Just Clicking Away

I keep clicking over here and looking at this page and then clicking away as I’m not really sure what to say.

I went to see Geli at her Track & Field Day today….

So Proud of Her...

She was in high jump and discus throw, but we could only stay and see her do the high jump and well, she had two tries and didn’t make the lowest attempt, but I would say that 90% of the girls trying didn’t even clear the pads never mind the bar and so they were definitely weeding out the riff raff right off the bat.

I had this whole post in my head about how the “middle school PONG” was so bloody strong at the stadium, that you would have thought that it was an enclosed space. WOW! I can’t even fathom helping out at the school if the open air stadium smelled that bad. I do realize that it was a hot sunny day and that the majority of these kids are full on hitting puberty and also have no working knowledge of either deodorant or showers, but seriously….I was truly amazed at the stench that sat like fog in that place. It was UNBELIEVABLE!

Click on the picture to see some other shots from the event.

Then Jon and I headed out to our weekly Sushi Date. This is pretty much our only “protected” time of the week. Pretty much NOTHING messes with out one hour Thursday Sushi Date.

Siah was too cute. He loves coming with us and we love having him While it’s not the same as a NO CHILD date, it’s still pretty awesome.

Tea Time

We are going into Vancouver tomorrow to look at a bunch of town homes and one house in the hopes of finding something within our price range to be able to move into this summer.

I’m equally excited and terrified and annoyed and worn out. It’s an awesome ball of emotions and probably what’s wearing me completely out right now.

And that is why I keep coming here, wanting to post, but clicking away. I don’t know what to say and like this post shows…..I feel like I’m just verbally diarrhea-ing on you all. I LOVE this place. It’s MY PLACE. It’s my place to talk and chat and emote and I feel so tapped out that I’m not even sure what to talk about or chat about or even to emote about.

I have pictures lined up in iPhoto that I need to upload, and now it feels like they are so old that what is the point….I think that all the travel and uncertainty are just really wearing on me.

I need to get settled and we are working on that. This has just been a very loooooooong year with a freakload of commuting and well….I’m tired.

Is it summer, yet? I need a vacation.

I’d love a child free vacation, but I’m still nursing and so that’s a ways off yet.

That’s a whole ‘nuther post….if I could ever get enough emotional energy to write about. Yes, I am extended nursing. And I realize that Siah is at the age were others think that he (and I) should just stop and well….I’m not planning to yet. I am expecting the comments to start any time now and realize that there are some who are not commenting, but are sure thinking their comments and while I’d love to say that I don’t really care. It’s not the truth. I don’t like to be judged. I try desperately hard to not judge and I’d rather talk about “why” I can chose to make this decision for my son and myself and my family and that we could agree to be different.

But..it’s a big long topic and one I’m not going to try and deal with today. Maybe another day….soon????

I’d also like to talk about working outside of the home. Again, another day…

Also, moving into Vancouver…..BIG FREAKIN’ ISSUE……and terribly expensive and so against what we want in our lives and yet so much a part of what we want in our lives…..and once again…that freaking dichotomy……..

Also, Jeremy….he is at least a few posts in and off himself……oh man…

Well, I’m gonna sign off and hope for better things tomorrow.

ps. Can I just say that after using my father-in-laws camera, I HATE my stupid little camera. I LOVE his Nikon D90 and when we have a spare $grand+ kicking around I’d love to get one.

Heavy Loss and Loss of Heavy

I should have updated on Saturday, but somehow it’s Monday now……..

How did that happen?

I lost a bunch of weight this past week. I think that the biggest culprit of the weight gain was not in fact the wedding food, but it was “that time of the month”.

I was down 3.8 pounds. And now, I am currently 188.2 pounds….or at least I was on Saturday.

So, the whole weight loss thing seems that it’s going “okay” for me. My sister is getting married in a month and while I’d love to be down to 180lbs….I’ll just be happy if I’m under 185lbs. Baby steps, people…..it’s called setting realistic goals so that if things don’t work out the way I “hope” then I’m not too, terribly disappointed.

