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Daily Photos

We just got the kids to sleep. It’s hard to be motivated to stick to a schedule when everything feels so crazy. And some days I want them in bed at 7pm because I’m desperate for the break and some days I just have no energy to fight the bedtime war. Tomorrow, Jude’s school is doing the teacher drive by parade and I’m DREADING it. I’ve been ignoring it and then for a brief moment this afternoon I was SO excited to see a few people and then it dawned on me that the excitement of it would most likely give way to the grief of all of the loss. I started to realize and think through all the loss of connections…..not only for my sweet boy but for me. Some of these people have been LIFELINES for me in ways they probably can’t ever imagine. The intensity of the feelings is hitting me hard tonight and I almost wish I hadn’t said anything to Jude because I know that he’ll also be processing the joy of seeing loved ones and the grief as he processes what he’s lost and is losing. It’s necessary but so hard. I foresee a beautifully difficult day tomorrow as we recognize and acknowledge love, loss and life; and that joy and sadness can be inexplicably intertwined and held at the same time. #itsokaytocry #covid19 #teacherparade #lovelossandlife #physicaldistancing #sadnessandjoy #sharethejoy2020
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