Day 2 – Scale Addict

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Day 2 – Hi, my name is Patti and I am an addict. I weigh myself daily. And based on what the scale says….I walk around happy and motivated to continue on…..or I feel like a failure and beat myself up over every food decision that I make.This is not a healthy way to live. I get that. Which is why I will be weighing myself once a month for the next 100 days. All day, my thoughts kept wandering back to my bathroom and wondering what those numbers would say. I hate that. I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff…..this is a bit of a scary place to be. On one hand, it's exciting to be walking away from the scale. On the other hand, it's what I've done. It's how I've lived my life. I don't think that's a good thing. Which is why I'm on this journey…..I want to change. I don't like where I'm at. And that's why I'm going to have Jon put that stupid thing away. That way, it's not even an issue. #100daystowardsmyself
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Author: Patricia Culley

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  1. Good morning Patti. Nice to chat with you yesterday at church. I am obsessed with the scale too. And it keeps going up and up. My big thing is snacking too late at night while watching TV. And ‘snacking’ too much during the day, but not the healthiest snacks. Good for you for your 100 day challenge. And for weighing yourself only once a month. I am going to try and weigh only once a week, and see how that goes, and make better choices. I made a yummy smoothie today – frozen mixed fruit, vanilla yogurt, banana, spinach, juice, peach mango tofu. I need to try and go for fruit and veggies as my snacks, walk more, and get more ‘steps’ in my day – don’t ‘they’ say we should be walking 10,000 steps per day? Here’s some encouragement for you – go Patti go! And great you went for a walk last night, even though you didn’t necessarily feel like it. Glad you have some small pockets during some of your days, for some ‘Patti’ time! Take care!

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