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Daily Photos

Let’s talk about Teacher Gifts.I like to give gifts that are consumable and/or practical. Your child’s teacher is gonna get a couple of cute mugs and water bottles every year; and enough chocolate to choke someone.Here are 4 ideas that are $10 each.1. A 6 pack of random greeting cards – teachers are always writing notes…..give them something cute or funny to send.2. Pretty Dishclothes…..everyone needs new dish clothes and these pretties are sure to brighten up a kitchen.3. Cup Cozy and Gift Card. These cup cozies are $5 each…..combine with a $5 gift card from their favorite coffee shop and even if they don’t want this gift…..it’s an awesome regift idea! Just being real!4. Reusable Baggies….if you buy the XL and the small bag, that’s $10. And everyone can use the reusable baggie to stick something in. All of these will be available at our Open House and I do hope to see you there!#handmadeholidayopenhouse #xangelle #teachergifts #greetingcards #reusablebaggies #dishclothes #coffeecozy #gifts
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