Shine Down on Me


Today was a glorious, GLORIOUS day!

Can you tell that I’m running on a sunshine high?

It’s been SOOOOO LONG since I’ve felt as good as I did today. Which is funny because I actually felt pretty cruddy today. I woke up…well, lets back up a few hours. Jeremy woke up at 4isham and then Siah woke up at 4:30am and Jon took Jer back to his bed while I nursed Siah and then he rocked Siah for a minute and put him in his bed…..not sure what the problem was, but Siah PUKED! Nothing wrong at all….maybe just a burp or he coughed or something. I dunno!

I figured we were up for the day, but again…I was wrong. We all went back to sleep and slept until after 7am.

I woke up with a wicked headache and after chasing it with 600mg of Ibuprophen and then some Robaxacet…..coupled with coffee and water and finally some pressure point thing……I finally had a few hours of relief. I think it’s “monthly” and we’ll just leave it at that.

Siah went to sleep at 11:30am and ended up sleeping for 2 hours. It was amazing. I’m not sure what’s going in with him. It’s absolutely AMAZING. He’s just potty trained and then just this last week he started staying dry ALL NIGHT and sleeping through the night. (Sleeping through -in my mind – is going down at 8pm and waking up after 5am only to nurse and then sleep again until after 7am) Only as recently as a few weeks ago, he was up several times a night….and so this is heavenly. He’s also just started having a BIG afternoon nap instead of a piddly little nap. I’m just loving it.

So, after Siah woke up, it started to get a bit warm in the house and we opened up ALL the windows and let some fresh air in and I honestly felt like a part of me was waking up from the dead. I know that I struggle over the winter and I fight and fight and fight to stay on top of it all, but I’m always so amazed at how FABULOUS I feel when I get even just a bit of sunshine in my life.

I got a bunch of stuff accomplished, today and I, well…..I just feel happy. And this is a good thing……..a very VERY good thing.

The sun was shining in through the window today and this corner of my front room just look so cheerful and happy and so I had to take a picture of it as it did a pretty good job of reflecting how I felt about today.


Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

5 thoughts on “Shine Down on Me”

  1. me 2, I have felt so much better the last couple of days, the sunshine totally lifted my spirits! what a difference!

  2. I love that picture! The chair makes me so happy. I’m glad that winter is going away for you – yay for happy weather!

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