on the carpet, on the bathroom floor and then finally made it to the sink where he continued along his merry barfing ways. In between heaves, he managed to inform us that he had also christened the main bathroom sink as well.

OH JOY!!!!!

I hate barf. With everything in me…..I would rather wash the toilet than deal with barf, and if you know me at all – you will know that the germaphobe in me despises the toilet and all it’s germ infested bits. So, seeing as Jon was dealing with the “bulk” of the mess in our room – I headed to the main bathroom to clean out the sink. Serious nastiness as I had to scoop the crap out with my hands……and well….I’ll just stop there. It was awful.

We got everything cleaned up – it took a while – and got Jerermy back in his own bed. I really didn’t want him in mine if he was going to barf again, and I was sure that he was going to have another go at it all. I was wired at this point and sent a quick text off to twitter about it all….I was seriously awake. I lay in bed for a while and then Siah woke up……he nursed and nursed and nursed and all the while popping off and on as…..he has a runny nose and can’t breathe. OH SO MUCH FUN!!!!

After who knows how long, Jon finally took him to try and settle him down and well….lets just say that it didn’t go over too well. Then Jeremy woke up again with more barf and then Siah woke up again, and between the two of them they tag teamed the night away.

The most amazing part is that they were both actually asleep from about 6:30am until 8am. That was SOOOOO nice. Who’da ever thought that I’d be grateful for an hour and a half of sleep, eh?

And then….when we finally crawled our tired bodies outta bed – we realized that we had NO COFFEE. Isn’t that horrid? We did find enough for one cup of coffee each in the back of the freezer, but Jon had to make a quick Starbucks run….mmmmmm, Heavenly!

We were supposed to go and have a nice family brunch with my family today and I was really looking forward o being together with everyone, but didn’t feel that it was fair to take my sick kid and expose everyone else to his germy goodness. So, we stayed at home.


I really wanted to see my family, and we’ve been crazy busy. The forced down day today has been awesome. We just stayed in our jammies ALL DAY LONG. We’ve done absolutely nothing today. Watched a little hockey. Played on some computers. Fed the kids. And now, Jon is making dinner and then we are sending them all to bed.

I’m hoping that no one is sick tonight. I need a few straight hours of sleep. Mmmmmmmm, SLEEEEEEEEEP!


So, I got a few things that I could talk about and really I have NO idea where to start.

I had really high hopes that I might be able to post everyday this month, and here we are only a week in and I’ve already blown it.

It’s okay! I’m not too upset. I’ll get over it. It’s not really that big of a deal, and I’m not really sure why I’m so fixated on trying o accomlish this…..*shrugs*

I’ve put some pictures up over in Flickr….one Saturday we went to Graville Island. It’s always so much fun. You can click on the picture to see the whole set.


This particular picture is of Jeremy kissing Aunty Amy. Amy is Jonathan’s psuedo adopted sister. We love her dearly and she’s getting married in ONE MONTH. SOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!

We had a great afternoon hanging out with family and checking out the little shops and taking pictures. It was a great day.

You can also check out this set of pictures that I took on that most fabulous sunny day. The kids were DESPERATE to play outside in the sun and they wanted to play on the slip ‘n slide. Again, just click on the picture to click through to see the whole set.

Siah & the Hose

I’ve already gone on and on about the sun and sadly…there isno sun out today and that SUCKS!

Add into the mix that Jon and I are supposed to be going on our “lunch date” today, but he is barfing because he ate some samosas that I told him to not eat because I thought they would have gone bad and he “pooh poohed” me and well…..he’s barfing. So, that wrecks my day. Thanks so much, darling.

You can also check out the pics over here on Chris’s side of the world and well….if you were feeling so inclined or helpful or whatever…….you could help us out….Think about it? Huh. Huh. Please?!?

I’ve got to get ready for Geli’s 12 birthday party – a sleepover with a few of her school friends…..AAAAAAAAKKKKKK!

And actually, Geli has been practising for MONTHS for a musical that she’s in.

Her school is putting on BEAUTY and The Beast and we went and saw it last night. She did such a good job – she’s a knife – and I loved watching her be apart of something as BIG and FUN as this. It was an absolute blast. She had 13 people from our family out to watch her last night and tonight another 8 are going. She feels special and I hope that tonight goes really REALLY well.
Here are two pics of her in her maid costume after the spell has been broken and they are all “Human Again!” They are crappy pics because I dind’t have my camera – only my phone….

