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With the kids back to school, they’ve already picked up some bug and have been coughing and complaining of sore throats. I thought I would share my “cough tea recipe”. My kids ask for this as soon as they get coughs or colds. I find the mullein helps to soothe the respiratory system and relieve coughing. The peppermint tastes delicious and has “drying” properties to help relieve congestion. The marshmallow root helps to soothe and coat the throat. Together they make a delicious and soothing tea. Using equal parts peppermint leaf, mullein and marshmallow (the plant not the candy) at a ratio of 1 tsp per cup of hot water. We add local honey to taste as it sweetens the tea and is also beneficial for coughs and colds. I make the dry tea in a big jar and make a big batch at one time. #herbaltea #coughtea #coldseason
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