Happy Day

It’s been a great day so far.

I got a text at 12:02am…..actually, lets back up a little.  Mum C  came out yesterday afternoon, and took me shopping and out for coffee.  So much fun!

Then, First thing today at 12:02am,  I was in bed reading…Josiah had just gone to sleep, and I was winding down when I heard my phone chime – letting me know I had a msg.  I contemplated leaving it ’till the morning, but I couldn’t sleep knowing that “I had a text!“  So I slithered slowly out of bed so as not to disturb the sleeping prince, and…….my baby brother had wished me my first birthday wish.  He’s so sweet.  I went to sleep after that.

Josiah wished me a freakin’ happy birthday from 3:12am until 4:25am, and let me tell you……I was so excited that he woke me up to tell me that.  When I crawled out of bed bleary eyed at about 9am, I wobbled into the bathroom to see what new wrinkles “32” had brought me, but it’s really hard to differentiate between the wrinkles and the bags, so I just slathered on 50 lbs of make up, and called it a draw.

My grandma came over this morning, and cleaned my kitchen.  It was almost the “bestest” birthday present EVER.  I HATE cleaning the kitchen, and she even mopped my floor.  Then  she helped to fold my mountain of laundry.  It was so nice to feel like I’m a little bit ahead of the game instead of always a step behind.

Then, Jon took me and a friend out for Japanese food.

I’ve not done a whole lot of Japanese food “restauranting”, and aside from California Rolls – my Japanese food experiences have been very limited.

 It was all very delicious, and I really enjoyed myself.  I even got a present.  Thanks, P.D.!

Then, I headed off to my OB/GYN, where I fully expected to get back in the saddle, but was pleasantly surprised when he informed me that I wasn’t due for the dreaded PAP unil March…..sweet!  It was a quick in and out visit, and I headed off to the post office “cause I’d recieved a notice that there was a package for me.

ITZBEENGuess what I got?  Someone sent me this, and I LOVE IT.  It’s all ready worth every penny that was paid for it just for one simple function.  It counts how long in between feedings and diapers and sleepings, but when you press the button, you no longer have to try and remember the time that you started feeding, and to be calculating how long you’ve been nursing for – it calculates that for you.  That is a something that I am having a hard time with.  Sleep Deprevation is kicking my butt,  and messing with my brain.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you know who! 

This was a fabulous birthday present, even if you didn’t realize that it was my birthday.

This evening, the kids requested a special dinner for my birthday, and so I made myself a roast chicken dinner with potatoes and veggies and gravy, and yorkshire pudding.  That was so nice of me to make that for myself.  It was delicious, and the kids ate and ate and ate until I thought they’d be sick! 

This was the best part of my day.  I couldn’t be more thankful for this……..

Kids and I

Growing up with Family

When we were growing up, we lived in North Vancouver.  My Dad and his brothers were born and raised there, and married and had kids of thier own.  My mom had moved to North Van (at some point, but she’s not here and so I don’t know exactly when, but my mom and dad were teenagers together, so….I have no idea where I’m going with this…moving on).

So, we as family grew up together, and most of all of my aunts and uncles had kids, and we had the pleasure of growing up together…..we all lived fairly close together when we were very young, and often slept over at each others house.

It was hard when different ones moved out of North Vancouver, and we weren’t this tight little family unit living on top of each other.  It was especially weird when I started having kids, and there weren’t a bunch of other cousins running around to play with and grow up with.

My cousin and his wife had a little boy just shortly after J was born, and only recently have they two boys really hit it off.  It’s nice to see how well they play together, and just recently, we had Ben sleep over at our house.  The boys laughed and played and chattered and giggled until super late at night, but NOT ONCE did they ever quarrel, and only once did they have a fight. 

It wasn’t a real fight – well, it was a real fight, but it was a boy fight, and not an angry fight.  They were playing and then wrestling, and then started fighting….one thing led to another, and then we were dealing with a bloody nose.  Nice!  That’s when we figured that “wrestling” wasn’t such a good idea, and moved onto a movie.

It did bring back serious memories of my own childhood, and my two brothers “playing
 with my two cousins, Darryl and Matt.  They had their fair share of cuts and scrapes and bloody incidences…..and I wonder how my parents and my aunt and uncle handled it.

Here is the fight in all it’s glory…..I love the power swinging arm motions, and the stomach punches, and the groin kicks.  If you watch carefully, you can see the last few hits that result in Ben’s bloody nose. 

Just a warning, it’s blurry – Blame the Camera Man (Jon)!

All of that, resulted in this……
Bloody Nose
I felt so bad!  He was such a brave little guy!


