So Behind and Scrambling to get caught up…….

Well, we’ve have a rough couple of nights, and I’m not complaining, just in case you’re hearing it like that.  But Josiah seemed to have his days and nights mixed up.

He’d sleep from feeding to feeding from about 11am until about 7pm, and then be half awake/asleep from 7pm until 1am, when he’d pretty much be awae and nursing from 1 until about 5am.  About 3am, I’d start to cry, and well…..we’ve figured out that he just wants to suck, and so he’s been propped up on a pillow beside me, and sucking on his soother.

BUT LAST NIGHT……Oh last night was glorious.  He nursed around 11pm, and than Jon gave him a bath, and then he nursed again, and then Jon walked with him until sometime after midmight, then gave him back to me to nurse.  He slept until almost 3am, and then nursed himself to sleep until 5am, and then nursed himself to sleep until 7am, and then nursed himself to sleep until 9am. 

Fortunately, he nurses well int he laying down position, and so other than waking up to pop him onto the other side……I ACTUALLY GOT TO SLEEP A BIT LAST NIGHT!

I feel kind of almost human.  It had been 4 nights of not very much sleep, and I’m not a terribly great afternoon napper……I guess I just wasn’t tired enough, eh?

Josiah’s a bit yellow…but still we’re not concerend yet, as he is awake WAY more than the other kids were, AND the jaundice hasn’t made it to his hands and feet yet.  Apparently it starts at the head, and works it’s way down the limbs.  So far we’ve made it to his elbow and upper thigh, but the Health Care Nurse who popped by yesterday said that by day 5 it sould be at it’s worst – so that’s today……so I think we’re okay.

He is still such a good baby, and we are so happy.

The kids are still nuts and trying to figure out how this 6th person fits onto our family.  Frends of our came over yesterday, and they have a 10 month old.  I was able to show the kids that, “See, Josiah would be fun soon, but right now he’s not a toy.

They are ALL OVER him.  It’s insane. 

I have so much more to write, but I didn’t do my hair or make up yesterday, and I felt bad ALL DAY!  So, I’m off to get ready for the day….even if it is already 10:45am.  Yikes!

We’re Home!

Thanks for all your thoughts and Conratulations and Well Wishes.

We are home, and so happy.  It almost feels like a dream.

Xandra said to me yesterday tht she almost doesn’t even really believe that Josiah is here and that he’s ours to keep.  She said it seems like a dream, and I have to agree with her.

That’s how it feels to me.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures onto Flickr, and you can click here to see them.

I’ll post the full story soon, but all I want to do right now is hold my baby, and not ever let him go.  Jon’s changing his diaper right now and so that’s why I’ve popped on to update you all.

He’s an amazing nurser, and SO CONTENT.  You could not ask for a better, happier, healthier baby.  We are so blessed. The kids are nuts trying to figure out how to adjust to a new little one.

The past 3 years has been just as hard on them as it has been on us.  My mom said they were absolutely insane on Saturday as they were waiting, not knowing what was going on.

They called so many times, and wanted to know if and when we’d be coming home.  NOt just me, but Josiah too….it’s been rough, and I didn’t realize until this weekend just how rough it’s been on ALL of us.

We are happy, and glad to be learning how to adjust to each other…’s a hoot!  I’ll post again soon.  Go see the pics.

Josiah Christopher Culley


Well, Josiah finally made it!  I say finally, but he was a week early…  Anyway, Patti’s water broke yesterday and she had a non-stress test at the hospital anyway, so when she went in for that, they took her vitals, and sent her home with instructions to come back this morning if she hadn’t started into labour all by her self.

Well this morning came and no labour, so we went into the hospital just after 7:30 and got all hooked up.  They started an IV drip at 1 unit per hour and then slowly increased it every half hour.  The most they can go to before they need a specialist is 20 units per hour and we got there.  We hung around until after 1:00pm and still no real contractions, but by 1:30 at 20 units per hour we started having contractions.  Then at about 2:30 they were actually really starting to hurt and Patti didn’t think that really anything had happened yet, so we better get some pain med for the rest of the ride.  Nurse made it in by about 2:35 and checked and Patti was at 7cm dilated and so went to get pain meds and call our dr.  The nurse came back in a few minutes later (now about 2:45) and got ready to give the pain meds.  Patti had a fairly hard contraction right then and the nurse quickly gave her the meds and then did another check and said that she was fully dilated and could push if she needed to.  so the next contraction Patti gave a good push and the entire head came out in one shot.  The cord was wrapped around the neck so they quickly pulled that out of the way and cut it, then removed the rest of the baby.  The time was 2:58.

The specialist showed up about 10 minutes too late and the pain meds kicked in about 10 minutes after that.  Good timing!!!

He weighed in at 7 lb 12 oz and was 20.9 inches long.  The nurse said that he had the largest umbilical cord she had ever seen, and was perfect in every way.

He is an amazing nurser and quite pleasant.  There are a million more photos of him and baby and him and relatives and him and flowers and him and so on.  I’ll let Patti choose which ones to post tomorrow, so you get the one above for now. (Ain’t he cute?!?)

Have a good night.