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Daily Photos

Typically, I take the kids to school in the mornings. Pretty normal, right? What’s not normal is that it takes approximately 15 mins to an hour and a half to convince my 9 year old to go to and stay in school. He has severe anxiety (and I’m starting to think there may be other issues at play – we’re in the “investigating” stage). Today, Jon and I switched places. I went to work early and he had the “pleasure” of doing the school run. He sent me these pics to show how fabulous it was going and then he brought Jude to work at 10am……first photo is TOTALLY staged to show me how awesome Jude is settling in……except he still has his backpack on….which means he is no where near settled! Apparently they played a game of chess while they tried to get him settled……and Jon left his phone with Jude to “prove” he wouldn’t leave……and came back to pages and pages of half his head. It was such a nice change to not be responsible for the “effort” this morning; although I wish he had been successful at getting Jude to stay. But we get to try again on Monday! #lookforthepositive #anxiety #PDA #switcheroo #parentingfun #judahzane
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