So, I’m sitting here nursing Josiah, and attempting to type with one hand.  It takes twice, three times, a freak of a lot longer than I’d like it to’ cause I keep making mistakes and then have to go and refix it.

See, here is me typong withput editing.  I thought that if I juast put it allout threr that you’d be just a tiny bit understasndung about why I’;m not poisting asnything at all.

Sweeeeeeet, eh?

Not kidding that’s about half the normal speed that I can usually type at, but takes WAY longer ’cause I have to go back and edit EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ WORD – just about.

I’m sick and tired of green poo…..not fun.

I’m officially cloth diapering, although I freak out every time I cram 6 cloth diapers into my diaper bag, ’cause my boy can plow through those puppies like there’s no tomorrow…..and I’ve always done disposables, and cloth seemed like a HUGE step.  Not sure why, but it did. 

Any way,  a friend (thank you very special friend, you know who you are)  bought me 12 of the diapers that I wanted, and I’ve been washing them EVERY DAY.  But it’s worth it, and they are amazing, and just as easy to put on as disposables, and there’s no chemicals sitting on Josiah’s skin, and I’m not filling up the land fills, and they’re just so darn cute…….I just bought 12 more today, so hopefully I’ll only have to do one load every other day as opposed to every day.

I still have next to no time ’cause the boy – he likes to be held.  ALL THE TIME, and I like to hold him, and I don’t like to hear him cry. So my house is a mess, but with the kids back at school, I am slowly winning the war on the mess.

Apparently, I have no choice, but to win the mess war, and I have to do it by Wed. at noon ’cause we’re having a meeting at our place…..sweet.

That brings me to my next topic…my MOBY WRAP.  Love it!  Get one!  It’s worth it!  Soooooooooo worth it.

My boy, he slept 6 hours the other night…..yep, at 5 weeks old, my breast fed little tiny (freaking huge 11 pound 6 ounce baby – yes that’s a pound a week) slept from 11pm until 5am, and I GOT 6 HOURS OF GLORIOUS UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP…..oh!  wait a sec….no, I didn’t.  Jeremy decided that’s the night he’d get the 24 flu, and woke me up at 2am to diarrhea and barf in my bathroom.  Wasn’t that sweet of him?  I was so thankful that he kept me on my regular schedule.  Wouldn’t want to get too rested…much better to stay in a perpetual state of WAY OVER TIRED…makes life fun…or is that funny………or not really very funny at all.

Well, I’m done nursing, and gotta figure out some way to get some folding done while holding Josiah, or at least keeping him from crying, and if he gives me a minute tomorrow, I might tell you all about how I’m freaking out about Jeremy and Grade Two and the teacher with the “mad voice” and a very not so good but enlightening meeting with his teacher, the behavioral guy, and the learning assistance teacher.  I’m upset and trying to figure out what to do about it.

Wednesday August 22nd, Vacation Day #5

Day # 5, what can I say about Day number five.    Actually, what can I not say about that day.  It was absolutely crammed packed to the limit, and I almost don’t know where to start.

The beginning is probably the best place, isn’t it?

Aunty Ruth and JosiahWe got up early, and left the house around 8am headed into North Vancouver.  We were going to have breakfast with Great Grandpa and Aunty Ruth and Aunty Hope at the Eighties Restaurant. 

A little background history for ya’ll….My parents started going to the Eighties Restaurant back in 1981 when Debbie was born.  My dad took us kids there when Mom was in the hospital and had just given birth to  my sister Debbie.  So, we’ve been going to this restaurant for quite a few years.  I was only 6 years old, and Dad fed me split pea soup.  I barfed it all over the green vinyl booth, and have never eaten split pea soup since then.

Back to Wednesday morning…….we made it into North Van. in record time.  I don’t know what was up with traffic, but there was none.  Yah for summer time!  We got to see Grandpa and my two Great Aunt’s, and it was the first time that they got to see and hold Josiah for the first time (outside of pictures on here). 

Auty Hope & JosiahAnother weird tidbit of info……I’ve taken all 4 of my kids to Eighties shortly after they’ve been born, to visit and meet family.  It’s almost a tradition of sorts.

It was so nice to see my grandfather and Aunt’s, but also it was sad, ’cause my Grandma wasn’t there.  I thought about how she would have loved to have seen Josiah.  I have pictures of her with Geli, Xan and Jeremy, but not Josiah……too sad!  I tell myself that it’s okay ’cause she’s holding the babies that I never got to, and loving them until I get there.

