Wrapping Things Up

I’m frantically organizing and planning all the last minute admin stuff that I can think through to help things flow smoothly through to the end of the year and yet…………I’m certain that I’m missing stuff and that is seriously stressing me out!

Trying to come up with the planning/organization lists this far in advance is WAY different than actually working through the different projects in the months leading up to the actual events.

And so I went into the office today to try to wrap some things up BECAUSE……….as of close of the day on Friday, I am officially on Maternity Leave.


I’m SO excited!

And yet, I do love my job and am a little sad about not having the challenge of fitting all the pieces and people together to come up with the most effective way to streamline everything without problems or issues. I love organizing and planning and scheduling…….

But…as of Friday – things, they are a’changing in my world. This is just one step closer to my newest baby arriving and I’m getting more and more excited.

In other news, I did manage to finish Siah’s pants and here is the best photo that I could get. He was ALL OVER THE PLACE! But, he loves them and they are so cute on him.

Somebody put a shirt on that kid!

Rainbow Pants in Action

We haven’t tried their wool “diaper cover” super powers for overnights as I’m still too chicken….which is so stupid…I should just give it a go, shouldn’t I?

I’m just so tired these days and the thought of a soaking wet boy attempting to crawl into my bed in the middle of the night sucks and having to get up to strip and change a wet bed is even worse….mind you the past few days we’ve had a 4am wake up call and it wasn’t because of our kids…..

There is some stupid, loud, noisy crazy bird that is singing as if his life depended on it RIGHT! OUTSIDE! OUR BEDROOM! WINDOW!

AND……even once we close the window…..we can still hear him. Stupid Bird! So that just adds to the tiredness! GAH!

Oh well, hopefully the bird moves on and we’re not stuck waking up at 4am for the entire rest of the summer. Can you imagine how brutal that would be?

I have my 36 week appt with my midwife tomorrow AND I’ve booked a Chiro appt for tomorrow so it should be a busy day. But I should be feeling fabulous by the end of the day, though and that’s a definite bonus.

Well, that’s enough blathering for one day. I have to figure out what’s for dinner and get ready for my exercise class and I have one hour to d it all in.

All I want to do, is to crawl into bed!

35 Weeks and a bit

Well, to be honest, I’m only a few days away from 36 weeks, but I was bound and determined to get a 35 week post up, even if I just threw some crappy pics up and called it done.

I had Jon take some pics of me yesterday and while I wasn’t totally thrilled with the pics (once I downloaded them from the camera) I didn’t care enough to try again.

At this point, we’re just rushing past this week’s photos and looking forward to the 36 week pics at the end of the week.

35 weeks front

Last week was a bit of a weird one, to say the least and while I’m not feeling like I’m on the top of the world…I don’t feel quite as “down” as I did last week either.

I’m not sure why, but at this point…..I’m just gonna go with it.

I’ve been swelling off and on with some days being brutal and other days having almost no swelling. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it all. I can be on my feet or off of them for the day. I can eat different things, and I haven’t identified anything specific that makes me retain fluid more than anything else. So, as far as I’m concerned…it’s just a crappy thing that happens to me in late pregnancy.

35 weeks side

I’m definitely into the whole BRUTAL TIRED and yet often can’t sleep thing. I seem to be awake long past midnight and then so SO tired during the day. I hate that! But……soon! YAH!

I do have my 36 week appt with my midwife on Thursday and so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also planning on booking a few last appts with my chiropractor just to make sure that I’m in really good alignment for having this baby.

And, that is the sum total of excitement happening around these here parts.

Hopefully, I’ll have something better for ya tomorrow.

Just a Tad Off…

I’ll get to the 35 week post soon enough.

This has been a bit of weird week for me.

I’ve felt a bit insecure this past week and I really don’t know why?

By insecure, I mostly mean unsafe or unsure or just not quite as confident or strong or “on top of things” as I normally feel.

I just wanted to retreat and pull back inside myself and my house and just “be”.

And so mostly, I did just that.

I did go into work on Tuesday and plowed through an unbelievable amount of work which was great, but by the time we called it a day – I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!

And then……that makes me feel so….so….well, I end up feeling like I’m failing or less than adequate or something.

I try to put in all into perspective. I’m 8 months pregnant with my 5th kid and I’m working and trying to stay on top of everything. We are eating regular dinners, the laundry is caught up, the house is tidy-ish, I’m exercising 4.5 hours a week and we are all happy and healthy.

Wanna know what I did during my other pregnancies???

