16 days until D-Day

Well, It’s just over 2 weeks until my due date rolls around.

Which translates in my mind to – RIGHT FREAKING’ NOW!!!!!!!!!

I’m tired and I’d be WAY more comfortable if this sweet boy was OUTSIDE my body as opposed to inside my body but….I’m just waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting.

It’s tough feeling like I need to keep the house clean and neat and tidy, especially when I have no clue when this party os going to get started and I feel like if I go to bed one night and things are just total chaos……THAT would TOTALLY BE THE NIGHT that everything happened.

Which, by that logic, means that I should just leave everything and then it would all happen, BUT…..I just can’t fathom having a HUGE MESS to deal with on top of a newborn and so me and my big belly slowly waddle our way around the house and up the stairs and attempt (and I use that word loosely – VERY LOOSELY) to keep on top of things.

Fortunately, with the sheer number of things that my children have left scattered all over the house I get to practice my squats quite often. What’s really bad, is that its actually more comfortable for me to just bend over at the waist and pick stuff up and so I have to consciously make the effort to squat or lunge to pick the pick of crap off the floor. Fun times over you, you have NO IDEA!

I’m still fluctuation between puffy and not puffy. It’s about this stupid….earlier today – not puffy. Up and about walking and over at my mom’s just chillin….I literally just sat down about 10 minutes ago and WHAM….right foot starts to swell. You only wish you could have this much fun.

Well, my mom had Siah for a bit and they are here now, so I’m signing off.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

One thought on “16 days until D-Day”

  1. Dear Patti Just read your”Daily Grind “and sitting in front of me was this memo from God. I am sure you have read it before, but just a little reminder Iam God.To-day I will be handling all your problemsPlease remember I do not need your help .If some difficulty arises for you to day,don’t try to resolve it by your self Kindly put it in the SFGTD(SOMETHING FOR GOD TO DO)box. All situations will be resolved,but in My time not yours. Once the matter is placed in it,do not worry about it. Instead focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life . I love you Patti and wish you were near enough for me to pop in and give a helping hand. Am praying for you and a quick easy delivery. Much love Grandma

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