Wow!  It seems like it shouldbe a big deal…..or a big day…….or something…..

I only have 30 days left.  That’s one month!  As of Saturday I will be 36 weeks pregnant.  It’s almost hard to believe that I’m so close, and yet – I think there is still a part of me that is unbelieveing that it’s actually this close to happening.

I had my last Naturopath/midwife appointment on Tuesday.  She is going on vacation, and hopefully I will have had my baby before she gets back.  I wasn’t seeing her in official midwifery capacity, but she has been unbelievably amazing.  I actually had a bit of spotting on Tuesday morning, and she checked everything out, and everything is okay, and in her official opinion I won’t have this baby too early. 

As much as there is a part of me racing and rushing to get to the finish line – I don’t want this baby born before it’s all okay.  Yes, the baby would live if born now, and would suffer no long term health issues, but I might not get to take him home the next day.  While that might not seem like a big deal….I’m  not leaving the hospital this time without my baby.  I don’t care if I have to sit in a chair in the hall.  I don’t want to have to walk out of that hospital empty handed again.  It was too hard the first time, and I don’t want to do it again for any reason.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the Obstetrician, and then I start in on my weekly appointments.  Wow!  It’s getting so close, and I’m getting so excited.  I am trying to wrap things up this week, so I can just relax, and take it easy the last couple of weeks.  I may still need to wrap the last few things next week, but then….hopefully then….I’ll be ready…..REALLY READY!

I will never ever again be pregnant with this little one, and I want to enjoy and cherish every moment that I do have with him sstill inside of me.  Soon enough he’ll be here, and then life changes……for the better…but also for the tireder and for the busier and…….

Well, I’ve spent the day today cleaning the house, and I have to finish getting ready to head in to see Chris tomorrow.  Jon’s parents are going to take the kids overnight, and so we are going to be able to get a few more things crossed off the “to do” list, and in a whole lot less time than if we had the kids asking for us to buy everything single thing their little eyes set on.  So, it will be a busy weekend, and not terribly relaxing, but that’s okay if I can just get everything done that I need…and want to.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

2 thoughts on “30 DAYS LEFT”

  1. Way to go Patti! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the last few days of this pregancy ! As the song goes, ” We will never pass this way again..” meaning – enjoy this time, with this little one – it is unique and special – don’t waste it being too busy to enjoy it! Can’t wait to see the new baby! My girls are both starting to count the days too!

  2. wow so close now! make sure you call us! we want to be praying when you go in! love you … can’t wait to see the pics, wish I could see him in person sooner than I know I will!
    mwhaa (that was a kiss)
    love you tons

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