Reality… in pictures.

So! Yes, things have been quiet around these parts because our lives have been INSANELY busy in all other areas.

I’ve had a few people asking for pics of the new place and today I ran around….mess, painting swatches, and all…..and snapped a bunch of pics. I’ve not edited them or staged anything….I just snapped and uploaded and then tried to title and label them appropriately.

If you look, you can see all the unpacked boxes, the chaos that we are thinking will eventually be our office or our TV Room. I don’t really want the TV in the front room and at the same time I like to see what my kids are up too so I’m undecided on what to do about that. You might be able to see the brushed silver knobs on the kitchen cabinets that totally update the look of the kitchen (there were gold brass knobs previously – there is SO MUCH gold/brass accenting this house. NASTY!) Our messy, MESSY bedroom, the kids stuff everywhere and the nasty couches that we dragged upstairs the the previous owners had left behind just so we could have something to sit on. The couch doesn’t match the grey/beige (greige) color that you might be able to see in some of the pictures as tester swatches on a few of the walls, but at least we have some place to sit and I don’t feel like I have to hover in the kitchen 24/7.

Funny story about the paint….although it still deons’t seem THAT funny to me…

I picked out a color that I thought I would love. I had seen pictures that I had liked and so we found out the color and even went and bought a small can. I brought it home and painted it in a few places and then freaked out that it was sucking ALL THE LIGHT IN THE HOUSE into the walls and that we’d end up feeling like we were living in a dungeon.

So, we went out an bought another small can of paint in a different color…..nope it was WAY TOO BEIGE. So we bought ANOTHER can of paint and it was WAY TOO silver/blue grey…..and really when it all came down to it the color that I really wanted was the original color…it was the perfect blend of the two and when we painted an entire section it actually looks AMAZING and I LOVE IT with all my heart and it will look perfect when it’s all done. Especially when we have everything pulled together and all the white accent pieces that we plan to use.

The colors that we are going with are this greige color with tons of white accessories and a gorgeous espresso color and some black thrown in to tie it all together.

When all is said and done we should have a very contemporary looking place.

I only know that because I went looking in decorating magazines and online to try and figure out what my “style” actually is.

It’s the very straight edges and clean lines and simple pieces….yah…right now my house doesn’t look anything like what the picture in my head looks like, but one day… day it’ll all come together as we are able to save up and buy the different pieces that complete the “look” that we are going for.

Now that I’ve blathered on and on and on, Here are the pictures if you want to peek at the place.

Front door

If you click on the picture it’ll take you through to the set. (edited to say that I’m not sure why the picture link isn’t working, but if you click HERE it’ll take you through to the set.

I hope to have anyone local over fairly soon for a “Yah we bought a house party!” Until then go ahead and familiarize yourself with my place via some pics.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “Reality… in pictures.”

  1. Hi Patti It looks like a great place ,I can hardly wait to see it. Wow what hot weather eh? Our place was a little warm this afternoon but we went out for a little bit. Now a nice cool breeze is begining to come through. The basement is nice and cool. .Verne was hear for the weekend and the boys were out. We all went to Wonick Lake.Rachel came out and met us. Davis went home with her and Ray came home with Verne and us. Verne left last night while it was still clear as he did not have air conditioning. See you soon. Love Grandma

  2. Jon, Can you put the “good reads” in a pull down list like the “categories”???
    Just wondering.
    It would make MY life SO much easier.
    Love you.

  3. Yay for your new house!!!!! before you know it you’ll be all settled in your amazingly beautiful, fully unpacked place! 🙂 the flooring is gorgeous! love it! I hear ya about all the lovely brass accents! our last place was like that….I tried to change as much as I could…..we pained the sweet brass fireplace strips with a mat black spray paint…turned out great! there’s lots of tricks you can do to update the hotness of the brass/gold 🙂

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