I existed! I slept! Not even kidding you…..I woke up EXHAUSTED! I barely stayed awake until the kids went for their nap at noon and if needs be, I’d sleep on the floor of their room in front of the door to block them in, just so I could get a nap myself. Then I’d wake up (sort of) and throw something together for dinner and I’d count down the minutes until 7pm when it was bedtime because that meant that I could go back to bed……sometimes, I wouldn’t even make it to their bedtime and I’d go to bed early and leave Jon to put them to sleep.

Yah, pregnancy has seriously kicked my butt!

So, in perspective…….I’m doing pretty good, right?

But, it doesn’t always feel that way. And for whatever reason, this week has been harder than others.

I did manage to cross a few things off my “Getting Ready for Baby” List and that typically makes me feel better, but right now I’m so scattered (my usually computer like brain is acting like it has a wicked virus) that I can’t mentally see a picture of what still needs to be done versus all that has been done and well……that just feels like another kick when I’m already down.

I’ve got a month left. I can do this. I know I can.

I will make it through. One day at a time!

And soon, when I’m holding my baby, this will all feel different. It’s just a matter of time.

34 Weeks

Okay, so we’ve made it to 34 weeks…..in my head this seems both HUGE and completely insignificant.

I have 6 weeks left until my due date. Only 6 weeks…….and yet 6. more. whole. long. weeks……..UGH!

I want this time to fly by and if I’m really being honest, this week went by fairly quickly and so I’m hoping that the rest of the weeks continue along the same way.

34 weeks front

I’ve been REALLY tired recently and so I’m trying to be very diligent about bedtimes and about taking all my vitamins and supplements.

I seem to sleep for about 7 hours and then wake up….today I tried really hard to get back to sleep when I woke up at…….5AM!!!!! and I did manage to fall back asleep. In fact, I did such a good job, that I didn’t wake up until 7:45am. Fortunately, Jon had already gotten up with the kiddos to get them off to school.

I didn’t feel tired, BUT…..I’m all puffy. I can feel it in my hands and feet. YUCK!

I had a visit with my midwife on Wednesday and she offered to give me a natural tonic to help with the fluid retention and I turned her down saying that I wasn’t really uncomfortable….just mostly by the end of the night. Now I’m kicking myself. I should have just taken it.

It was a great appointment, which was followed by a really weird Thursday.

I woke up with a pain on the left side of my abdomen down by my groin. It felt almost like a muscle or tendon ache, BUT….I couldn’t make it “stretch” out so I’m not sure what the deal was. On top of that, I woke up with a weird rash on my stomach. It wasn’t itchy and it seemed to fade and this morning is completely gone but weird to wake up with 2 weird symptoms that seems to be completely unrelated.

The pain is gone and so is the rash and I think that the rash had something to do with the aloe vera gel that she used as a conducting gel for the doppler. I also wonder if the pain had something to do with um…..er…….gas or something else like that. Who knows. All I know that I feel much better this morning except for the tight puffy hands and feet.

I have my next appointment with her in two weeks and then we start in on the weekly appointments.

See, it’s all coming so quickly and yet the end of June seems SO. FAR. AWAY!!!!!!

34 weeks side

The little man is still favoring the right side and we’re guessing that’s where he’ll stay for the remainder of the time.

He has his butt up close to my rib cage and his back is pressed up along the right outside edge of my stomach. Until the last week or so, he’s been up fairly high, but I can feel him grinding his head against my pelvis. That’s a lovely feeling, let me tell ya.

I feel his kicks up at the top of my stomach and can feel him moving his little hands, and elbows down in the lower half of my stomach.

Someone asked what it feels like and the best explanation that I can think of is if you had someone inside a balloon (you know those giant balloons that people sometimes crawl inside) and you were blind folded and had to try to identify which body part they were pushing through the balloon. It’s a pretty thick balloon (my stomach is) so it’s not quite that easy, but you can feel the pokes and jabs and pressure as the baby presses against the edges of his current, temporary, little home.

Sometimes he pushes so hard that it hurts, but that is rare and is more a pressure hurt than a blinding pain. Most of the time, I can just feel him pushing and stretching and slowly building his muscle as he exercises inside of me.

I counted out the days yesterday and there is 42 days left. Not very much longer, right??????

33 weeks – on time for once.

Here is the “really not so exciting” 33 weeks shot.

33 weeks side

I’m noticing that I’m rapidly getting more and more uncomfortable and horror of all horrors….i really don’t fit all that well into non- maternity clothes….and by clothes, I mean mostly shirts.