Josiah was a little stinker (literally), and pooped almost as soon as Aunty Hope got to hold him.  This kid is a champion pooper, and we have gone through SO MANY diapers.  I’d say that it’s not even funny, but at this point, it’s gone beyond being not funny, and way passed over into being halarious.  I kid you not, the kid can go through 20 diapers a day.  He’s a pooping machine.  I think that his system might finally be starting to regulate because Jon’s changed him twice now, and there was only pee in the diaper.  I know that’s relly not exciting to anyone but us, but to us……..it’s a MAJOR EVENT!

Great Grandpa and JosiahAnyway, we had a really nice breakfast other than totally messing up the waitress by ordering 4 of the same breakfasts with just slight variations, and for some reason…asking for “no toast” really threw her off.  And then I ate Grandpa’s meal ’cause they switched ours by accident…..oh well!  It all worked out in the end, and no one ended up hungry.

I love this picture, and it’s neat that you can really see my Grandpa’s two different colored eyes.  There’s nothing wrong with them; they are just two different colors.  Neat, eh?

Here we have the oldest and the youngest men in the family.  Actually, Everyone says that Josiah looks just like Jeremy did, and even I have to agree that there is a strong resmeblance.  They have the same nose, and………I’ve always wondered where Jeremy’s nose comes from.  I like to be able to see the different family members coming through in the different children, but I’ve never really been able to figure out where Jeremy’s nose came from. It’s not weird or anything, but it’s just not the same as my nose or as Jon’s.

Jon took some pics of Grandpa and Jeremy, and I think the mystery is solved.  Jeremy has Grandpa Kennedy’s nose.  See for yourself.

J & Grandpa


see the resemblance...

 and here…….(stupid picture won’t center)

and again....

I see it….can you see it? 

Click here to see all the pics from Eighties on Flickr. 

After Breakfast, we headed into Vancouver to do a fly-by drop-in on Uncle Chris.  We weren’t planning on staying for a loooong visit, just long enough for him to be happy when we left.  We can cause quite the commotion wherever we go.  The girls and Uncle Chris played a few games of Dung Beetle…..don’t know what that is????  You’ll have to go in and visit Chris to find out.  He’s a champion Dung Beetle player, and is ruthless.  He won every game that they played, but it’s still fun!

Dung Beetle with Uncle Chris

Cuddles with Uncle ChrisAfter the card game, Josiah had a quick cuddle with Uncle Chris.

He loves to cuddle.  (Josiah, that is.)

We stayed for about 45 minutes, and then left to go to down to Granville Island. 

Chris had been hooked up to the IV all day at this point.  Normally, he gets about an hour around lunch time, but because of the way the nurse hung the meds, he didn’t end up getting his lunch time break……..

So, hopefully we were a bit of a diversion from staring at his four walls.  Fabulous walls that they are….it can get a bit much to spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY cooped up inside your room.

He’s definately feeling and looking better.  It’s nice to see him getting more mobile and recovering more and more every time we go in.

Click here to see all the pics from our visit with Uncle Chris.

Playing at the ParkThen we headed on down to Granville Island.  The kids had been waiting for quite a few days to go here.  We parked, and hit a small playground first, to let the kids burn off a bit of steam.

Jon was sitting on the other end of the teeter totter in this pic, and would let it bump onto the ground, and Jeremy would laugh and laugh and laugh…until he had enough, and then it wasn’t fun anymore.

This was the smallest park ever.  It had 3 teeter totters and 3 swings, but it was in the shade, and had a bench and so I could nurse Josiah, which is what I spent most of the day doing.

I HATE “snack” nursing, but I was trying so hard to just go with the flow, and enjoy the day, regardless of the fact that Josiah wasn’t getting a FULL feed, and as a result wanted to eat every 5 minutes.

After the park we headed out to see what we could find.  We window shopped quite a bit`at all the little artist studios.  There is some really cool stuff down there.  We made it Sardinesover to the Public Market where we had promised the kids that we’d check out the weird, different, and unique fruits and try them out.

 Once we got inside, the first thing we saw was the fish……always exciting.

YUCK!  But so much fun for little boys!

We picked out 6 different fruits to try, and not one of them was disgusting……so obviously we did not try that Indonesian fruit that smells like poo….what’s it called??? Oh yah!  Hairy FruitDurian or something like that…..YUCK!

We took a bunck of pictures, and I was really proud that all 3 kids tried every single piece of fruit regardless of how strange it looked.

This one was all hairy on the outside, and I forget the name of it, but it was kind of like a Lychee.  It was a bit like a grape looking thing on the inside, and was kinda sweet tasting.  Everyone liked it in spite of the hair.

Inside Kid's ZoneThe absolute highlight of the Granville Island trip was going to Kid’s Zone. 

