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Daily Photos

Look at these incredible bouquets? Aren’t they gorgeous! Have you guys heard about Wagner Hills? How about the Market at Wagner Hills? Wagner Hills is an incredible place where brave people who are dealing with addiction can come and receive love, support and encouragement as they walk towards healing and freedom – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The residents also learn life skills as they work with each other and the staff to create beauty in their lives and in the world. The residents have grown these flowers from seeds. They hand pick and arrange gorgeous arrangements in small, medium and large bouquets. Along side everyone else, they are pivoting from an in store sales mode to an online model. Check out their website at the link in their bio @themarket_wagnerhills Buy something beautiful to brighten up your life and know that you are helping to make a difference in other people’s lives. #themarketatwagnerhills #iloveflowers #incrediblepeopledoingincrediblethings
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