One thing that was AMAZING….if you’re a guy or just don’t like to talk about “female” things, then you should just stop right here and be on your merry way……I’ve warned you!

When I originally started seeing the naturopath about all the losses I’d had, she put me on a whole bunch of stuff, but one of the things was a tea.

I LOVED the flavour of the tea and what she told me was that it was a tea that helped with “female health” and reproductive organs and energy and that well, it was just pretty darn good stuff.

I took it for two months and then got pregnant and stopped drinking it. During that time I went from a long 35 day cycle to a 29 day cycle and went from bleeding like I was a stuck pig for an entire week to what I would assume (from what I’ve read) is a normal or normal-ish length and flow for all that fun time of the month stuff…..you know average flow for 4-6 days.

I figured that the naturopath had worked her magic and that was the reason for my “normalcy” finally after my entire life of being….well……grossly not normal…

I found a recipe for some tea online and wondered if this was the tea that had been given to me back then. It sounded similar. I picked up the different ingredients and mixed the magic potion up and made myself a pot of loose leaf tea. As it was sitting and brewing, I smelled it and it smelled exactly like I remembered. After it had sat for a while……I had a cup and YUUUUUUMMMMMMMY!

It was the exact tea.

I was thrilled. I could make it anytime I liked and for WAY cheaper than I had bought it through the naturopath.

I had wondered if it would help at all with how I’d been feeling which was tired and a bit worn out and also if it would help with the “overwhelming time of the month” situation.

I did feel a bit less tired and like I had more energy, but there was absolutely NO difference in the length of my cycle. In fact, nursing is still messing that whole thing up and I was actually 43 days in between cycles. But, OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! the difference it made in the amount of it all.

I actually felt “normal” again….not “my normal”, but what you read in books and on the internet and hear from the dr that should be normal. I was normal. It wasn’t overwhelming…It was, quite frankly, amazing.

I know that amazing is not something that you typically read about the whole time of the month thing, but honestly….this month was amazing. And all I did differently was to drink some delicious tasting tea. I’m so excited.

If you click on the links below, you can read about the benefits that you can get from the ingredients. This stuff is pretty darn good for you.

Mama’s Brew Tea (but you don’t have to be a mama to drink this stuff)

8 parts Red Raspberry Leaves
3 parts Peppermint Leaves
3 parts Alfalfa herb
2 parts Nettle Leaf

I use tablespoons to measure it out into a glass container, and then mix it all around. I store it inside a dark cupboard in the kitchen.

I use 1 tsp of the mixed tea to 1 cup of water.

I actually make 2 litres (8 cups) at a time. I’ll have a cup and store the rest of it in my fridge. I just pour out a cup into a pot to heat it up. (I don’t have a microwave) Supposedly the microwaves actually breaks down some of the nutritional value.

I’ve made it two ways….

1) In a pot on the stove. I’ve put in 2L of water into a pot and then 3 TBLSP of the tea let it come to a boil and then let it steep for 10 minutes.

2) I boil 2L of water in my kettle and then put 3 TBLSP of the tea into a pitcher and when the water has boiled, then I pour the water into the pitcher, stir the tea around and let it steep for 10 minutes.

After it has steeped for 10 minutes, then you can strain the leaves out (I use a mini-strainer) and then it’s good to enjoy.

Some people like to add honey to it, but I just like it plain. It’s delicious as both a hot and cold tea.

You should be able to get the ingredients at your local heath food store. None of them are difficult to obtain.

If you decide to try it out….let me know what you think and if it helps you at all.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

No, I’m not actually going to talk about hair or shampoo or anything like that, but really what was running through my mind was the stupid whine that seems to be on a looping track these days.

I’m so tired. We’re running around crazy busy. I never seem to have time or energy to do things that I like to do. We are commuting too many hours in a week. When will we buy a place in the BIG CITY? Will we actually be able to get a place in the BIG CITY? Whine! Whine! Whine! Moan! Moan! Moan! Snivel! Snivel! Snivel! and all that crap….

It seems to be all I’m saying these days, and I’m thinking that you have got to be at the very least as sick of hearing about it, as I am sick of whining about it.

And so….I’m gonna talk about something else.