The kids had been asking since we got there if we could go over to the Kid’s Zone, and we used it to hang over their heads every time they bickered or acted up.  Finally we made it over there, and I was getting tired, but we wandered in and out of EVERY. SINGLE. STINKIN’. STORE. IN. THE. WHOLE. FREAKIN’ PLACE.

And we had a good time….gash darn it!

I think that the best part, was that Great Grandpa had given each of the kids $5.00 and they could spend it on whatever they wanted.

How fun is that?

 Click here to see ALL the pics from our Granville Island Trip.

 It was 5:30pm when we finally wrapped up at the Kid’s Zone, and the kids would have loved to stay, but I was wanting to get home by 9pm, and if we were going to finish up our day the way I had planned then we needed to get a move on.

We wandered back to the van, and headed out into the lovely world of 5:30pm DOWNTOWN Vancouver Traffic.

Fully Clothed and Soaking Wet It had been so long since either Jon or I had been tooling around Vancouver in traffic that we forgot all about it.  It took us a lot longer to head on down to English Bay than we had planned, but after some sweet manuvering on Jon’s part, and some serious eye cringing, passenger side braking, and arm rest clutching, and only one yelling match with a Handy Dart Bus Driver (Nice Jon!  Really Nice!  Way to set an example for the kids.)

We made it to the Beach.

The kids were so excited.  It’s been a LOOOOOONG time since we’ve been to a beach.

We hadn’t planned on going to the beach when we set out in the morning, as so weren’t dressed for the beach, and had no spare clothes to change into.

Apparently, that doesn’t matter if your 6.  It took him all of about 2 minutes from the time we hit the sand until he was soaked all the way up to his shoulders.  The girls were sure he was going to get in trouble, and were shocked when I said that I didn’t care if they got wet, it would just mean going home naked and cold.  That wasn’t much a deterrant, and as soon as dinner was done, they went swimming as well.

Changing Diapers

Here is another shot of how our time with Josiah is spent.

If I’m not nursing him, then odds are that we’re changing a diaper.  Gotta get a few shots that show our REAL life at this exact moment.

Diapers, Boobs and Sore Backs from cuddling a sleeping baby.  This is truely the life.

The funniest part of the evening was when Jon got back from getting the fish and chips.  He had even purchased an extra piece of fish so that he and I could have 2 pieces for……3 freaking dollars.  What a joke!

He put the box of fish and the box of chips down on the log that we were sitting on, and then walked away to take a picture of the kids dow by the water.

I was nursing the baby (what’s new) and about 6 seagulls came over and one actually stole a piece of fish right out of the box. It was only a foot and a half away from me, and I was hollering at the stupid thing.  But it was too late.  He had managed to drag it out of the box and into the sand.  One piece down, but thankfully all 6 birds hadn’t converged on us and taken everything.  It was pretty funny especially when Jon told me that he had to buy that one extra piece over and above the other meals that he had bought. 

Those seagulls are too cheeky!

We had a great day, and although I was tired at the end of it, to hear the 3 kids talk all the way home about how much fun they had….was worth it…almost!

Click here to see all the English Bay Pictures.

The Catch Up Post (with WAY TOO MANY pictures)

Wow!  It’s been almost a week since I posted anything…..okay…maybe not a week, but it’s been 5 days, and that’s a week’s worth of work.  Any way, we are officially on VACATION right now.

It’s Fabulous *snort*…..yah!  A vacation at home with 3 bigs kids, and one newborn, and a husband who is still trying to catch up on a back log of work in his “down time”, and a messy house, and activites scheduled and then having to be “arranged” around a nursing baby’s schedule, and a screaming baby when we are on the road and it’s feeding time, and that’s just the tip of the fun we’ve been having…….OH THE JOYS!

As I mentioned last time, we decided NOT to go on vacation up to Vasseaux Lake, and instead we would stay home where we had all the gear, and didn’t have to pack anything up, and then just spend money on random bits of fun here locally. 

On Friday night, We invited friends of ours over and we had a birthday party for one of our friends. 

Holly's Birthday

Yah!  It was the first time that I’d had anything at our house, and well…..it went pretty well, but things took a little onger than I had expected.  EVERYTHING takes longer with a newborn around. 

Dave and JosiahWe even had a surprise guest from Labanon.  Jon’s brother was in town, and came out for the party. 

It was nice to see him, and for him to be able to see Josiah for the first time.  They only just left, so it was a nice surprise to see him again soo soon. 

It was a fun night for all, until the babies started to go beyond what they could handle, and everything was shut down, and we all parted ways to put the children to bed. 

Do they really even realize what power they hold at such a young age?

