Little Things

I knitted up this little kimono over the past fews days.

I’ve made a few of them for Josiah….done up in cotton yarn. I love the simplistic almost earthy look and feel of the cotton kimono. I’ve worn them on Siah with his little brown yoga pants and I think he looks so cute.

Someone I know has just recently had a baby boy, and I wanted to give them something. It so easy to just go and buy something from the store. You should be able to find something that they might like, and even if they don’t like it – no worries – they can take it back and exchange it for something they do like.

Nowadays, it feels like people don’t like giving, and some don’t like getting, hand made gifts. I think that’s because everyone’s tastes differ, and unless you know the person really well – it’s hard to know if they will like what you are giving.

I think that it’s often times hard to “put yourself out there” and to say that “I really like this and I’ve made it and I really hope that you like it”. It’s almost like giving a piece of yourself, and if you have any insecurities, then you are just hoping that they won’t take “that piece of you” and throw it in the garbage.

In trying to continue on with our “30 Days of Nothing” and in being aware of the money, time and effort spent, I made this little kimono. The yarn cost $2.99 and I bought it a bit ago. I spent probably 10 hours in total making this, and I think I am at the point, within myself, that regardless of whether it is appreciated in the same way that I appreciate it – I will not get my worth or value from that.

This doesn’t mean that I’m wanting to give gifts without regard for the recievers thoughts and opinions. I want to try and give things that others will like, but if it’s not their MOST FAVORITE GIFT EVER – I won’t be devestated. My crafts don’t define me….they don’t give me “worth”.

I’ve also had a hard time with the fact that what I make seems so “insignificant”. I mean, come on, $2.99 for a gift. How cheap is that? Or if I made some cards for a gift….I just glued a few scraps of paper together….that’s not really that great of a gift. It’s just all in my mind. I’ve been hung up in my mind. I guess that some of this is an indication of what I think of myself and how much value I have placed on myself and on my time and even on my creativity.

Ummm, that would be…”Not very much!”

I think that I must be growing up some. I’m by no means “there” yet, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have value. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my time has value and that the creativity inside of me – even though some of it comes easily to me – that doens’t diminish that there is still worth and value.

But all of that comes back to me realizing that “I HAVE VAUE!” I’m still working on it, but I think it’s slowly sinking in….or at least parts of it are.

Here are some pictures of the little sweater. I’m still hoping she likes it. It was fun to make a tiny one. I only wish I had some labels made up. These are way too much work to be able to recoup costs – I’d have to charge you a million dollars just for one, and then they’d never sell at that price, but I’d still love to make some up in my “throw away time”….. that’s time spent sitting in the car driving into Vancouver (its an hour’s drive from here) or in front of the TV in the evenings….and to be able to give them away for fun. I’d love to have some little lables that said “petite singe” It means “little monkey” It would be fun to embroider a little monkey head somewhere on the sweater…just me dreaming….

Anyway, here’s the kimono….

Isn’t it cute?

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “Little Things”

  1. yes….the kimono is super cute!!! (a new section on your online store perhaps??? 🙂 Home made gifts are soooo the best….but if you ever do feel like buying something, you should check out
    ayi-yi-yi…the sweetest online store of allll hand crafted artisan stuff! It’s amazing!

  2. I love them! I love getting hand made gifts, they seem so much more personal! wish I had more time to be creative…feeling a need here! maybe I should organize a be creative girls night where we can bring our different crafts and have some yummies and we can sit around and talk and share ideas!!

  3. i thought my eyes were all wonky until i realized you got all fancy with the photo and it was changing on me. and i agree with Lala – homemade/handmade gifts are often a lot more thoughtful and interesting than something pulled off a shelf. and i also agree with Tracy about adding them to your online store. i would totally buy something like that. of course then there is shipping too, but whatever. i can’t remember what they call those in French, but they’re on the list the hospital gave me of things to bring on “the big day!”

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