I wanna talk about LOVE! Yup, Love.

See, I’ve been mulling a whole concept of “Unconditional Love” over and over and over in my brain….about as much as I’ve been whining about it, and so you know it’s quite a bit.

The concept of loving unconditionally in your life takes a RADICAL SHIFT of thinking….at least it does in mine.

Especially in the area of parenting.

You see, Since we became parents……12-13 years ago – we’ve done this sllllliiiiiide from one type of parenting to this whole completely different kind of parenting.

Before we were all about control. Control your children so that you can train them properly and then you’ll have good kids. Yell at them when they get outta line, spank them (it’s how we were raised), if they disobey, make sure that the punishment is so severe that they never want to even contemplate doing that thing again. And make sure that they know who is the boss….if they don’t respect you as being in control, then you’ve lost all hope of ever having a good kid…..

There was a lot of fear that we might “mess up” and somehow our kids would be wrecked or ruined and then it would all be our fault and we’d be these horrible bad parents and “Woe is us! We wrecked our kids! There is no hope for us or them!”

I know that’s a bit of an overkill reaction, but it’s kinda what we felt like.

Slowly……OH. SO. SLOWLY……there were aspects of that type of thinking that just didn’t sit well with us and we started to institute slow, tiny, itty-bitty, baby steps of changes. I think the first change was that we decided to not spank our kids any more. Not that we don’t believe that there shouldn’t be consistent discipline or that there shouldn’t be consequences for choices made, both positive and negative…..but we just didn’t see that “we” could justify “hitting” our children in anger or love or really for any reason. I never wanted to see the kids flinch when we raised our hands to them. We don’t want to see them shrink into a shell of themselves when a voice is raised at them. We don’t want their concept of us to be an angry, yelling, hurtful parent who is disappointed when they mess up and is only happy and approving when they “get it right”. We don’t want their concept to be that if they are “good” then we are happy and accepting; and if they are “bad” then we reject them until they “get it all together”.

We want to love our children and to be a safe place for them to grow and develop and to stretch their “wings”. We want them to RUN TO US not only when things are good, but especially when things are bad. We want for their concept of us to be that we love and accept them for WHO they are and not for what they DO. They can’t win or lose our love. Our love is UNCONDITIONAL…..is it FOREVER. We love them because they are our children. We just love them.

When we love unconditionally, we just accept that there are hard times and better times. There are things that they need to learn, and what better place to learn those things than within the boundaries of our love.

The whole unconditional love concept doesn’t mean that I just let my kids run wild and do whatever they want, and I just say….well, my love will make up for all the rude destructive behaviour and one day they’ll grow up to be productive successful contributing members of society. Nope! I’m still responsible to train these little ones. I’m more responsible the younger they area and as they grow older, my responsibilty for them lessens until they are confidently standing on their own and then I’m just their if they need me and ask for my help or advice.

But for now….they can learn through choices and consequences. Life is made up of choices and consequences and just about everything that we do in life is either a choice or a consequence. I can choose to speed, but I have to accept that if I speed, the consequence could be a $150 ticket at the least OR I could kill someone at the worst. Learning to make positive choices, means that I don’t want to kil anyone and so I choose to NOT speed because I don’t even want to deal with that consequence…..

But the whole idea of choices and consequences means that I don’t have to yell anymore….not that i’m not human and sometimes I go further than I can handle and then I get to apologize to my kids for yelling. I mean, if I want them to be respectful to me and to each other, do I not offer them respect as well. Lead by example, right? But take tonight for example…..we’ve talked about not yelling at each other. Talk respectfully. Treat each other the way that you’d want to be treated. But, tonight….that one didn’t go over so well.

The kids were helping to tidy the house and Xandra and Jeremy started to get a little frustrated at each other and instead of asking us for help with their dilemma or figuring out a way to communicate their needs and wants…it dissolved fairly quickly into Xandra screaming in a fit of rage that she “WASN’T SCREAMING AT YOU?” And so calmly I told them both to go to their rooms and get their jammies on as it was time for them to go to bed.