On Saturday, we “showed up at our cabin for the week” and would you believe it????…….the last people to use the place had left it a mess…..can you believe it?  So we had to spend our first day at the “vacation cabin” cleaning up.  That was Saturday….ALL DAY! because they fussed for the entire day about “HAVING” to clean up, and it took ALL FREAKIN’ DAY to get the house cleaned.  Talk about frustrating…..  We did go out to a nie Greek Food restauraant with Denver and Debbie, but I forgot my camera.  Lucky for us, Debbie had hers, so as soon as she sends the pics to me (HINT, HINT) I can post those.

Sunday we got up and we thought about going to church, and then quickly dismissed that idea ’cause it would have meant that we needed to rush, and I really wasn’t into rushing.  I’m feeling the lack of sleep these days.  It’s not too bad, and I’m really not complaining, ’cause this little angel child only wakes at 2am and 5am (like I’ve mentioned before) and mostly just eats and falls right back to sleep unless he gets a air bubble that he won’t let go of.  He really likes to hold onto his burps.  It really takes an act of God to get him to burp. 

Hanging at StarbucksAny way, we went into Vancouver to see Chris, and then we were going to go to Granville Island and check out the market and see if we could find any “weird, cool, unique and unfamiliar fruits” that we could try out for fun.  We might not send our kids with a dollar to the candy store at Granville Island, but we will take them there and search out weird fruits…..hey, if you say it with enough excitement in your voice – you can make just about anything sound fun.

We stayed with Chris for a long time, and had a REALLY GOOD TIME, but by the time we were done, we couldn’t go to Granville Island.  It was too late – maybe another day.  Instead we took the kids to Red Robins, and they were wonderful little angels.  Which was a miracle, as they’ve been a bit wild recently.

We had to stop at the Farm Market to pick up some fruits and veggies on our way home, and Jon took the kids into the Market while I sat in the car and nursed Josiah.  Josiah was still going strong when they were finished, and so they played in the gravel parking lot.  Who knew that a gravel parking lot could be so much fun.  See how sad they are to be leaving…what a bunch of goofs.

Not Happy

On Monday, Jon worked in the moring while the kids tore the house apart, and I tried to sleep (Sooooooo tired – I know……I’m a whiner, I have it sooooo easy)  Then we all pack up and went to the Matinee for Ratatouille.  The kids loved it, and it was actually a really cute movie.  We had to go into Langley to see see the movie ’cause that was the ONLY place close that was still playing the movie.  After the movie was over we went and visited  my Dad at his office, and then went shopping for a few baby things.

We ended up picking up backpacks and school shoes for the kids, so they were happy.

That brings us to today.  We had a bunch of stuff planned.  Little things that required little to no money.  We were going to hit the Library, and let the kids take 5 dollars each and spend it at the Dollar Store, go to all 3 parks at Mill Lake, and finish up shopping for school supplies. (I just have a few things left to pick up). 

Jason & JosiahA friend of ours called us this morning, and adjusted those plans for us.  YAH!

Jason is down from Prince George, and got to see and hold Josiah.

I’m posting this picture to drive Lise mad with envy, and then maybe she’ll move back…..or maybe she’s still holding out hope that we’ll move up there.

Anyway, Love ya girl, and miss ya tons. 

It was so nice to see Jason, and we talked and talked and talked, and still didn’t get to say everything that we’ve have liked to.  We could talk forever. 

We really miss these guys.  They are AMAZING people, and we are worse off because they’ve moved so blinking far away.

 Movin’ on before I start thinking about it too much and cry…..

We did get out and pick up a bunch of school supplies, but I’m still looking for a few specific things.  Jon did take the kids to ONE of the parks at Mill Lake, but aside from an amazing visit, our day was pretty much shot.

Here is a cute picture of our little demon angel.

Here he is at one week old.

and Here’s Two Weeks

And we Absolutely LOVE this Lion King shot….love the arms and legs. 
They’re so long and scrawny.

Alrighty, I have so much more, but the little man is calling, and so I must go.

 Go and check out the new pics up over here.

……Just Busy

My Mom left this comment yesterday, and while I’d love you all to delurk and leave a comment just so I know who’s out there reading my blatherings – this is totally not why I’ve not posted.


Just wondering if you are waiting for everyone to wish you a Happy Blog-i-versary before you contiue on with your blog….or if it is as I thought just very busy,….. Anyway Hapy Blog-i-versary I love you. Love Momma I love Uncle Wayne’s comments on the flip side.