I’ve pretty much worn the same pair of maternity jeans since about 11 weeks pregnant. Which, in and of itself is amazing for me as I’ve typically worn one maternity size (ie large or extra large) for the first half of the pregnancy and then switched to the next size up (extra large or XXL) for the last half.

But, I’ve managed to hold steady on my size and for that I’m supremely grateful. Although, I can no longer consider that I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants even with the elastic in the button hole trick. I foresee a lot of skirt wearing over the next 7 weeks as I’m not about to buy any new maternity clothes.

The shirt that I’m wearing in this picture……

33 weeks front

…….I bought recently from Superstore’s Joe line and its a large. I woulda bought an extra large, but they didn’t have any BUT…I figured that for 10 bucks I could get some wear out of it now and then be able to wear it the rest of the summer.

I do plan on checking out Old Navy in the next few weeks and picking up a few of their LOOOOOONG layering tanks. I’m hoping that they will get me through the rest of the weeks and then be suitable for the “after the baby” time this summer.

I really have not much else exciting to report on. I’ve been really careful about what I’m eating (read as eating only mostly healthy foods) and drinking massive amounts of water and I have not had too much trouble with swelling over this past week.

I have also figured out that if I tighten up all my core muscles and use them to hold my hips in place when I’m standing and sitting or rolling around in bed then they don’t hurt nearly as much as they have been. And so….I’ve been walking around clenching my butt cheeks together like I’m holding a twoonie. I figure that the worse that can come of this is that I end up with a tighter butt….which can’t be all that bad, eh?

I’m still feeling like I’m drugged during the day, and then am awake at least until midnight or beyond; but seem to wake up every morning at 6am regardless……I roll over and go back to sleep OBVIOUSLY! But, I really don’t get what’s up. If I’m tired, why can’t I just get a good night sleep. Oh well….

It’s only just for a short time longer and then I’ll be experiencing tired on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL….

But, I seem to be able to handle the tired because “I’m not sleeping” much WAY better then the tired because “I’m growing a separate being” inside of me.

Oh well….7 weeks to go. YAHOO!

32 Weeks

I’ve passed the 32 weeks mark and in some ways, I’m feeling the pressure to get everything done. On the other hand, I feel EXHAUSTED TIRED during the day and then manage to pick up a second wind for the evening. This is equal parts annoying and awesome. I am actually managing to get some stuff done in the evenings, but I feel like I’m drugged during the day.

Once again, I meant to take a picture on Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday and…well, here we are today. Also, I managed to put the same shirt on that I had on last week for my pictures and while I felt pretty stupid about it and hummed and hawed about whether I should go and change it for the picture….Really, I just couldn’t be bothered. I did wake up this morning and put a pair of capri’s on but by the time I met for coffee with a friend, then went grocery shopping and hit three stories just to “get” everything – my pants felt like they were biting into my gut and so I put on the most comfy skirt that I own…….


I had a chat with my midwife about the 4lb 11 oz estimate that Dr. Still gave me on our little boy and she said that she’s known the “estimates” to be off as much as two to three pounds. I’m hoping that this is the case as I’m really not expecting to be pushing out a 9 or 10 pound baby.

I have started swelling. In fact, I woke up one morning and was 208 pounds. Woke up the next morning and was 213 pounds. That…….is brutal. I can feel that I’m retaining water in my hands and feet. They feel very tight. Typically, the swelling goes down almost completely by the morning, but not ALL. THE. WAY…..


This past week was a little bit stressful for many different reasons and when I’m stressed, I have a tendency to focus on “things”. I have a bunch of crafty things that I’ve been working on and I’m gonna share them over the next couple of days….

31 weeks – Just a Little Late

I’m technically 31 weeks and 3 days, but who really cares, right?

I meant to post on Friday and then ran outta time. Planned to do a post on Saturday….same thing…..CRAZY BUSY and then Sunday just blew past and well, I coulda pounded something out last night, BUT I figured that I was having my appointment with the specialist this morning and so….I could post after that and update if there was anything new or exciting.

We went to Surrey Memorial Hospital for 10:30am and the traffic was NON-EXISTENT so we got their about 20 minutes early. We had to take Siah with us as I couldn’t find a sitter for him. When we walked in the front door, we were greeted with a measles outbreak sign and boy was I ever glad that Siah is done with that. We killed some time and while I was in the washroom before our appt, Jon and Siah got into the Hospital Supplies. I came out to see this……


Jon took the picture with his phone ‘hence the cruddy quality. Nice Red Eye’s, eh?