They dissolved into a sobbing mess, neither wanting to go to their rooms, but both heading their all the while crying about how sorry they were that they were yelling and that they wanted to stay up and help.

I calmly explained that I wasn’t angry, but that the consequence for screaming at each other disrespectfully was that their time helping in the family was over and they could just go to sleep. Xandra handled it a bit better than Jeremy and got her jammies on and piled into bed. Jeremy was a bit more upset and that’s normal as his brain doesn’t always grasp the situation quite the same way as the girls due to his own personal sturggles.

Just because he struggles doesn’t mean that he gets away with it. He still has to deal with the consequences that his choices bring to him. That’s life…that’s what life brings…that’s what he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. It’s better that the learn that now, where it’s safe within our love as opposed to learning it when he steps out on his own…..that would not be loving of us to just “set him loose to figure it out on his own”, would it?

And so, I went back to their rooms, and hugged them and explained how the situation could have gone differently. There are several different scenarios that they could have chosen, but their choice was to try and control the situation by force. In effect, they were beating each other with their words and their volume….not cool! They did “get it” and they went to bed. In case you were wondering, it was 7:30pm and by the time all was said and done and their lights were turned out it was 8pm, so it’s not like I sent them to bed at 5pm…

But the big thing….once upon a time….I would have yelled….and possibly screamed at them to exert my control and force over the situation. I would have used my words and volume to try and force them to do what I wanted. They have learned from me, and it’s going to take time to help them “un-learn” that way of dealing with situations. Fortunately, I have that time and I’m willing to take the time to help them learn new ways of dealing with different situations that come up.

My kids are still expected to be respectful of people and things. They are not allowed to just run wild. BUT…….I want them to know that above all else, they are loved and that they are loved because they are my children, and not because they are “doing” it right. I believe in them. I want the best for them. I will be cheering them on ans they make great decisions, and I will be here with open arms when they make choices that negatively affect them or those around them. I WILL LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY!

A “No ‘Poo” Update

There are some out there who will understand my title and others who won’t, and that’s okay…it’ll all become clear very quickly.

I got an e-mail today from someone who came across my blog because she was looking into something that I was looking into over a year ago.

There are a few things that we started over a year ago and I’ve actually been thinking about the fact that we’ve made some pretty radical changes in our life style over the past few years and really…..it’s all been good. I’ll try and update on a few more things in some upcoming posts.

But, to talk about the whole no shampoo deal……

Just over a year ago, we ditched shampoo and really have never looked back.

The whole baking soda thing really actually does work.

I still don’t use the apple cider vinegar to rinse with, but from time to time Jon will. The difference between the two of us is that I have absolutely straight thin hair and Jon has thick and amazing curly hair. He figures that it helps him and I really don’t think it does anything for me.

In the past year, I did buy one bottle of some all natural non SLS shampoo, but other than that…it has been baking soda and water.

Even the kids have adapted and they would probably be my only gripe, and really – it’s not the baking soda as much as it is a “user error.” The 12 year old has hit puberty and has the nasty greasy hair to show for it. When she does a crap job of scrubbing then she walks outta the shower with hair that is just as greasy as when she waltzed in. The other gripe, is that the 10 year old has sometimes come out of the shower with a HUGE clump of the baking soda that was not scrubbed in properly and never got rinsed out well and so it’s just sitting in her hair and if left there, it can be quite irritating – not to mention terribly ugly.

For the 8 year old boy and the baby, mostly we just use water on their hair…and the 8 year old probably gets his hair scrubbed with the baking soda about once a month.

I believe that the scrubbing is the kicker. You’ve got to scrub the baking soda in and around very well in order for it to do a good job of cleaning.

We are still using this method a year later and I don’t see us quitting anytime soon.

But, how is my hair – you ask???

It’s fabulous. Really. Not that I’m bragging, but I feel like my hair is WAY healthier that it was before. I can go longer in between shampoos. I probably wash my hair twice a week. It just doesn’t get as greasy. It feels soft and is manageable, and I think that it has more body because there is less “gunk” weighing it down.

I am thrilled that I gave this method a shot. It has been SO worth it for us. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s healthy and it’s amazingly cost effective.