Geli the Maid

Geli in her costume

I do have a few things that I have to do today and so I can’t hang around here all day – much as I’d like to just chill and relax. Duty calls.

So, happy clicking!

Shine Down on Me


Today was a glorious, GLORIOUS day!

Can you tell that I’m running on a sunshine high?

It’s been SOOOOO LONG since I’ve felt as good as I did today. Which is funny because I actually felt pretty cruddy today. I woke up…well, lets back up a few hours. Jeremy woke up at 4isham and then Siah woke up at 4:30am and Jon took Jer back to his bed while I nursed Siah and then he rocked Siah for a minute and put him in his bed…..not sure what the problem was, but Siah PUKED! Nothing wrong at all….maybe just a burp or he coughed or something. I dunno!

I figured we were up for the day, but again…I was wrong. We all went back to sleep and slept until after 7am.

I woke up with a wicked headache and after chasing it with 600mg of Ibuprophen and then some Robaxacet…..coupled with coffee and water and finally some pressure point thing……I finally had a few hours of relief. I think it’s “monthly” and we’ll just leave it at that.

Siah went to sleep at 11:30am and ended up sleeping for 2 hours. It was amazing. I’m not sure what’s going in with him. It’s absolutely AMAZING. He’s just potty trained and then just this last week he started staying dry ALL NIGHT and sleeping through the night. (Sleeping through -in my mind – is going down at 8pm and waking up after 5am only to nurse and then sleep again until after 7am) Only as recently as a few weeks ago, he was up several times a night….and so this is heavenly. He’s also just started having a BIG afternoon nap instead of a piddly little nap. I’m just loving it.

So, after Siah woke up, it started to get a bit warm in the house and we opened up ALL the windows and let some fresh air in and I honestly felt like a part of me was waking up from the dead. I know that I struggle over the winter and I fight and fight and fight to stay on top of it all, but I’m always so amazed at how FABULOUS I feel when I get even just a bit of sunshine in my life.

I got a bunch of stuff accomplished, today and I, well…..I just feel happy. And this is a good thing……..a very VERY good thing.

The sun was shining in through the window today and this corner of my front room just look so cheerful and happy and so I had to take a picture of it as it did a pretty good job of reflecting how I felt about today.


Little Bit of Housekeeping

So, have ya noticed anything different around here….?

I’ve been fiddling with this and that and well…..TADAH!!!!!!! Doens’t it look amazing?

Actually, there is nothing really different looking, but I’ve just added something and tweaked another.

Over on the left hand side….over…over…..over…..yup, right there…..at the top of the left side column you can now see a “What’s Up” section. I’m a lemming. (hangs head in shame) I’ve joined “Twitter” and well, I can post all the amazingly humerous things that happen moment by moment in my life and share them with you. Aren’t you so excited? Now, I’m just waiting for some of those amazing things to start to happen…..would help, wouldn’t it?

Also, I’ve added in a WHOLE bunch more blogs into the Good Read’s section that you can find just under the What’s Up section….yup, ooooooover and doooooowwwwwwn. Yup, right there…….BUT….I really didn’t like the messy look of the WHOLE LIST RUNNING ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SIDE ALL MESSY LIKE and so……if you hit refresh – you should get a different 5 links come up every time. WOO HOO! Pretty exciting, eh? Now you just never know who you can pop past and visit when you come over here.

So, here is where you all come in….while you’re clicking around and checking things out…if you come across anything that’s not working properly….just let me know so that I can make sure that it all works the way it’s supposed to. I think it’s all good, but there’s always something that ya miss, right?

How’s your weekend gone? Mine’s been pretty good. Busy, but good! Looking forward to another week…..hoping for good things – always hoping for good things, eh?

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

My baby, my first-born is turning 12 years old today.

It’s hard to believe that the little person who made me a mom for the very first time is celebrating her 12th birthday.