Our sweet little boy (who is still VERY much a boy) is growing amazingly and with the 3 appts that we’ve had with them – his growth plots on the charts perfectly. I found out that I have an anterior placenta and that would explain why I feel the stronger kicks where I do. I would be feeling them on the edges of where the placenta ends….that was very interesting to me. I’ve wondered where my placenta was – for no other reason than curiosity.

The Dr measured me and our little man at 32 weeks and 6 days and his weight at about 4 pounds 11 ounces.

It was good to hear that everything looks fabulous and……..

I am officially released from seeing the specialist. YAH! I’m excited about that while at the same time it does feel like a (totally unnecessary) safety net has been moved out from under me. If there is nothing wrong with my little man or with me then I “know” that there is no reason to continue to see him, but there was something reassuring about having him as a care provider. He did say that if for any reason over the next few weeks that something felt wrong or off that I should call and they’d get me in right away. This is one of those times where I’m hoping and planning to not have to call him or to see him again.

31 Weeks - front view

I did have an appointment scheduled with my midwife for this afternoon, BUT….when we got home, I found a msg on our phone that she’d been called into another birth and so we have to schedule another appt. I’m waiting to hear back from the office about when that will be.

Physically, this week – I’m feeling pretty good. I’m sleeping well…once I get to sleep, but I’m finding it difficult to “get” to sleep at night. My hip is still bothering me quite a bit, and I’m barfing a bit more in the morning’s now. I basically get outta bed. Take my cup of water to the bathroom with me. Drink the cup of water and then throw it all up. After my stomach calms down I have about half an hour to get some food in my system or we’ll hit another round of barfing. It’s a race in the morning to get dressed and ready for the day before Round 2 hits. It’s like a game and really who doesn’t like to race against the clock first thing in the morning when the loser ends up dry heaving for 10 minutes. Incentive is a powerful thing, people.

31 Weeks - side view

Aside from those little things which are more annoyances than anything else, I’m not swelling or having heartburn or feeling too exhausted or dealing with any of the other “normal” third trimester issues.

Little man has the hiccups ALL the time and seems to move quite a bit.

I’m SO looking forward to meeting him and wish there was someway to wish the time away so that we could be full term already. I have so much love in me for this little one and I can’t wait to cuddle and snuggle and hold him.

Delicious Summer Evenings

I’m sitting up in my bedroom and my ceiling fan is on and it’s SO warm and the air is still and quiet and it’s…….heavenly.

I long for summer evenings like this. I know it’s not technically summer, but there is something about the warmth and the sun that makes things seem all better.

We came home this afternoon and I sat out in the sun for just over half an hour and I felt totally recharged. Well, as much as someone who is 30 weeks pregnant can feel energized and/or recharged.

We came inside and managed to re-arrange the TV Room to include some office space. Opening up the TV Room to accommodate some office stuff meant that we could clear out some of the stuff that we’ve been storing in our bedroom, thereby freeing up space that we need for the baby and more specifically the baby furniture.

In the process, I also managed to clear about 5 things off my “To Do List”.

I’ve got about 5 pages of “Things to do” (it’s double spaced, so it’s not like it’s a million things) and last night Jon and I sat down and put a time frame or time limit to each of the items. We are aiming to get the “important” things finished by the beginning of June and then there are some things that I’d like to get done but that aren’t critical and I can finish those during June as I’m counting down the days. There is nothing worse than just sitting around with NOTHING to do just waiting for the baby to come. I’ve done that and it SUCKS!

Well, time to put my boys to bed. Oh and By the way, I’ve loved hearing your movie favorites….if you haven’t shared, there is still time to chime in with your two cents.

ps. I love light movies like Sweet Home Alabama and Failure to Launch. I also LOVE action movies like FaceOff and the Transporter, and I even love the M. Night Shyalaman movies. I think that my least favorite movies are science fiction type movies. But, it all depends on my mood at any particular time as to which movie I choose to watch and re-watch.

30 Weeks

I’m 30 weeks and creeping closer and closer to the finish line.

I’m starting to feel a bit more awkward and am noticing my gut starting to get in the way which shouldn’t be a massive surprise for 30 weeks pregnant. I’ve just not really noticed my belly “getting in the way” before now, aside from the fact that I can’t sleep on my stomach and haven’t been able to since about 20 weeks pregnant.