One thing that I haven’t totally figured out is how to store it and use it in the bathroom, in a pretty way. Right now the box sits on our counter or in our vanity and we bring out a small measuring cup and take some into the shower with us. I am looking for a nice container that I’d be able to leave sitting on the edge of the tub and just be able to either spoon out or shake out or………..I dunno something.

We actually left a box sitting just outside the shower, but it got some moisture in it and the baking soda got clumpy. So, I’m just gonna just throw it out there and ask if anyone has any ideas of what I could use to store the baking soda in the bathroom and preferably in the shower but that would still look nice.


Anyone out there tried this? What were/are your thoughts? Did it work for you? Lemme know.

ps….I have a 40% off sale on all the jewelery in my store and it’s on until the end of May – just in case you were interested in picking up a little something for a little less.

More Ripples….

I don’t know if you remember, but fairly recently, I talked about how trauma can have some long term affects.

I was saddened and disappointed to see yet another wave rippling through the family this past weekend.

In some ways it’s a good thing (I’ll get to that) and yet it’s still so hard to see those you love hurting.

When we lost Nathaniel, each of us grieved very differently. I worried about Angelica the most through those sad, dark days because where Xandra was open and expressive with her grief – Geli really didn’t say too much. Yes, she cried (we all cried). Yes, she asked questions. Yes, she hugged and needed hugs; but there was a huge part of her that was quiet. It felt like she was grieving from about 20 percent of herself and that she had closed off and turned inside the rest of herself.

I knew that eventually she would talk and share and that as long as we kept the lines of communication open that she would eventually work through what she needed to work through.

Last week, Xandra was in my room and we were getting ready for the day and she sat down on my bed and said, “I really miss Nathaniel. It’s funny, mom. How can I miss someone that I never knew?” Man, that little girl has some deep, DEEP thoughts swirling around in side of her.

I said that I missed him, too. Then we talked about how she misses the idea of him. That she had already had a little brother and that she knows what it is to have a little brother and now with Siah being a baby – it makes that loss even more tangible as he can represent the baby brother that we didn’t get to have. Just like she always has, she grieved deeply and then rebounded and headed on her way to finish getting ready for the day.

I wondered what had reminded her of Nathaniel, as there hadn’t really been anything that stood out…..and then just like her – I let it go and continued to get ready.

Geli came into see me yesterday as we were trying to get ready for church. She put a project that she had been working on early this year onto my bathroom counter. They had to draw a self portrait and then write a poem about herself. One half of their face was a literal drawing and the other half was to be more symbolic. She did a great job of the project and got 100% on it.

I was quite surprised to see the poem, though, and will copy it here for you. It is probably the most open and honest that she’s been and there is a good chance that I’ll get her to work through her emotions this way a bit more in the future. This also explains a bit more about her, because she’s been holding all of this inside. It’s a HUGE LOAD for a little girl to be carrying and I was so happy to read the poem because it enabled us to have a really good talk about her emotions and feelings and fears. I was also so saddened by the poem because she has been carrying all this inside even though I’ve tried repeatedly to talk to her about Nathaniel and how it all affects her. It’s hard to think that she’s been scared for the past 4 years. That just hurts so bad. I wish I could take that pain and fear away and I know that I can’t and I also know that how she deals with all of this will help to define her as a person. I just hate to see my babies hurting.

Happy but Sad

I am happy but sad
I wonder how people live and die
I hear my brother talking to me
I see my brother walking to me after school
I want my brother who died
I am happy but sad

I pretend I still have my brother
I feel my brother sitting on my lap
I touch my brother
I worry that another sibling will die
I cry when I remember my brother, Nathaniel
I am happy but sad

I understand that things happen
I say I’m fine……but….
I dream about my brother
I try not to think of Nathaniel too much
I hope that my other siblings will not die
I am happy but sad.

By Angelica
Age 11

Winter/Spring 2009

In the first paragraph she’s talking about Jeremy and Siah and Nathaiel…she not crazy and seeing Nathaniel…..just wanted to clear that up.

