I dropped off this sweet boy at preschool this afternoon.


He’s been so excited since we started talking about it back in November. He was thrilled to be going…….all the way up to the moment that we turned around, after putting on his inside shoes and hanging up his coat and backpack.

The next step was circle time on the carpet with all the other kids……..and he was all of the sudden not so sure about the whole situation.

But, he was desperate to play with a magnifying glass that he saw in a box and I told him he couldn’t, unless he did circle time first.


I’m positive that he will do fine and I know that he will LOVE the 2+ hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He loves going to “class” at church and this will be just as fun, if not even more.

IMG_4540I skiffed outta there and now I’m sitting in Starbucks waiting to go and pick him up.

I pick him up in just a little bit, but he’s with his cousin and the two of them should stir up some fabulous excitement for the teachers. They can be quite the monkeys, if they want to…..or maybe I should say seagulls???? Ha Ha!

It’s a bit weird. Dropping him off. It’s been such a crazy few years and I don’t really feel like I’ve had too many moments to catch my breath, but hopefully, this New Year and this New Season will have a few of those moments in them.

It’s nice when the quiet moments are available and it’s not that you have to force them into being.

Is there anything new happening for you in this new year or is there a new season starting in your life? I’d love to hear about it.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

2 thoughts on “Firsts…”

  1. Hi Patti,

    Could use your prayers I start Hep C treatment this Friday. Treatment is expected to last 24 weeks. There could be vicious side effects and because of this I have chosen to take a medical leave from my job. Thank you.

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