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Daily Photos

I’m so very thankful that Jude will engage with art because he hesitates to express verbally, what he’s thinking. We decided to draw turtles tonight and when I asked about his turtle, he said, “He’s a snapping turtle and he’s sad because he’s trapped inside the aquarium and he just wants to get out.” There’s a lot to unpack in that short phrase but regardless, he’s processing. As we worked through his write and draw journal, he quickly shared that he was worried and scared because of the corona virus and that he might get sick. While it’s not an in-depth adult level discussion of his feelings, it is acknowledging, accepting and processing through some of those emotions, which is what I hope for. Because sharing those big feelings often make them feel just a little less intense. #sharethejoy2020 #arttherapy #sadtrappedturtle #judahzane #lookforthepositives
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