Daily Photos

Daily Photos

It’s 8pm and I’m already in my bed with my baby…..my ginormous 8 year old baby. Today was a weird day. We had an appt with the paediatrician at 10am which meant a late start for us. I’ve been running off of adrenaline over the past few weeks and it’s finally caught up with me. So today was a “down day” and I tried to just embrace it. Just the fact that I had to “try to embrace it” shows how well that went; but at least the intention was there……that’s got to be some kind of a win! Tomorrow is a school “professional day” and “I” have a drs appt. Which means tomorrow may also be a down day and again, I’ll “try” to be okay with that. I sure do love this sweet boy of mine! #judahzane #goinggoinggone #sotired #rest
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