Geli – 2006

I wish I had more pics to show you, cause she was such a cute kid, but I’m not going to go and scan a whole bunch of the pics that aren’t on the computer ’cause….well……I’m not. She did go through a bit of an awkward stage, but she’s come through it nicely. I look at her and am amazed at who and what she’s becoming.

Even 6 months ago, she was still such a little child. She was selfish and self centered and frankly, I was worried.

But, somehow all our conversation and love and time has come together and she’s changed into this beautiful young woman……inside and out. She is caring and compassionate and responsible. I never thought I’d use those words about her 6 months ago, and not that she’s perfect, but the change is amazing.

She is an excellent student and so smart and well……I could just go on and on and on…….

Geli BW 5

Geli – 2007

She is different than what I expected….in so many ways. She loves sports…LOVES SPORTS…and would rather have a baseball glove over an iPod…..weird!?! (I asked her this morning.) She loves to play hard and hates frilly stuff of any kind….to try to get her in a dress is hell, but she does like to look nice…..so trying to find “that” balance……is……is…..trying….at the best of times. She has a style “ALL HER OWN” and it’s pretty cute – if I do say so myself!


Geli – 2008

She is communicating now so much better than she ever was, and we are actually talking about “all those gross girl things”. In fact, we just sat down the other day and shaved our legs together……weird, to think that I’m shaving my legs with my daughter now. I remember the first time I shaved my legs. She’s growing up, and I’m loving it!


Geli – 2009

I’m not saying that I want her to grow up faster than she should, but I want to encourage her to think and explore and grow and develop all within the safety of our love. I want her to learn to make “choices” and to realize that every one of those choices has a “consequence”. I want her to think though those consequences and determine if her choices are worth the consequences. I want to teach her how to make the choices that will positively effect both her and those around her.

I think that she’s starting to understand. Obviously, it’s a work in progress….aren’t we all? But I’m so proud of her and of who she’s become in these first 12 years, that I am confident she’ll do well over the next 12.

I love you, sweet girl.

I hope you have the best day at your Beauty and the Beast Musical Practise at school today. What a way to spend your birthday…..good thing that we are not all stuck on the actual day.

We celebrate for as long as it takes to get it all done…..and really, isn’t that how it should be?

Looking on the Positive Side of Things

So, I am at home today.

I was supposed to be going into the office today, but with Siah feeling so poorly yesterday, we decided to give him an extra day to rest before throwing him back out into the world of viruses, germs and sick people who like to share.

I LOVE what we are doing and woul love to be going in to work today, BUT Jon had an appointment that was important and so he is going in todayand I am staying home with the boy.

I could be all sorts of bummed because I don’t get to “go and have fun”, but…..I’m spinning this whole situation for my benefit!

I “get” to stay home today. I “get” to have a quiet day without 2 hours in the car or without trying to rush around. I “get” to cuddle with Siah in his special “rocky chair” and to put him down in his own crib. I ” get” to have a great day. i can pick up around the house and take it easy and get a few work things done….great thing about being able to do admin stuff remotely.

This is going to be a great day.

I’m choosing to focus on the positive which can only help me. If I choose to focus on all I’m missing out on…..I will be a miserable person at the end of the day. That doen’st just suck for those who have to be around me….that’s hard for me too.

So, I make a CHOICE….I choose to have a good day and be happy about it.

What have you had to make positive choices about recently? How has it worked out for you?

The Early Morning Edition

Siah woke up at 5:30am this morning fussing a llittle. When I went in to get him – He had a fever.


So there is a good chance that he was starting to feel cruddy yesterday and that would explain why he was extra fussy the WHOLE WAY in the car, both on the trip in and out of town. It would also explain why, when I would pick him up to walk across the breezeway to the toilets that he wouldl ay his head down on my shoulder……both of those things are not normal for Siah. Both are within normal range for one and half year old toddlers, but not normal for Siah.

So, we snugled and nursed and just when he finally fell back asleep…..he rolled over and then……..BARFED. All over the bed.

Well, it was time to change the sheets, anyway, and really…..6am is the perfect sheet changing time, if you ask me?

So, at that point I figured that we were up for the day, but apparently sick is SICK and he laiddown beside me as we fell asleep for 45 mins….then he woke up and barfed again….because nothing says Good Morning, like a chest full of barf.

