He’s a Confident Little Chap……

Jeremy is the youngest child in our house…..at this exact moment.

AND…..he has two older sisters.  This means that we have butt loads of girl stuff around the house.  Barbies, and dress up clothes, pink bikes, girl books, girl coloring pages, pink boots………this is only just a bit of the girl stuff that we have laying around.

This is not saying that we don’t have boy stuff also, just not quite as much, and sometimes when money is tight, we don’t always buy an item, if we have a suitable alternative – even if it’s girlie.

For exmple, we have a bike that is the perfect size for Jeremy….well, he’s getting too big for it now, but it was perfect for him, and the only problem with it was that it was pink.  Aside from that, it was the perfect size, and in perfect condition.  Soooooo, rather than just buying another bike just because it needed to be the “right” color – Jeremy has been rockin’ out the pink bike for about a year.

We did get smart, and started buying the girls some stuff that could be handed down.  For example, Xan’s current bike, that we will probably hand down to J and get her a new one, is red.  A perfectly gender neutral bike…..not only in color, but also in style.  We’re learning.

Disco King in His Altered Shiney Pant SuitHaving said that, Jeremy really doesn’t seem to care what other’s think of him.  Sometimes this worries me – that whole social concept thing that he seems to be missing or sturggling with – and sometimes I’m thrilled that he’s not going to live him life under the same fear of pleasing man that I did.  This is a little boy is who quite happy to play legos and Barbies, and to dress up in the girl’s dress up clothes and pretend to  be a disco dancer.  He is also equally happy to be grubbing in the mud, and playing war games and wrestling with Jon or pretty much anyone who will have  a shot at him.

 He finds his own unique way to live life.

Jeremy’s just recently decided to roller blade.  My dad gave him some roller blades a couple of years ago, and although Jeremy was keen to try them…….it was hard to convince him to wear them any where but the carpet and the grass.  The cement was WAY TOO SCAREY, ’cause he’d slip and fall down.

For some reason, he just put the roller blades on a couple of weeks ago, and started skating all over the place.  He’s not Olympic team material or anything, but he can rock out the pink helmet like it’s no body’s business.

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