Daily Photos

Daily Photos

We are in Vegas this week, as Jon is at a Convention for work. I get to sit and relax and regroup. Prepping to leave the kids for a week just about did me in. I made about 15 lists and there was still stuff left undone. We sat in line at the border, so long, that I finished this dishcloth before we even made it to the Bellingham airport. Our flight was uneventful and we are settled and ready for the week. We have a fabulous suite and the pools are amazing. We’ve already walked the strip, snagged some snacks and hit the pools. Tomorrow Jon is “conferencing” and I’ll be relaxing and it should be fabulous, and sunny. Sunny! SO MUCH SUN! #lasvegas #specialneedsparenting #allegiantairlines #growconference #pallazohotel #relax
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