30 wks - Side

I had my mid wife appt on Thursday and am now into the “every 2 week” appointments. I gained a little more (5 lbs in 3 weeks) than I was happy with and I’m totally blaming that on Easter and the extra chocolate that I consumed. My blood pressure is perfect and our sweet boy’s heart rate was sitting at 144 bpm. Everything else looked good and we’re just continuing on. I have my next appt on April 26th which is also when I have my next specialist’s appointment….it will be a busy day.

I did just recently go to my chiropractor as I’ve been having quite a bit of pain in my left hip and it was referring to my right knee….how fun is that? The worst part is the fact that at this point, he can put me back into place, but I’m pretty much guaranteed that it’ll pop right back out. The Relaxin (it doesn’t just affect the one area, it’s an equal opportunity hormone – so much fun, eh?) is at play and there’s not much I can do about that but to just ride the rest of this pregnancy out. BUT…….If that’s my biggest complaint….then I’m really not doing too badly physically, am I?

30 wks - Front

So, Physically I’m doing pretty good, but Emotionally or Mentally is a whole ‘nuther ball game….and seeing as we’re just about to head out grocery shopping I’m not really going to get into it right now.

I’m okay (don’t worry) I just need to make some decisions (possibly set some boundaries) and well, that’s always so much fun isn’t it?

So, in the mean time….one of my favorite ways to avoid dealing with things is to watch movies (while I’m crafting)…..so, What is your favorite movie and why?

The Finished Crib Set

Well, after a lot of cutting and piecing and sewing and stitch ripping and a few quick “on the fly” adjustments because I miscalculated………the crib set is COMPLETED.

I sewed the very last piece of thread on the drive home from church on Sunday and I have to admit….it felt pretty good.

I actually made a crib sheet (still need to make one more), bumper pads and a quilt all without an official pattern and I think that it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

With Quilt

I guess that biggest thing is that I actually like it. I do see things that I could have done differently or if I were doing again, that I’d do better, but for my first ever attempt at anything like this….I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I wrote a few different patterns for the quilt and finally settled on one that I figured that I liked. it wasn’t too busy and I didn’t figure that it’d be too difficult to cut and piece and actually “do”.

I cut out all the pieces of fabric based on the sizes that I had calculated in my pattern and tried to figure out at the same time where they were all going, based on how much of the fabric I had and what looked the best sitting next to each other.

Here is my attempt to puzzle all the pieces together before attempting to sew them….

Somewhat Pieced

Once I actually started to sew the pieces together I realized that I had miscalculated by 4 inches…..that’s a pretty big miscalculation AND…..I didn’t have enough fabric left over to re-cut the pieces that I had messed up on and so…then I had to figure out how I was going to “fix” it and continue on.

Here is the finished top piece and you can see where I had to add additional 2 inch pieces in on the 3rd and 4th lengths and in order to make the quilt look “intentional” I also then had to reduce 2 of the outside panels that I had NOT miscalculated on…oh the joy…..oh the fun!

Quilt Top Completed

I then stopped working on the quilt and started working on the bumper pads. I was initially going to just make them completely out of the dark paw print material, (I bought 2 meters of the yellow dot, and 2 meters of the dark brown and a fat quarter of each of the other prints. I could have just gone and bought some more, BUT…it was almost like a challenge to try to use up the remaining fabric that I had left over and still come up with something that I liked while not HAVING to buy any more fabric……..and aside from wanting to buy one more meter of the yellow dot to make another crib sheet – I have been able to do exactly that.) I didn’t have enough fabric to go ahead and do that, but I could piece some pieces together and hopefully make it work.

I’ll admit, that I created WAY MORE work for myself than was necessary but I was able to puzzle enough pieces together without them looking completely ridiculous and I didn’t have to buy any more fabric (for this project) AND…….even better…..The bumper pads fit PERFECTLY!

Bumper Pads

Here is a side view and we are still going to paint the crib and to figure out a way to tie the end ties onto the head and foot boards to keep them from falling down….

Pads in Crib

Here is Jon holding up the completed quilt…

Complete Quilt

and here is a partial view of the back side of the quilt……

Quilted and Everything

My mom came and helped me to “quilt” the blanket and we used our little man’s name and also put 3 stars in the 2 opposing corners……It looks AMAZING, but you’ll have to wait until the big day to find out what our little man’s name is going to be….

There are a few extra pictures in the set that you can check out if you so desire.

I’m just happy that it all worked out and that it’s ONE MORE THING that I can cross off my list.