30 Weeks – OH! MY! GOODNESS!

Here I am at 30 weeks.  To see the whole set of pregnancy pictures, just click on the photo, and it’ll take ya there. 

Wow, I can hardly believe that I’ve made it to 30 weeks already!  I remember December 1st, and peeing on a stick in the Langly Superstore washroom, and being so excited and surprised and scared and shocked and really quite unbelieveing and just about every other emotion that you can list. 

It’s been such a roller coaster of a journey up until this point, and while I know that we are not at the end yet…..time just seems to be creeping up on me, and I’m so not ready yet.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I was ready to be holding my baby a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago, but I don’t have “things” ready for this baby.  “Things” like the crib and change table and diaper bag and paint for the room, and cloth diapers and well….most everything!  I had a melt down on Jon today!  It kinda feels like he’s not really been supportive of getting ready for this baby.  Not that he’s not been supportive, ’cause that is so NOT the case…………….BUT, when I’ve asked about buying things or talked about different things that we need to get – he’s not shown me much excitement.  He’s been very non-commital about it all.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with his own hurts and fears for the future based on passed events, or if he just doesn’t care about getting it all done “perfectly” or if he’s just been too busy…….or what?

It’s stressing me out that certain things aren’t done, and tht I really don’t have any clear time line for when they will be done.  We also went shopping today and I was particularly frustrated that we came home empty handed.

With Jon working 16 hour days all last week, he told me that we’d take today off, and I had a Doctor’s Appointment this morning, and then we’d go shopping for a crib and dresser/change table.

My Doctor’s appointment went so good.  I was concerned about the Gestational Diabetes, and NO WORRIES!  I passed the test with amazing numbers, although I don’t know what those numbers were.  All I know is that he said that everything was fabulous, and I totally didn’t need to worry about gestational diabetes.  PHEW!  One less thing to occupy my overloaded brain.  He had also gotten the results back from the ultrasound that I had on Tuesday, and everything is looking perfect.  Baby is measuring perfectly on target, and they estimated his weight to be totally average at 3 and half pounds.

I had only gained 1 pound in the last 5 weeks, which almost makes up for the 12 pounds I did in the month before that.  I weigh 196 pounds, which to me is unbelievable.  I weighed well over 200 pounds just starting out the previous 3 pregnancies, and so to be under 200 with 10 weeks left is fabulous.  With Geli I was 214 pounds when I delivered.  So, if I am anywhere under that, I am some kinda happy!  Not that I’m aiming for that number, but around 200 was my goal for the end of this pregnancy.  Looks like I’m on schedule.  YAH!

The heartbeat was 148 bpm, and my blood pressure was 100/60.  Baby is still head down.  The ultrasound tech told us that on Tuesday, and I am so thrilled ’cause for the LOOOOOONGEST time, he was breech, and I was startng to worry that he might get too comfortable in that position, and I really don’t want to have a c-section if I can possibly avoid it.  The doctor figured that he was down today as well, and that would comfirm the fact that I can feel his little bum just under my right ribcage…….it was either a bum or a head, and I really hoped that I wasn’t poking at his head!

I am now into the 2 week appointments, and have to go back on the 15th of June to see him again.  I have a list of questions, and should probably start writing them down for that appointment – ya think?  It’s hard to believe that we’re getting so close. I know I keep saying that, but as much as I hoped, I don’t know that at the beginning that I really believed that I’d be here right now. 

We drove into Baby’s World (just off the Lougheed Hwy – beside the IKEA), and looked at the crib set there.  FREAKING CRAP!  They were expensive.  I’ve been saving up money, but I don’t have that much!  I do really want to get a matching set for this child.  So, we are still looking.  We did find something that we can be happy with at the Bay, but it’s only a crib and change table, there isn’t a matching dresser.   It’s hard to match up the wood and the style when you buy pieces seperately.  The sales associate told us that they have sales on the baby furniture every 3 weeks, and so we will keep checking back until that set goes on sale, and if we find a better set in the mean time, then we won’t worry about it.

Although it was a nice day with Jon, it still felt like a colossal waste of time ’cause we accomplished nothing.  I’m hoping that we can pick up the paint tomorrow, and get started first thing next week.  

I’m still not sure what I am going to do about the crib bedding.  I though that I had something picked out, and that Jon liked it, and then he “very non-commitally” changed his mind…………….AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!  It’s okay!  I’ll be okay once things start to fall into place, and I’ve told Jon that I want the majority of the “Stuff” finished by July 1st.  I don’t want to be fiddling with the big stuff when the kids are home from school for the holiday’s.  Fortunately for Jon, school is in until the 28th of June!  Then I just have to figure out what to do with myself and the kids for the month of July, and then we’re good to go.  YAH!   Can you tell I’m excited?  Just a little bit???

Author: Patricia Culley

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3 thoughts on “30 Weeks – OH! MY! GOODNESS!”

  1. You are looking sooooo cute….. we could make the set if you want to ? need to?/ If you find fabric you want… Love Momma

  2. Patti! you look adorable. i love the pig tales in french they call them couette, which is the same word for duvet or a quilt. yeah, i don’t get it either, but it does help me to remember it. i was thinking that Jon is most likely like Henri in that they just don’t like to spend money. even if it’s something i need, and thus he doesn’t have a problem with me getting, it’s not like he gets all excited to spend money. he doesn’t ever. this, combined with knowing how hard he worked for the money, used to make it difficult for me to spend it. and plus he was such a downer about spending it that that brought me down too. now, i’ve just come to realize it’s how he is, how he was raised, and if i need it, i buy it. sometimes even if i don’t need it. 🙂

  3. You seriously look so amazing!
    Wow, your baby’s coming so soon.
    I wish it would come really early or really late and still be totally healthy.
    That way I could be around to see it.
    Oh well.
    Love you lots,

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