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Daily Photos

You Are Beautiful. When my daughter went through cancer treatments, a huge portion of our family shaved our heads in solidarity. I didn’t hesitate for one minute and went first, asking her to shave my head before her hair even fell out. It was SO important to me that the message I sent to my daughter is that beauty isn’t defined by how we look but by who we are. That our beauty is in our strength and it’s in our compassion. Our beauty shines through with every magnificent choice that we make. Do you search to see the beauty in others? Do you recognize and affirm the beauty in yourself? I do hope so! #youarebeautiful #art #painting #acrylic #arttherapy #compelledseries #beauty #innerbeauty #loveyourself #selfacceptance #worthy #xangelle #creativity #xangellecreations #creativechaos
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