Morning Musings

So, This is the first in a LONG time that I’ve pulled an all-nighter. I have absolutely no idea with the issue was other than, I WAS WIDE AWAKE!!!!! I think that I dozed for a few minutes as Judah was falling asleep (for the second time) around 11ish and then…..I watched every hour cycle through. SO AWESOME!!!!!


But, the sky looks amazing. My kids are all still sleeping. (Thank God because it’s only 5:45am and no one has had any meds yet. And I’m desperately hoping that Jon wakes up soon and makes some coffee…..) I’ve managed to lay around for 6 hours….when do I ever have that luxury? I scoured IMG_7339Pinterest for all those ideas that I have but never have the time to look into. I put a ton of books on hold at the Library. I’ve found a Summer Reading Log for Siah. I’m dressed and made up for the day and have only the slightest hint of a headache.

I feel like its going to be very necessary to “HAVE A PLAN” and to “KEEP ON MOVING”. I’ll admit that I’m just a little nervous that if I slow down at all, before tonight, that I might just crash and that would not be a good thing. It’s hard enough staying on top of my little monkey’s antics, without being tired. Throw in a night of no sleep and BAM! Mommy better have a plan.

I think I’m going to make everyone tidy up a bit (and change the wifi password so that they know I mean business) and then we are gonna get out of here. I have no exact plan, but I think I have almost an hour to figure it out before they start to wake up.

Do you have a plan for getting through the day after a tough night? Any tips from you shift workers, or those who regularly pull all-nighters? I could use a little help today.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

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