He’s been lethargic and feverish and I’ve only just been able to get him into his bed. I’m hoping that he feels better soon.

I’m not sure if it’s just the flu or if it’s something else…he’s not coughing or snotting or any of the “normal” fever things….

So, if you pray….can you pray for us?


What was with today?

I was at the office today, and well….it wasn’t that it was a bad day – per se – it just wasn’t a good day.

Siah must have needed to pee every 10 minutes and he’d go, but half the time he had already started to go in his pants, and really, I think that the little dude is backed up and just holding it all in.

He still hadn’t “gone” as of bedtime tonight and so I wonder how much fun we are in for tomorrow.

He’s been doing so well, so today was totally unexpected, and slightly inexplicable.

Thankfully, we are home tomorrow and hopefully a slow, quiet day at home half naked will be just the thing he needs to get back on track….I mean seriously – Doesn’t that sound the like perfect way to spend your day?

Okay, maybe not or maybe?????

Anyway, I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I need a down day. I really like my Thursday’s. I don’t have to go anywhere and I can just pick up around the house (okay, not my favorite – I’ll admit) or I can just hang out and relax.

It’s such a necessary thing when our lives seem to be flying as fast as they have been.

Jeremy’s having a rough go of it. We have an appt. booked with the pediatrician for Friday. Fortunately it was made forever ago, and it couldn’t come at a better time. He’s had a really rough week. He’s not eating very much. He’s not sleeping well, and he’s so tired and looks HORRIBLE.

The dark circles under his eyes are brutal. And when we comes out of his room 2 hours after bedtime, crying his eyes out and saying that he’s so tired that he just wants to go to sleep….something has to happen.

He lost it tonight. Nothing was going right, and everything set off the tears. At one point, Jon asked him to rate his frustration level outta 10 – he said it was a 6 out of 10. then Jon asked him about his tired level….he rated that at a 9 out of 10. Poor baby!

I can’t wait until the Dr.s Appt on Friday. I don’t know what to do. It’s so hard to watch your sweet little boy hurt and to not know what to do to help.

I hate that.


No, it’s not fluke. We’ve had maybe one accident per day, but other than that Siah’s been dry and using the potty. I’ve used a diaper for one nap, and other than that….only night times. It’s hard to believe that this baby diaper stage is over. Wow!


I’m totally frustrated with my computer. I have 22 lines on the screen and it it so freaking slow that I almost walked away from it tonight. It’s taking FOREVER for any page to load and I’m not really sure what’s going on. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on, Baby! Just give a bit longer.


I did all the laundry in my house, made bean soup from dry beans (It was amazing. Siah had 3 bowls – that’s not normal) and I managed to vacuum my carpets. Now, I just need to take a shower and I can call it a day.


It’s raining and I’m cold and I think I’m going to start my period soon, but I’m not really sure. Nursing kind of throws my cycle outta wack. I’m sure any guy readers were just dying to know that….You’re welcome!


Going into Vancouver tomorrow and I’m dreading the drive. Already. Silly, Silly Me!


I just listened to myself talk on CD for 25 minutes and well….what I sound like in my head is WAAAAAAAYYYYY cooler than that. I really don’t like my voice and I say, “Um” a lot.


Yesterday we were having lunch and Geli asks for a word that rhymes with hat – the kids start listing off words and Jeremy throws a few suggestions out there and then says, “shat”….and it took all that Jon and I had in us to not start laughing our heads off.


Then later that night Jeremy wanted to do something and Jon had said no and I was backing Jon up and so Jeremy was not getting what he wanted. So he told me that he was so angry…..f.u.c.k.i.n.g…..yah, he spelled it out for me – just like that…. I told him that was not cool and he says to me, “What? I didn’t say it or anything?” Yah, well son, you thought it and so it’s just the same thing…..little boy!!!!!! MAN!!!!


My sister came out to see me today. It was so nice to talk with her. It’s been WAY TOO LONG and I’ve missed her so much. We need to do something soon. LOVE YOU!


Siah has slept through the night two nights in a row and I’m hoping he pulls a third. I could really use the extra sleep……although last night I was awake at 4am for no good reason. Just habit, I guess?


I think I’m gonna go and talk that shower now and head to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow to get things ready for a long day. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to talk about tomorrow.