The line about hoping that none of the other brothers or sisters die…that one just gets me in the gut. I don’t want them to die either and I have these tiny little moments of irrational fear sometime. Mostly for Siah and then I have to go in and check on him to make sure that he’s still breathing. I hate that about myself. But, for the most part, I know that I cannot keep my kids from dying and I also know that I would survive and that I would carry on. I hate even thinking about that, and even more, I hate that I know that.

But, these are just the ripples of Nathaniel’s death still spreading out and touching us. I’m thankful that it’s not as intense as the early days, nor does it hit quite so hard as it did initially, but it still hurts…..for all of us.

Shrimp Fettuccine

Well, I had my first weigh in yesterday.

And the damage……..

I lost 4.4 pounds. That brings me from 194 lbs to 189.6 lbs…..officially leaving the 190’s, even if only by a smidge.

YAAAAHHHHH! I’m so excited. I managed to stay within my points allowance for each day and with the extra “flex” points that you get each week, I went out for my weekly date with Jon – for sushi.

We’ve been trying to figure out some fun meals that fit within the points per day, AND….that also fit within the lifestyle and diet that we’ve chosen.

In some ways, it’s a little more difficult to eat the way that we do and do Weight Watchers…only because some of the more “natural” things cost more points than a sugar free chocolate bar or things like goat cheese have a higher fat count than regular cow cheese and I’ve not yet come across a low fat or fat free goat cheese. There might actually be some out there, but I’m just happy that I’ve been able to find decent goat cheese, in the first place.

This past Friday night I was at a bachelorette party and we ate a a great little restaurant. I was thrilled because they had a spinach and goat cheese salad with strawberries and a vinaigrette dressing. It fit perfectly within the points that I had left over for that day and so I ordered it and it was okay….I was surprised that the goat cheese had no flavor – which is amusing considering that I typically think that goat cheese is a little too strong. So, my tastes must be adjusting.

Two of the girls in the party ordered a seafood pasta with cream sauce and it looked heavenly. I was SO JEALOUS….and desperately wished that I could even just try it, BUT…..I keep telling myself that…….

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!

And, I made it through the dinner and then all was well.

So ever since then I’ve had a hankerin’ for some sort of creamy shrimp pasta.

I picked up some shrimp on Saturday and some rice fettuccine.

I did vary a little from our diet in that I also picked up some fat-free cream cheese. Now I know that it has dairy in it, but it’s just a little cheat, right?

I made the cream sauce from

1/4 cup of Fat-Free Cream Cheese
1 Tblsp of Vinegar
1 Tblsp of Soy Sauce
1/4 cup of onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp of oregano
1/4 tsp of cayenne
salt and pepper to taste

I added in 2 1/2 cups of shrimp and cooked it all up.

It tastes AMAZING!

I boiled up a package of Brown Rice Fettuccine and then when it was done cooking I threw in a bunch of asparagus with the tips removed and then broken in half. There was probably 3/4 cup of asparagus in total….I’d probably double that next time and believe me THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!

I threw the asparagus in with the sauce just to heat it up but left it crunchy. YUM.


Shrimp Fettuccine

One serving was

1 cup of Brown Rice Fettuccine (4 points)
and a quarter of the shrimp, asparagus, cream sauce. (3 points)

It tastes delicious and is totally worth the 7 points.

If you were starving and combined this meal with a nice green or spinach salad, it would be perfect.

I’m looking forward to my weigh-in next Saturday


It was funny to watch the kids this morning…..

They were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. We had made a lovely bowl of hot oatmeal and the little glasses of orange juice looked so lovely and refreshing sitting on the crisp white place mats. The silverware was all polished and it was all so worth the effort that it had taken to prepare. The extra hours worth of sleep that I had given up to prepare a lovely meal for my family was SOOOOOOOO worth it.

Ha HA HA HA HA HA! That was all just a joke…..I started typing and the part about the kids at the kitchen table and even the oatmeal is true. The rest of it….well, I just got carried away with a lovely picture in my head of what it could have been….had I not slept in. Reality, people. REALITY!!!

Siah picked up a card with a picture of Jeremy that we had just bought as part of a fund raiser at the school.