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  Josiah’s got a bit of a diaper rash, and I think it’s probably yeast (which totally sucks ’cause I thought we had gotten rid of all the yeast in me).  Jeremy needs a root canal, and I hurt Jon by a comment I made in regards to this whole situation.  We went to our regular dentist, and J wigged out, and so we’ve been referred to a pediatic dentist in Mission.  Yah! (How much is that going to cost us?)  I think Geli is starting to hit puberty…….10’s a little early to start getting boobies, ain’t it?  Mind you, I was a late bloomer……really late….like YEARS behind all my friends.  Oh Well!  Nothing I can do about it, except enjoy……and let me tell you, the mood swings are wicked fun!

We’vew been waffling about going on vacation next week, AND…………we’re not going.  “BOO HOO!”  If I could be completly impulsive, and just throw some stuff in the van and go and enjoy myself – then maybe we could go, but Josiah would only be 2 weeks old, and things are still rather insane, and I don’t think I have enough clothes for him for a week.  I’m doing laundry EVERYDAY!  and that’s just his stuff, not to mention the mountain of folding and stuff to put away that’s taken over my living room.  I just can’t.  I wouldn’t have a good time ’cause I wouldn’t be relaxed, and I think I’ll be able to relax more here. 

So, we’re just going to have fun doing stuff around the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland.

Josiah chewed off my right nipple last night in the middle of the night, and I know you were just dying to know about that…..well, it hurts, and so if I get to experience the pain and misery of it first hand, then you all can enjoy the pain and misery of it second hand.  I like to share like that.

I can’t believe these bloggers that pop a baby out, and then still post every day…….How do they do it?  It’s not for lack of material on my part…..Jeremy is still pumping out the funnies on a minute to minute basis….just the energy and motivation to get at it.  I’m tired, and yet I have the world’s best baby. 

Seriously,  He’s put himself on a quasi-schedule.  He nurses at 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, has a bath at 10:30pm, nurses to sleep at 11 pm, sleeps until 2 am, nurses to sleep (in my bed) until 5am, then again until 7am (then we get up), and the 9 am, and 11 am, and 1pm, and 3 pm, and then we’re back to dinner time the next day.

Unbelievable!  He nurses for about 20 minutes at a feeding, and hardly ever cries!  I have been so blessed.  I am so thankful for my sweet boy.  He is more than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

Hurting and Crying

Did you ever want to just unload EXACTLY how you’re feeling, but you can’t do that ’cause you’d hurt other people.  People that you loved and cared for…..and so you keep it all inside, and then it builds up, and you feel like you’re going to explode or implode or whatever…..

I’m having another down day.  I hate this.  I hate these days.  I hate it when the things that I’m feeling come crashing down in on top of me, and I dont’ know what to do with them.  I just want to ignore them, and I wish they would all just “poof” go away.

I’m worried about Chris.  I’m worried about my family.  I’m worried about this baby, although that particular worry is way down on the list of things to worry about.  I know it’s just a matter of time – but I hate the “time” factor.

I feel like I’m being crushed under a HUGE weight of stuff that is WAY TOO HEAVY for me to be carrying especially when I’ve got my own stuff to “Carry” right now.

Maybe I just need to go and have a good cry, and then once some of the pressure is relived – I’ll feel better.  I’d love to believe that, but crying, isn’t going to change anything right now.  Everything that I’m thinking about is still going to be there, unchaged when I’m done, and then I’ll have puffy eyes, a raw nose, and a wicked headache to boot…..and seriosuly, who wants to deal with all of that.

I have my lists of stuff to do, and don’t even feel like doing any of that.  I dont’ know what to do with myself.  I did get the baby’s bag for the hospital packed yesterday.  Yah Me, but there is still so much more to do…..not tons of stuff, but just some stuff.  I feel like for everything I cross of the list, that I add 2 or 3 more things, and my list only grows longer, and not shorter.

I’m not sleeping well, and so I’m sure the “tired” thing is not helping.

I know that I can’t fix any of the things that I’m worrying about, and I’m not trying to.  I know that I can’t change the situations, and I’m not trying to.  I just hurt so bad when I feel other people hurting, and I hate that I can’t take all the hurt and make it go away.

I realize that everyone has their own paths to walk down, and that everyone has a choice as to how they travel their particular path, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hurt for them, and all they are going through.  I wish I could control the situations, and just say, “Do it this way…..it would hurt so much less in the long run.”  But I can’t, and I know that.

 I still hurt……for everything that’s going on right now.

Maybe “down” days are no good for me…..I slow down too much and end up thinking and feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe I just need to keep going full force, until I have a complete mental and physical breakdown…that sounds about right doesn’t it?  Ha Ha!  Just kidding!

The Geezers are taking over the world

My Uncle turned 50 recently, and my aunt and cousins threw a surprise party for him this past Sunday.

Uncle Rick

It was a ton of fun.  They have the most amazing house for outdoor parties, and are the most amazing hosts, and put together it makes for an amazing combination.

