26 Days to go…..

Well, I’ve managed to balloon my feet and legs (up to my calves) back to epic proportions.  I spent the whole day on Sunday on my butt and with my feet up, and by this morning they looked almost normal again.

I really needed to get somet stuff done around the house today, and so I’ve been on them most of today.  I’ve also been wearing pants, and so I’ve not really been watching them.  Apparently they’ve puffed up without feeling too terribly puffy – that’s a good thing and a bad thing.  Good ’cause they don’t hurt like they did on Saturday night, but bad ’cause I didn’t even feel how puffy they actually are.

Oh well, I’ll probably just sit around the rest of tonight, and then spend a bit of tomorrow on my butt as well.

It’s kinda like a not so fun game……let’s see if we can keep Patti’s feet from sweeling up so bad that they pop…..it’s not a very fun game at all.

So, I’ve had only two guesses about when my baby might come, and so right now either of those two people stand a better than likely chance that they’ll be correct.  I know that I have more people than just two who read here, so COME ON……just guess….who knows…you might even win a prize.

I’m thinking about getting a gift certificate to either somewhere local – depending on who wins, or even to some place like Amazon.com or some other on-line store,,,if it’s someone from the States…or maybe even Corsica????  Hint, Hint!!!!!

I am almost ready for this baby to come, and really if he came right now – I’d survive everything exept for if he had to stay in the hospital…then I’d survive but I’d freak out. 

I think because I’ve been so busy today – I’ve had a butt load of Braxton Hicks, but nothing that is able to be timed or getting any closer or stronger, and really they are just more annoying than any thing.

I did finish the baby blanket that I was crocheting.  I’m glad, although it’s too hot to be using it on the baby anyway.

Well, that’s my update for today.  Not very exciting, but it is was it is….my day was not very exciting today.  Mostly just a day filled with getting stuff done…and not even exciting stuff….just boring mundane stuff.

How was your day?  Drop me a note in the comments and leave a guess if you haven’t already. 

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “26 Days to go…..”

  1. Apparently I have to change my answer, beacuse “SOMEONE” (and by someone I mean, Patti) says it’s not a realistic answer.
    So I vote, August 11, 2AM. 8.9oz

  2. Hi Patti,
    I think your li’l guy will be born mid morning to mid afternoon on the 30th of July. weighing in around 7lbs 9oz
    (full moon the night before)
    All the best!!!


  3. This is my third try . I had put 8.lbs 9oz but I see now Debbie has changed hers and I had decided I would put 8lb. 6oz if it had not already been taken and I don’t think it has. July 31 /07 my guess Grandma

  4. I say July 25th at 2:28 pm….7 lbs 14 oz
    You’re sooo close Patti! Woo Hoo! How exciting…just think, in a week or 2 you could be holding your little guy! (or even a day or 2!) I pray that this last little bit goes by nice and fast for you (the end is always the funest part or pregnancy huh??!!)
    🙂 Can’t wait to meet the new little guy….
    Roxy’s doing great! I’ve been blessed with a sleeper this time! PTL! Sooo different from Ruby! I’m actually semi coherent during the day which is nice! I pray you’re blessed with the same! have a good day hun!!!
    see you later

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