23 Days to Go……

23 days to goAlright!  I know it’s not an official 37 week picture, but I’m bored, so deal with it.

Here I am with 23 days until my estimated Due Date.  August 11th…..UGH!  That seems like such a long ways away, and yet I know that 23 days is not a long time, and truthfully….I should have this baby before then…..please, God, please!

Actually, I mentioned that I’d had my other 3 kids one week early, three weeks early, and 2 weeks early, and while that was true if you go by the dates I had given the Doctors……the thing that I didn’t take into account, and that no one asked was if I had a regular 28 day cycle.  This is kinda more information than some of you probably care to know or will really understand, but my cycles are actually 35 days.  I have a whole extra week, and so technically my due dates should have been a week futher along than they actually were.  That would also explain why the doctors repeatedly told me that my babies were measuring about a week behind what they should have been……weird, eh?

That actually means that my kids were 2 weeks early, 4 weeks early, and 3 weeks early.  And that totally explains Xandra and all of her “issues” ‘caus in reality she was a preemie.  Not a terribly early preemie, but a preemie none the less.  And that’s what my eye doctor asked one time ’cause she has the eye problems that they usually associate with a premature baby.  Interesting, eh?

Edited to add:

This pregnancy was dated absolutely correctly because I know both the date that I ovulated, and the date that we got a little busy…….(sorry for the TMI)…….and it was calculated based on a 35 day cycle.  So, don’t be thinking that I’m actually a week behind where I should be.  This one has been measuring SPOT ON, and August the 11th is the EDD.

Any way, I’m not feeling anything……..NOTHING!  And it sucks!  I just want this show on the road.  I want to be holding my baby.  I’m not having (that I know of) any real contractions or even Braxton Hicks or anything.  Mind you, I have this really cool thing where I can’t tell if I’m in labour or not ’cause I don’t actually feel pain up until close to the end..  Stone me if you must, but the last 7 pregnancies that I’ve had have more than made up for any easy deliveries that I’ve had.

So, unless I actually have my hand on my stomach to feel the hardening….I can’t really tell as it doesn’t hurt.  Nice, eh?  But I haven’t felt any of that, and believe me, I’ve been paying attention.  When you’ve been wanting a baby for over 3 years, and you’re this close to having it happen……….believe me…you pay attention.

I’m pretty much ready to go.  I have the packable part of my bag done….everything except for the things I use daily like my toothbrush and make up.  Sucks to be waiting…..

Geli and J and I walked to the House of James today, and then to Superstore to do the grocery shopping.  I’m tired, because I’m not sleeping well, but if walking “might” possibly help to get things going or at the very least to just get my bones and ligaments ready – I’m willing to walk forever.  Now I’m tired, and my feet hurt.  More with all the fun-ness…

Front View - 23 days to goWell, my Grandma is making dinner for us tonight, and that is SOOOOO nice to not have to think about it, or to add to the mess that should be called my kitchen.  She’s also taken each of the kids over night for one night.  She is so sweet, and I love her dearly. 

So, I’m off to waste another hour and then we start our evening festivities.

Oh, this is a picture of me from the front.  I think it’s funny that I look more fat than pregnant from the front view.  Not that I really want to look fat, but I found some pictures from when I wasn’t even pregnant, and I look larger and weigh more than I do right now.

I’m still looking for some really good bad pictures of me from when I was pregnant with any of the other 3. 

Seriously!  You could have just set me swimming in the beluga whale exhibit, and no one would have known the difference.

I’m really hoping that I can bouce back into shape realtively easy after giving birth this time.  Or maybe if that’s too much to ask, that just the fact that I’m not 500 pounds before giving birth might help – somehow - me with being able to lose some?!?….any?!?!?…….weight after I give birth.

Oh well!  I have a Doctor’s Appointment tomorrow, and I’ll update you on the fabulous and exciting things that he says.  I’m sure they’ll be both fabulous and exciting!

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