There was a ton of good food, and lots of family and friends.  It was a perfect day…the weather was amazing.  The little kids with no sense of internal body temperature played in the FREEZING COLD POOL, and shivered until they warmed up and then tried it again.


We waited in the back yard for a while, until we figured that it was about time for the birthday boy to be arriving.  Apparently his baseball game started later than it was supposed to….but no worries, ’cause we all had each other to chat to, and we are FABULOUS company, if I do say so myself.

After a while, we all relocated to the front yard to “surprise” him when he drove home…still with the chatting and entertaining our selves….. 

In the Front Yard

We waited and waited and waited, and FINALLY he drove up, and we all yelled, “SURPRISE” and the best part of it all was that he was.  He was actually surprised…..had no clue that his kids had planned this.  How fun is that?

We ate and ate and ate and ate.  There was so much good food, and then the games began.

Blind, Deaf and MuteCan’t have a party without games, and Daryl and Matt had planned a Geezer Game so that  Uncle Rick could see what life would be like after 50 and so that he could have a chance to practice before it really all came crashing down around him.

In teams of 3, the guys had to run around a cane 10 times so that they were nice and dizzy and off balance.  Then they had to run up the hill while they were still feeling off balance.  One guy couldn’t hear very well (deaf), and the second guy was bald and couldn’t see (blind), and the third guy couldn’t talk (mute).  Once they had their gear on, they were crippled by being tied to each other in 6 legged race style.  They had to go back down the hill, and then the blind guy had to golf a ball into a circle about 20 to 30 feet away. 

Once they did that, they had to run back up the hill…still crippled….and get on the trampoline and look for their marbles (’cause you lose your marbles when you get old). That was the funniest, seeing the guys try to get on and off the trampoline all tied together.  Uncle Rick even ended up with rub burn on his face from falling onto the trampoline.  You know it’s a sucessful family event when someone gets hurt.

Then they had to race over to the super long stairway, and try to make it down……still crippled……and then to the favorite past time of old guys – FISHING!  Each guy had to try and catch a fish…pretty funny to see the blind guy give it a go.On the Phone with Charlene

Debbie was on the phone with Charlene during all of this so even though she wasn’t physially there, it was kind of nice to have her there too – sort of……I sure miss you Char!

Then they had to race back to the finish line, and the group that did it the fastest won.  I don’t think they actually won anything, except for the bragging rights that their team beat the other two teams…….that’s good for something isn’t it?

Uncle Rick opened his presents, and was graced with a Geezer First Aid kit filled with support hose, Tums, laxative powder, hemerroid cream, bunion pads, and Denture Cleaner Tablets.  Matty fixed his billion year old guitar, and he got a cane with a bell, along with a number of amazing cards and well wishes.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, and so please forgive me if I didn’t mention your gift or card…..I’m blaming it on pregnancy brain, right now…..it wasn’t an intentional slight!

It was a really fun day, and I LOVE MY FAMILY!  I will say that at one point I was sitting with all my other brothers and sisters, and thinking -“This sucks!  We’re all here, and Chris is stuck in the hospital.“  That thought was quickly followed by, “I’m so grateful that he’s alive to be stuck in that hospital, and that I am only mouring his lack of attendance, and not his lack of life.“  It’s amazing how quickly your outlook can change when you are so grateful for life and realize that it is just so fragile.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Rick!

To see my whole picture set, click on any of the pictures and it’ll take you there.

We’re just a bit late……

…..but hey!  At least we made it before Father’s Day rolled around!  Last year we didn’t all get togethr to celebrate until alfter Father’s Day.  At least we know it’s the thought that counts………

Momma & Daughter's

Every year we’ve gotten together, Mom and the girls for a dinner and usually a coffee afterwards.  Well, seeing as this year’s just a little tiny bit different what with Chris in the hospital, and 3 of us on weird natural healthy diets – our plans were slightly off of normal.

The biggest thing was that Chelle didn’t make it.  Things are quite busy for her, and she just couldn’t swing it between her schedule and the girls and work and well…..she was jsut really tired out, and needed to stay home.  That was sad!  Very Sad!

The rest of us met at the hospital just before 7pm (’cause that’s when the shift change is, and we can’t be there with Chris anyway) and decided to go to Cactus Club.  We drove down Broadway, and when we passed Cactus Club, and parked up the next street, well – Earls was right on that corner, and so we just went there ’cause it was all of  about 4 steps closer! 

We laughed and talked and chatted about life and mostly about the food that we could or could not eat.  It’s fun that there are 3 of us on similar eating plans.  Makes it easier to not feel so left out when EVERYONE around you is gorging down on foods that you’re not supposed to have, and you’re gnawing on a plate of lettuce, and feeling quite like a rabbit.

