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Daily Photos

Perpetual Visitations of GriefI experienced a pang of grief this afternoon. I’m not sad. I’m not depressed. But as I thought of myself and my children and the glorious stages of life that they are in; for a moment, my heart ached. It’s true…..Comparison IS a thief of joy and yet, as a human, I am aware….. Aware that my children arrive at their “stages” in their own times; and while other children may be moving through stages faster than mine…..mine arrive, in all their glory, at times that are perfect for them. But the perpetual visitations of grief that accompany the awareness of the differences between what’s mine and your’s are still awkward. And regardless of the love and joy and pride I have for mine, there are moments that steal your breath away as you come face to face with reality…….as you let go of preconceived ideals and dreams and embrace the incredible vastness of what you have and the wonder of it all. #specialneedsparenting #perpetualvisitationsofgrief #cachecreek
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Author: Patricia Culley

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