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Daily Photos

Oh my sweet boy! He’s come so far! He’s been in panic mode for a few years. With counselling and following his lead, he’s starting to calm down and be more present and it’s INCREDIBLE! He has always refused to read because he was scared that he couldn’t. We’ve been focusing on reading, recently, and tonight, this was our reading selection. I read the Robert Munsch book to him. We read 30 pages of “The Bad Guys” together. He read 1 chapter of Super Fly Guy and he read the other 3 books by himself. It’s crazy! He says he doesn’t like to read but he asks to keep going! #judahzane #readinglikeaboss #feardoesntwin #flyguy #elephantandpiggie #robertmunsch #thebadguys #grade2 #thisis7
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