Debbie had the most delicious mashed potatoes, and even bought a side order to take back to Chris, as he seems to be really enjoying his daily Mystery Meat Log – NOT!  When we finally finished our dinner’s, we decided to forgo the coffee much to Debbie’s dismay.  She had been waiting all day for her special drink, but we were thinking that Chris might be asleep if we waited too much longer.  The pills they give him do a really good job of knocking him out for the night – usually!

He had fallen asleep when we showed up, but just barely, and when we asked if he’d like a bit of company, he told us to come on in.  It was fun to just be in there and joking around with him.  It was quite the party with the 5 of us girls in there, but he seemed to handle it quite well.  It was nice to see him joking and laughing and even teasing Lisa ’cause she was a bit squeamish about his arm and leg.  Nothing says “family loving” like a little bit of mental torture… 

We finally cleared out ’cause it was getting late, and we were a bit loud.  Oops!  NOt only that, but Chris is only supposed to have 2 visitor’s at a time.  Oh well!  Not that it really matter’s now, ’cause he’s been transferred up to a regular ward.  That just seems so amazing.  It’s just one step closer to him coming home and being better.

If you want to see all the pics – not that there’s that many – just click on the picture at the top of the post and it’ll take you there.

Not Playing Fair

Angelica - 10 years old - May 2007Look at these pictures!  Aren’t they amazing?!?  I mean, maybe only I think that ’cause they are my kids, but seriously, they are pretty good for “school” pictures…….aren’t they?

Usually, with the pictures that we get home from the school, it’s a giant crap shoot as to whether or not they are actually going to be good pictures or not.

This year we took the regular school photo’s in September or October, and then about a month ago the kids came home with another form for more school pictures. 

I have to admit that I was a little annoyed.   I’ve never been to a school that did school pictures twice in one year, and while I can appreciate that kids change and grow so fast, and that they do look different – sometimes – from the beginning of the year to the end of the year……..all I could think was “money grab.”

It turns out that I wasn’t that far off.

Alexandra - 8 years old - May 2007

This was a fundraiser for the school.  It would have been nice had a notice come home explaining what the deal was, and maybe even the fact that this was a professional photographer doing the pics, and not some person who sees way too many “little brats” in the course of the day to really care if their hair is sticking out all over the place, and they have a giant piecs of lunch wedged in their front teeth, and their shirt has water stains on it from where they were “washing” their hands (and the rest of the washroom – it looks like)…..not that I would have ever really experienced anything like this particular scenario………

Any way, the day of the school pictures, I didn’t even try to do anything with my kids.  Told them to pick up whatever sort of clean clothes they could find off the floor of their bedrooms, and if they weren’t too dirty , then to throw they on.  I think I yelled at least twice for them to brush their teeth, although seeing as I didn’t march them into the bathroom personally – they just assumed that I was joking, and I don’t think it got done.  Looking at the pictures, I think that the girls brushed their hair that morning, although you can’t always tell with Xan…..at least in the pony tails, you can’t tell how greasy Geli’s hair is.  Aren’t I the picture of a perfect mom?  Dirty clothes, Greasy Hair, and no teeth brushed…….sweet!

Jeremy - 6 years old - May 2007Then the pictures came home, and I was shocked.  Despite my lack of grooming, the pictures are so sweet.

Although I do think that Jeremy’s head is cocked over a little to far to the right – they are still amazing pictures.  Xan just about ALWAYS takes a good picture, so I wasn’t really shocked when I saw hers.  Jeremy’s wasn’t too bad either.  I will admit that I’d have loved to see Geli smiling a bit more, but she usually has such a hard time taking really good pictures that I was THRILLED with this one of her.

The deal with the school is that they got 1 dollar for each child they took a picture of.  Then the company developed the photos, chose the best one.  DEVELOPED and SENT HOME 6 sheets of varying sizes and types of the photo, AND once you’ve got those cute pictures in your grubby little fingers (although I’m starting to swell, and so mine are not as little as I’d like them to be) it’s awfully hard to refuse them. 

Sneaky, Sneaky photography company.

It was $37 for the package of 6 sheets, or $14 per sheet.  Obviously it was cheaper to get the package, but I really didn’t want to pay over $100 for some pictures of my kids no matter how nice they were.

I did however, take one sheet of each of them WAY OVERPRICED at $14 and got two “3 x 5″‘s and eight “1 x 2″s or whatever the little tiny size is.

If even only a handful of the parents did this, then that photography studio is making a killing.  It annoys me that I was sucked into their little scheme.   Oh well!  Cute pics!  Now I just have to get over it!