Card Phone

They come around at the end of the year and take pics of the kids and then the school gets part of the proceeds of whatever sale they make….I have no idea why I told you all that. It must be the 8 THOUSAND gallons of snot that is clogging up my brain right now. I FEEL AWESOME. Like you have never felt more awesomer……I know that’s not a word, but just go with me, people.

Anyhooooo….. Siah picked up this card and pretended to punch buttons and said into the card – “Hello? Hello?” Like he was talking into a phone. Xandra reaches over and picks up a banana off the table and proceeds to have a conversation with Siah on their respective imaginary phones.

Banana Phone

It’s amazing the difference in perception that a few years brings.

To Xandra, the banana looks like a phone….she’s from the generation that had phones around where the handset looked like a banana…or at least similar to it.

For the greater part of Siah’s life, what he would equate as a phone has been a cell phone and the majority of the cell phones that he’s been allowed to hold or touch or that he sees are the small little cell phones.

I think that its really interesting to see how even within just a few short years that our perception can change. What was normal can become old or “not normal”. I wonder what we will consider normal in a few years…..It’s a weird thought.

Okay, now I have to say that I’m giving myself an out here. I am thinking that there is a good chance that this post is interesting to no one by myself. And if that’s the case, then I am totally blaming my lack of funny (or heck, even just interesting) on this cold that is threatening to ooze out of my ears. I feel like crap and am so hoping that I’ll wake up tomorrow and be over the worst of it all…..I can hope, right?

Birthday Brunch or Lunch or Whatever

Tim organized a family party for himself for his 30th Birthday. Nice, eh?

I mean, we woulda gotten around to it in about a week or so, but he jumped right on that and we all headed out to a restaurant for brunch this past Saturday morning.

It was so nice to be able to get together and even nicer that everyone was able to be there.

Waiting for Brunch

We did have to deal with a last minute venue change as the original place couldn’t accommodate all 24 of us as they were already dealing with another party of 40 – YIKES! So…..White Spot in Walnut Grove so graciously fitted us into their back party room and that was awesome as we could be our noisy selves without worrying about bothering anyone. It also meant that the kids could waltz around a little without bothering anyone and that right there was a HUGE sanity saver as it meant that I could relax a little and not stress too much about what my monkeys were doing.

Aside: It’s a little weird/fun/exciting/strange to see Angelica sitting with the adults the whole time. Even though the age difference between her and Xani is only 15 months….she’s turning into a young lady and Xan is still a little girl, and today was the first time that was really evident.

By the time we all showed up and then actually ordered….our Brunch had turned into Lunch, but really, the best part is not the food – although we love our food. The best part is just getting to spend time together.

Sleeping Boy(S)

We had a lot of fun taking pictures….

Taking Pics of taking pics

Building Card Towers…..

The Pro show how to git 'er done

We had a bit of a brawl to try and determine which is better the Blackberry or the iPhone….

Blackberry versus iPhone

It was just a really good time with the whole family.

You can click here to see the whole set….if you’d like.

A HUGE Shout out to Tim for organizing and arranging everything. Thanks for planning a great time for us to all get together. It was AMAZING, and I hope we don’t wait too long for the next one.

It’s On……

I’ve joined Weight Watchers Online……..again.

I did this once before and lost a bunch of weight and well, things have gotten outta hand again and I gotta do something.

So, here we are starting this all once again. I wish I weren’t, but the truth is…..I am.

I’ve got to lose some weight and if I just dick around, I’ll be the same weight (or more) in 3 months or 6 months from now. And so, here it goes……..

I’ve pounded down a 2 point green smoothie that consists of 2 cups of spinach, 1/2 a cup of frozen mango, 1 pear, a cup of water and some ice.

We’ve got brunch with my family to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday and I counted that out at between 10-12 points depending on whether I have toast or not……I have a total of 30 points per day.

I know that you all are just loving all this “points” chatter, aren’t you? Don’t worry. I promise that I’ll talk about something else beside weight loss and food and points.

I’ll take a current photo today so that I can see where I’m at and then later….where I’ve come from.

Oh, the joys….this is so much fun..NOT! But, it will be worth it! Right?